The 85 Inspirational Beauty Quotes On Friendship and Life With Pictures For Girls


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One can find it in nature, in another human being, in music, arts. It is mysterious, enchanting, inspiring and hypnotic just like Beauty Quotes.Of course, we are talking about beauty, a delicate phenomenon that boggles the human minds whether that of a genius or a rather ordinary person, it captivates everyone. Here are the lists of popular Beauty Quotes to help us appreciate more the extraordinary beauty we all have.

Beauty receives the attention, personality captures the soul.

To look beautiful means to be you. It is not a matter of being accepted by others. You need to be accepted by yourself.


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Perceive beauty without your eyes and you will truly understand that it is actually genuine.

We all have beauty but not all of us can see it.

Beauty is not only perceived by the eyes but felt by the heart too.


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Beauty doesn’t mean having a beautiful face but it is about having a beautiful mind, beautiful heart and beautiful soul.

The most beautiful thing about us is not our appearances but our hearts and personality.

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Beauty Quotes

Exterior beauty is what the eyes sees, interior beauty is only seen through the heart.

Never forget to love yourself that’s the secret of being beautiful.


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We are all beautiful in our own ways.

Ladies never fake beauty instead be beautiful inside and out.

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Beauty is not how a person looks physically but it is about an individual’s personality. The most important is a pure and wonderful heart.

At times beauty is merely a mask to hide the ugliness inside.

Simplicity is beauty.

If somebody really loves you, he will see the beauty inside of you.

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A sweet and sparkling smiles can make a person beautiful.

Do not be fooled by physical beauty because beauty can fade, wither and vanish but not the value, character and personality.

A smile is the cheapest way to alter your appearance.

The real beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wear, the figure she has or even the expensive accessories she use, A woman’s real beauty should be seen from her eyes because that is the direction to her heart, the place where love dwells.

Beauty is all about staying comfortable and confident in my own skin. Accepting sincerely who I really am.

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There may be makeup to enhance your beauty, but there is none to enhance a personality.

Everyone is pretty except in the eyes of an insecure.

You are beautiful in your own way; you just have to see and discover it first.

The wrinkled face that reflects life experiences, the jagged hands which mold the world, the withered body which stand proud despite problems encountered. That is true beauty.

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The real beauty is the beauty that lies beneath you.

What makes you special makes you beautiful.

Attitude, understanding, talents are the best foundation of a true beauty.

Confidence is what makes you beautiful, feel the way you want to be perceived; so put on your confidence and be yourself.

Happiness is the number one ingredient for being beautiful.

Until you believe you are beautiful, we will never recognize the beauty in you, It should always starts with you.


Real beauty is not connected to what color of your hair or what color of your skin. Real beauty is about who you are as a person, your character and your values.

Live and enjoy life, this will make you beautiful.

You’re the prettiest cupcake in a world of muffins. You are the pot of gold at the edge of a remarkable rainbow. That’s how beautiful you are.

Every creation has beauty but unfortunately not all can appreciate and see.

When you fall for somebody’s personality anything concerning them becomes beautiful.

The only way to be pretty is to trust yourself and the key to your beauty is your self confidence.


A lady whose smile is not hidden and whose expression is a pure happiness has a kind of beauty regardless of what she wears.

Beauty without a heart is nothing.

You are beautiful no matter what anyone thinks.

Do not glance at the outer beauty rather glance at the inner beauty.

Do not allow others to judge or dictate if you are beautiful or not since the only way to look beautiful is to think you are the most beautiful of all.

To adore only the beauty of the eyes is to not experience the beauty of the soul.

A beautiful face never beats a beautiful soul.

Keep in mind that outer beauty is an echo of your inside beauty. If you do not feel pretty, you will not look pretty. But if your confidence is high and you feel good about yourself the beauty will automatically flows out within yourself.

The heart can see what the eyes cannot.

Love of beauty is a taste but the creation of beauty is an art.

It doesn’t matter how plain a woman is, if the reality or honesty is written on her face, she is definitely beautiful.

