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Hurting Quotes

Whether it is you who is hurting or you are hurting someone, someone is suffering. Sometime behaviors can hurt, sometimes love can and other times feeling of nothingness can hurt you. This article is about hurt and following are the quotes, saying and messages about hurt and hurting.


Soul Quotes

Soul is a very thing that makes us human. Our soul is our personality, our identity and the surety of our alive selves. Soul is what makes us who we are. Following are the sayings and quotes about souls from different perspectives. I hope you enjoy them.


I Love You Quotes for Her

Our phrases are our way to be expressive in our truth and ideals out from the mire of our minds. It is the primary factor of emotions and spans all the way to the last way of being capable to revel in the freedom and price within a love that redefines our very own life’s feeling. Below are different quotes on how we can show and say our love to the special girl of our life.


Silence Quotes

Silence is what makes you feel every emotion a little deeper. When we are sad, heartbroken we love to sit in silence, when we are extremely happy, we enjoy the silence even to plan our future and get a hold on our life we sit in silence and observe what we are doing. There are so many things that we are unable to express with our words, such things are only expressed by our silence and only our closed one are able to understand the language of silence. So I am sharing some silence quotes to you.