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Most people know instinctively when an apology needs to be made. If the feelings you have hurt are those of a loved one, a special friend, or family member, then it’s best to apologize sweetly, kindly and sincerely as soon as you can. Here are some sincere Apology Quotes & Apologize Quotes that can help with someone’s feelings feeling better.

Apologize quotes

I’m so sorry for saying that, darling. I didn’t mean it.

Please forgive me, sweetheart. I love you so much.

I’ll never do that again. Please forgive me.

Let’s kiss and make up again. I hate to see you so upset.


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Let’s sit down and talk it over. I want to tell you how sorry I am.

Don’t be sad, Darling. I will make everything all right again.

Let’s start again with a kiss and a cuddle. I’m so sorry.

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I’m sorry that I didn’t ask you first. Next time I will ask you first. I’m sorry.

Sorry I forgot to ring. Things got so rushed. I was trying to get to the phone.


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I’m really sorry. Really, truly sorry. Can we be friends again?

Oh, no! I’m so sorry! What can I do to make it up to you?

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Apology Quotes

I do love you. I’m sorry I don’t show it enough. I’ll try harder to show my feelings.

Sorry I’m late. The train was late again. Next time I will text you.

Sorry, Mum. Please forgive my rudeness. I love you.

You made me a cup of coffee – sorry I didn’t say Thank You. Thank You, sweetie.

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Sorry for not listening to you, Mum. Please accept my apologies.

I was going to send you a card, but I prefer to say sorry in person. I’m very, very sorry.


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Sorry about my awful temper. Could you please accept my apology?

I broke your favorite cup! Oh, no. I’m so sorry about that.

Sorry, Jenny. Will you let me buy you a coffee to make up for that?

Quotes about apologies

Would you let me pay for another one of those? Sorry you didn’t like it.

I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I’ll be here on time next week.

Quotes about apologies

Sorry to be home late for dinner. May I wash the dishes for you?

Sorry to be out of contact for so long. Can we meet up again soon?

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I’m sorry I let fly like that. Please come back. I miss you a lot.

I’m sorry I forgot Grandma’s birthday. I’ll send a late birthday card to make up for it.

I’m so sorry I forgot to post that. Can I send them an apology by email?

Sorry I was rude to your friend. I promise to be nicer next time.

I’m really sorry. Please smile at me again and tell me you forgive me.

You are my best friend and I need your friendship. I’m sorry. Can we be friends again?

Let me tell you how sorry I am. Please believe me, I’m so sorry.


I’ll do anything to make it up to you and show you how sorry I am. I’m sorry.

Sorry I don’t visit more often, Mum. Could we meet tomorrow?

Sorry, I know that was wrong. Please accept my apologies.

Oh, sorry to bump into you like that. Are you alright?

Please forgive me again. I know you are a forgiving person. I’m really sorry.

Sorry I was so thoughtless. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me?

I’m sorry. I feel so bad about what I have done. I promise never to do that again.


I’m sorry that I argued with you. I’ll really do my best to be nicer to you.

I’m very sorry. Could we let bygones be bygones?

Please let me tell you how sorry I am. All I want to do is be close again.

I have never want to cause you to feel unhappy. Please let me apologize right now.

Words cannot express my regret. Please let me back into your heart.

I’m sorry every day. Life is not the same without you.

I plead with you to forgive me. You know that I need you.

I’ve bought you a present, but my main apology is the words: I’m very sorry.

Please be my bright sunshine again. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I walked out on you. I really want to apologize for that.

I’m sorry, my love. You know I mean it. I’ll always regret our parting.

I can’t promise never to hurt you again, but I really mean it when I say… I’m Sorry.

I’m sorry. I’ve learned my lesson now. Please forgive me, darling.

My heart is so sore. I need your forgiveness like a bomb. So please forgive me.

Please forgive this sorry person. Then please forgive me again.

You did not deserve what I did to you. I’m sorry.

I’m the sorriest person, but I will still apologize again. I’m very sorry.

How can I let you know how sorry I feel? May I call you soon?

I’m sorry to cause you the inconvenience of cancelling our meeting.

I apologize for missing the meeting. I’m afraid I was not well.

I’m sending you this note to convey my sincere apologies.

Many apologies for my absence. I will attend the convention next month.

Dear neighbor, I would like to apologize for leaving my car in your driveway.