You don’t need to hear what other persons say about you, you are who you are, and you are beautiful the way you are.

Sometimes, the best and beautiful things in the world can never be seen or touched. They have to be felt with the heart.

Whoever keeps the ability to see beauty don’t grow old.

Everybody has her own beauty and Love can make it grow and glow.

How can someone feel her beauty if she doesn’t have a beautiful heart.

You are beautiful and valuable never allow people to make you believe differently.

It’s never enough to see and understand the beauty of the work of art. It is something that you must feel and be affected by it.

It is beauty that captures your attention but it is personality that captivates your heart.

There is no ugly person in the world, it’s the personality that makes them ugly.

True Love will never see any imperfections, having flaws doesn’t change the way he see you, Perfect and Beautiful.

There is no beautiful or unattractive appearance. In the eyes of love, all of us are equal.

Live your life as who you truly are, this will make you beautiful.

You are beautiful no matter what anyone thinks.

True beauty never fades away.

Finding meaning in everyday life situations gives them a certain touch of beauty and grace.

Beauty comes in many colors and shapes; it is always unique and irreplaceable.

In life, it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are, what matters most is how beautiful your heart is.

Being confident is what really makes you beautiful.

Success awaits for those who believe in the beauty of themselves because it will reflect how they see life.

An old but useful junk is more beautiful than a piece of gold.

The true essence of beauty is accepting the flaws and imperfections of yourself and still feel beautiful.

You made me the most beautiful girl in the world the moment you accept and love me for who I am.

Sometimes the real beauty of an unsightly object is just hidden yet, if given a chance and attention true beauty will naturally comes out.

A true beauty is a happiness forever.

Don’t be envious of the beauty of others and be contented of what God has given you, then you will feel beautiful.

Love can let you see the beauty of everything.

What’s the use of beauty if your heart is empty.

Believe in the power of love and real beauty, it unveils the wonder of life.

Be kind and good, it will bring out your true beauty.

kindliness and compassion can make a woman truly beautiful.

Having a nice personality can beautify every human beings.

Make yourself beautiful inside and the outside appearance will definitely follow.

Appreciate all the blessings you have and you will certainly feel beautiful.

The values and principles you hold is the real beauty that never fades nor vanish .

Scars might be an ugly past and can be considered an imperfection but these scars brings out beauty in the form of pain and sufferings, it’s a reminder of who you are now, better and stronger.

Beauty doesn’t last forever but good values and beautiful personality are permanent that no one can take it away from you.

Divine beauty exist in each and everyone of us, it might be hidden and concealed waiting to be discovered and unveiled.

Beauty lighten up our souls, it can unlock the window of everyone’s hearts and can mend a broken heart.

True beauty cannot be bought and imitated, It is something which is absolutely distinctive and extraordinarily to you and only for you.

The beauty of a woman shines brightly if there’s compassion, love and kindness in her heart.

True beauty touches the hearts and opens the windows of everyone’s soul.

The most beautiful people are those who have known failure, pain and sufferings, those who are able to stand up after they fall because all these people were able to see and understand life and it taught them how to be strong, generous, selfless and compassionate to others.

when you experience the Love and happiness then you can see the beauty of life as well as the beauty of yourself.

We are all born beautiful, maybe different at some point or degree but we are unique and equal in the eyes of God.

Being beautiful doesn’t give you the right to insult and degrade others who are not.

Being beautiful is having a good personality and character.

No one is more beautiful than a woman who knows how to be humble and meek if she commits mistake.

Beauty is a reflection of happiness.

A beautiful person inside and out is the best work of art.

True beauty is when a woman is not wearing any makeup, not wearing expensive clothes and jewelries, not having a signature bag and not driving a fancy car. Woman can still be beautiful even without all of these.

You can be beautiful at twenty, fabulous at forty and still stunning at sixty because beauty never fades to a happy person.

Beauty is nothing without intelligence and confidence.

Sometimes being beautiful is a threat to your life and will lead you to all evil temptations in this world.