Top 60 Alone Quotes and Sayings About Being Alone and Lonely With Beautiful Images


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There is a difference between being alone and being lonely.
When you are alone, it does not mean that you are lonely.
Sometimes being alone can be a good thing, and other times, not so much.
Following is a collection of quotes, sayings and messages about being alone.

Inspirational Quotes About Being Alone and Strong

Sometimes being alone is better than being with the people who are source of your hurt. Being with poisonous people will only convert you into a poison. Following section is filled with the quotes, sayings and messages to stay string when being alone.

Being alone does not mean you are lonely, it just means that you taking break from the drama and salty people.

Sometimes it is better to be alone, sometimes being with people can hurt you more than being alone.


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I know you want me, but it is your selfishness. You want me to fulfill your needs, you want me to comfort you, you want me to be there for you. But what about me? What about all the things I want to be? What about all the things I want? No one cares about it. That is why I’d rather be alone.

For me, being alone is the most satisfying feeling ever. There is no one to judge you, you can do whatever you want to, and you can let your demons free.

By being alone some people even forget who they are.

Sometimes it is better to be alone than to have people who look loyal but actually they have another face that does not care about you.

I try to tell myself that I am not alone by being with people using sarcasm and jokes but the truth is I am lonely inside.

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If you are alone just because people left you, do not lose hope, just keep in mind that they were not good for you neither loyal, give yourself some time, go out and meet new people because time is the key to figure out yourself.

90 percent of people come alone in the world and then again they are all alone after death.


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Some people think they are all alone in this world, have no one who care about them, shut themselves up to everyone, what they don’t realize is that there are people who love them sincerely, they just have to open their eyes to see.

If you never appreciate the people who love and care about you, you even leave them behind and because of such stupid way, you soon then realize you are all alone.

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Being alone, and in love is the worst combination of all. You lose interest in almost everything. But you know what? Loneliness cannot kill you.

Being alone lets you focus on yourself. But when you are around people, you focus on others. And that is only going to make you feel less of yourself.

Being alone is not easy sometimes. The idea of no one being around you can be so good for so long. After that it starts to eat you. And that is when you should change your lifestyle.

Sometimes, being alone is a choice, and not a very wise one. It only isolates you from society, which is also not wise if you want to survive in this world.

37 Loneliness Quotes With Images

Loneliness is different from being alone. Loneliness is a feeling while being alone is a state. You can feel loneliness without being alone, right in the middle of the crowd. Following are some quotes about loneliness that I hope you enjoy.

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Loneliness can be felt in between the sea of people.


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It is not the loneliness that makes us scared, it is the crowd.

Sometimes being alone can save you, and sometimes being in crowd can drown you.

Loneliness can never hurt you. It is a gift in itself. It gives you time to think about what you are, what you want, and how to get it.

Loneliness is a remedy for sadness. When you are with people, even the loveliest of people, you fake your smile, your happiness. And that is unhealthy. But when you are alone, you accept who you are, and what you are. And accepting is the first step towards the solutions.

Do you know that love can make you lonely? Love can detach you from your life. And I am talking about unrequited love.

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Your pillow can be your best friend in loneliness because you can hug it and cry to it over your shoulder as long as you want and it will never leave your side.

Loneliness is not having someone by your side, not having anyone who cares about you and believe me it’s the scariest thing you can experience.


If you ever feel lonely don’t lose hope in yourself because there are many people alone in the world getting on with their lives.


Never let loneliness lose your faith, your hope and your passion. You might be alone right now, but God is trying to match you up with the perfect person out there.


Never let people use you again and again. It will empty you, crush you, leave you like a crumpled piece of paper, unable to sustain its original form.

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Once there was no life, no Earth, nothing at all but God made everything out of nothing. Same as life, sometimes you don’t have anyone to care about you but with the passage of time you can get people who will care about you.

Everyone in their lifetime gets alone at a time, at that moment you can cry about it or you can go out and have some drinks, or even go to strip clubs, live your life as no one cares.


Life is lonely but the people in your life can make it less lonely and help you to stand on your feet.

Some people put a wall in front of themselves, having different thoughts in their mind about how people will react if they talk to them and in this way they cannot communicate with others which leads them to having no friends and they become all alone.

For you not to be alone, you should build bridges instead of walls because we never know what is on the other side of the wall.

I know she left you, and I know it is hard for you. And I also know that she was your world, and now loneliness is all you have. But this feeling of loneliness is not going to stay here forever. Cry, pour your heart out, stay in your bed as long as you want to, but do not make it permanent.

Loneliness can create so many diseases. It can create so many problems, problems which are not even real.

You know, loneliness is not for everyone. If you think that being alone does not make you feel comfortable, do not be alone. Try to find people like you, match interests and enjoy their company.

It can be hard to be optimistic when you are alone. Loneliness can bring stuff from past, and it can make you cringe about all the mistakes you have done, or maybe you have not done. Be with people who can cheer you up, who can make you feel whole again, and who can keep you optimistic.


20 Happy Being Alone Quotes

Being alone and happy is a complete feeling in itself. When you know that you can be happy and you do not need anyone else to make you feel complete, and that is when you know that you can conquer life. It is always better to be alone, than to be with people who consume you and never let you be yourself. Following are some quotes about being alone and happy.

Stay away from the people who hurt you, even if it means to be alone all by yourself. Trust me you will be happier alone.

Being alone is not a problem, being with the people who consume you is.

Let me tell you that people who hate you do not deserve you. Distance yourself from them. Being alone will not hurt you, it will only save you.

It is a bad concept that loneliness hurts you. No it does not. You can be the happiest when you are alone.

When you are alone, you are in your mind palace. You can focus, focus on things which makes you happy. You can focus on memories, memories which make you want to feel alive again. A lot of the time, loneliness saves you from evil and set your path towards what’s good for you.

Fill as much people as you can in your life because you never get lonely if you have even a few people by your side.


They say I must be grieving, to be so lonely in life. They do not know what it is like, to be living in the world of my own, where I can be whoever I want.

Being alone is not half bad you know. I think it is better than being around by fake people. Fake people can never let you know when they are being fake. But loneliness never lies. It is exactly what it is. And it is nothing. And you know what? Nothingness can create so many good ideas.

Some people loves to be alone sometimes, they can do whatever they want. The key to happiness is to enjoy good moments which you can not only have with your close ones but alone too.

Corruption of hearts can make you want to isolate yourself from people. And that is totally understandable. Take as much time as you want to. And just know that not every heart is corrupt. There are some innocent ones, hiding just like you. And you have to find them, to save them and yourself.

Are you alone? But you still feel satisfied? No, you are not crazy. You are more than fine. It is the best kind of thing of completeness you can get.

Me being alone does not have anything to do with sadness. Yes, I like to be alone, but I am not sad at all. I just like to be by myself. Stop pretending like I am the most depressed person on this planet.

The taste of loneliness lingers on my tongue, burns every inch of warmth, residing in my chest.