92 Birthday quotes for boyfriend from the Heart

Birthday quotes for boyfriend

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There is always one man in a woman’s life that could make her laugh despite being mad, who could turn all sadness into happiness, and who could be her knight in shining armor. Boyfriend make a girl’s day sweeter and more worthwhile, so here are cute quotes that could also make your man feel extra loved and cared for. That is why this special boyfriend should be shown appreciation on his birthday. Use these birthday quotes for boyfriend to show him how much you love him.

Birthday quotes for boyfriend

20 Best birthday quotes for boyfriend – with Pictures

God sent an angel to guide you because I prayed for it, but the angel came back because they cannot guide a fellow angel. Happy birthday my sweet boyfriend.


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Count the stars and the sand; count the droplets in the rain, but my love for you can never be counted. Love you my only boyfriend.

Love is never all about feelings; it is also about actions so I could show you how much I love you. Happy birthday sweetheart!

Believe in my love for you; for it can surpass everything and make the impossible possible.

Happy birthday my sweetest boyfriend! I love you baby.

You are my life, so it is impossible to live without you. Enjoy this special birthday.


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Yesterday I loved you deeply and tomorrow I will love you more than yesterday.

You never leave my mind, and the reason I smile is because of you. Happy birthday my true loving boyfriend!

You can jumble all the letters in the alphabet, as long as you keep U and I beside each other. Happy bday love!

Loving you is as important as being able to breathe, because without you I cannot live my life.

Your love is all I can dream of, your touch is all I can think of, and being with you is all I desire.

Best birthday quotes for boyfriend

Only one word could describe what love is, and that word is you. Happy birthday baby.

I will ask for your permission so I could hug you and kiss you, but I will love you no matter what you say.

Please tell me that you are only for me, so I may know and I can be sure.

30 Cute Quotes for Boyfriend

The one that makes you smile and is loyal to you is the right boyfriend for you. That is why we have prepared these quotes for boyfriend that will inspire you to express your feelings to him.

Quotes for boyfriend

Love has never been blind because when I fell, I was able to see you.

True love is like a gem, very rare and hard to find, yet I am very lucky that I found my gem, and that is you.

Everything changed for me because of you, and I am thankful that you bring out the best in me.

I could conquer everything in my path just as long as you are at the end of it.

I am not butter, and you are not fire, but when we are together my heart is melting with joy.

Telling you what I truly feel might be cheesy, but there is no other way for me to say that I love you unconditionally.

I want to tell you that I could not live my life without you, and I hope that you will also understand that it means I love you.

When we write our name in the sand, it is washed by the water. When we write our name in paper, it fades through time. But now your name is written in my heart, and there it will stay forever.

I would never get tired watching you if you are a movie. I would do it over and over again.

Your beauty is like a thousand diamonds that I can see whenever I gaze into your eyes.

I always think about you every night and day and as long as the sun will shine. I would continue and remain to be yours forever.

I could serenade you with the stars if only you would give me one kiss. I can pick a star for you and place it on your feet if only you would love me.

The first thought that I have each morning and the last thought I have every night is of the person I love, and that is you.

I would wish to live up until the day before your 90th birthday if you would live up until your 90th.

The perfectness of my heart is all thanks to you because you are inside it.

I know that we would meet on the very first page if our love is a story book.

Whenever I see you, I wish you would feel my heart racing inside of me.

I always remind you that I love you because it is my way of reminding you, not just out of habit.

I would always love you, for what you became, what you are now, and what you would become later on.

15 Happy birthday quotes for boyfriend

You are my world, so do not stray away from me. Happy birthday my loyal and true boyfriend.

Happy birthday quotes for boyfriend

Wherever you may go in life, whatever you do, and however much you have, it would not matter at all as long as I have you by my side. Happy special bday my love!

I may meet a lot of boys, but the more I meet them, the more I realize that I only want you. Happy birthday sweatest boyfriend.

When the sun falls from the sky that would be the only time that I would stop loving you.

I could fall in love with you every single day and every day for the rest of our lives except for yesterday, because you were pretty annoying.

I always miss you just a little, a little more every day, more than I could ever say, and probably a little too much.Happy birthday dear.

I actually have no idea if I mean anything to you at all. I don’t even know where I stand with you. All I know is every time I think of him; I only want to be with him.

The very first day I saw you, I came to love you. Happy birthday sweat boy.

I am empty, and I reach out to you. My soul would die for you whenever my heart longs for you.

The spaces between our fingers fit together perfectly. Always remember that when you feel alone.

If you love me, you have to accept me as I am and want me without any demands. You should trust me without hesitations, and love me without fearing anything.

20 Amazing I love you quotes for boyfriend

If I live life without you and your love, that would be not living at all. I love you baby.

I love you quotes for boyfriend

Falling out of love with you is never an option for me. Loving you is only option.

I guess I am a fool, because those who fall in love are fools, especially when they fell for sweetest boyfriend. I love you my sweet boyfriend.

Always at night, I dream of you as I hug my pillow. I wish it would be you that I will be hugging someday and my pillow that I am dreaming about.

See that thunderstorm approaching? I heard that raindrops are really kisses, so I sent you a thunderstorm.

The reflection on the mirror whenever I look at it is full of love. I love you boy, you are my man.

The sun may not shine every day, but as long as we are together we can shine away.

There is no timeline for my love; it will go on as long as I live.

You have helped me to become the best that I could be, and for that I love you truly.

I always shed a tear whenever I wish for you to be here, now look at the puddle that I have created.

I was told to write everything, so I closed my eyes and wrote on my paper. When I opened my eyes, I saw your name staring back at me.

I am everything I could ever be with you by my side.

I am glad for the three blessings I received. I came to love you, and you loved me too, and we remained in love with each other throughout all this time.

There is no end to the love I feel for you, to the smile that I give you, and to the care that I reserve for you.

I may not be rich, but my heart is full of wealth because you are inside it.

I will never kiss anybody else; I would rather quarrel with you.

All natural things are never practiced; they are learned naturally, just like I learned to love you.

I never want to die, not because I am afraid, but because there might be no one to love you the way I do.

20 Sweetest quotes for boyfriend – hand picked

If I have two options between having everything and you, I would still choose you because you are everything to me. I love you my cute boyfriend.

Cute quotes for boyfriend

The love I feel for you is true, the care I have is only for you, and I want to be with you because that is what I want to.

I always smile without any reasons. Later on, I realized it is because of your cute face and your cute smile.

I want to see you smile, so I would cross the oceans for you and walk through the desert just to see it on your cute face.

Roses may not express the way that I feel for you, but if they can they would say that I love you.

Spending my entire life with you is the best thing that would happen to me. I love you my cute man.

Remember that I love you whenever you are having a bad day.

Every step of the way, I always love you.

Because of you, I became who I am.

I could think of you for all the days of my life. It can be yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I could think of you forever.

I miss you so much, and I want to say it so much.

I would never give up on you, and I know that you will not give up on me. Nothing would change just like we first met.

The people who loved you would be the ones that would become unforgettable.

There are only three words that I would like to tell you, and that is I love you.

You have always been my dream that is why every moment I spend with you feels like a dream coming true.

The safest place in the world is in your arms where I could feel your heart beat for me as my head rests on your chest.

I only want to be your favorite part, not only your whole life.