Dear Mrs. Jones, I would like to apologize for any excess noise from our party.

Dear Mr. Thompson, please accept my apologies for our dog’s behavior.

Dear Aunt Jane, I’m sorry for not answering sooner.

I’m sorry, please forgive me. You mean so much to me.

Please tell me what I can do to remedy this situation. I’m sending sincere apologies.

I apologize sincerely for my many faults. Please forgive me.

I apologize over and over again. I’m really sorry.

When will you forgive me? Please let it be soon. I’m sorry.

Apology quotes for her

I’m sorry and I will never be happy again until she forgives me.

The truest thing I can say is that I’m truly sorry. My love for her is never ending.

Apology quotes for her

I thought I was right, but now I say I’m sorry that I was wrong.

I was acting childishly, but now I’ve grown up. Please forgive my mistakes.

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I love her so much. Please, please let me know that she has forgiven my stupidity.

I’m sorry. How can I make her feel better, my beautiful girl?

I’m lucky to have her in my life. I apologize deeply and I blame myself.

Your love is a rare gift. I apologize for forgetting that.

In my heart you are number one. I apologize to you with all my heart.

I promise to change my actions in the future. I’m sorry for my repeated bad behavior.

I’m sending you a special card. You will find the words forgive me inside it.

I hope that our bond will never be broken, even by my foolishness. Please forgive me.

I can’t live without you. I’m sorrier than I’ve ever been. Forgive me, please.

You have made me a better person, but I still need your forgiveness. I’m so sorry.

Please accept my apology and then I can smile again.

If you accept the Words I’m Sorry, my heart will be mended.

I’m sorry and your forgiveness will make my day.

Two words may be but a few, bit I really mean my apology to you. I’m sorry.

May your kind heart forgive me? I’m sorry for laughing at you.

They say that apologizing is difficult, but it’s easy to apologize to you: I am sorry.

You have not yet accused me, so I intend to apologize before you do. I’m sorry.

Apology quotes for him

I’m sorry. Now my only hope is that he will accept that.

When I apologize to him, I’m showing you the best I can do. My sincere apologies.

Apology quotes for him

The person who forgives is strongest. Please exercise your strength. I apologize.

I accept that what I did was wrong. Would he please accept my apology?

Please forgive me once more. I admit my mistake and I’m so sorry.

Love Quotes For Him

If he can’t forgive me, I will never forgive him. I am truly sorry.

Loving and forgiving are two of the greatest things we can do. Can you forgive me?

I am not your enemy, so please forgive me as a friend who is very sorry.

I am ready to endure your anger if forgiveness comes after it, because I am so sorry.

I may never forgive myself for my errors, but if you forgive me, I thank you. Sorry.

I’m sorry if I tell you what to do, it’s just that I want the best for you. Sorry again.

I shed all my pride to apologize to you. I’m sorry.

If the words I’m Sorry are not enough, then I apologize one million times.

My excuses are worthless, but my apology is the truth.

Sincere apology quotes

Here is my apology. I cried because I hurt you. I am sincere. Your forgiveness will dry my tears.

One day my words will mean something to you and you’ll forgive me, just because I’m sorry.

I’m sorry we misunderstood each other. Please accept my sincere apology.

I know you cannot forget my wrongdoing, but please accept that I am sorry.

Sincere apology quotes

I’m sincerely sorry. Please let the fresh breeze of your forgiveness renew our relationship.

I’m very sorry, please forgive me – you know you want to.

You are the smartest person I know. Forgiving is the intelligent thing to do.

I’m sorry and I take full responsibility for what went wrong.

I would like to express my complete and sincere regret for my failures.

It’s impossible to undo the things that I did wrongly. I can only offer my sincere apologies.

If there is anything I can do to strengthen my apology, I will do it. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

It’s hard for me to admit I was wrong, but in this case, you have my sincere apologies.

If you look into my eyes, you will easy see a very sincere apology there.

I’m sorry from the roots of my hair to the tips of my toes and all the places in between.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me just once more.

I can say sorry in many languages, but the sincerest one is the language of my heart.

Even if you can’t forgive me, please believe in the sincerity of my apology.

I’m sorry. You must be disappointed in me. Please accept my apologies.

I have never wanted to apologies as much as I do now. Please accept my genuine contrition.