50+ Breakup Quotes


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Love is the essence of a happy and beautiful life and when a relationship comes to an end, it leaves nothing but sad and painful memories. This is the time of your life when you feel alone, empty and lonely certainly because the person you loved the most has gone. That is why here are written these quotes about breakups to heal the wounds just a little bit. These are some heart touching breakup quotes which will make you cry and can absolutely feel the pain of breaking up with someone you love:

When you broke someone’s heart and yours will be break by someone else, Only then you will realize the pain of a broken heart.

Do not ever regret that you lost your love because one day he will realize that he had lost a diamond while he was busy collecting the useless stones.


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The hardest part of life is when you know that she is more than happy without you.

Never try hard to find the best in the person because one day when that person is gone you will then realize that he is the best person in your life.

You are the person who broke my heart, you are the person who made me cry, you are the reason for my failure in life, but I still love you and I do not know why?


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One day he just broke my heart and my friends asked me, give us the reasons why do you still love him, I started looking up and pointed towards the sky and said… start counting the stars in the sky.

It is said that tears do have a lot of value when falls from the eyes, I realized it myself when you left me and started falling from mine.

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Last words after breakup from the lover- My absence will not make any difference to your life, but I still truly love you and no one can ever replace you in my heart.

I will wait till the end of my life, till I forget you or till the day you will realize that I’m still the one perfect for you.


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My princess, I was born on the day when you started loving me and I died on the day you left me.

When two people love each other and had a breakup, they cannot be friends in life, as they have hurt each other, nor be enemies as they had loved each other, the only thing left is that they become strangers to one another.

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One of the most hurting lines by the lover- If you will leave me alone in your life, I promise you will come back in my life with your eyes open to see that my eyes are closed forever.

We cannot force a person to stay in our life forever, if they want to leave let them leave, as love does not give you the right to own someone.

Breakup feels like a worst nightmare after having the best dream in life.

It is said that things like time, health, friends and relations never comes with a price tag, but once we lost them, then we only realized how precious they are for us.

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Most wonderful thought ever- Love hurts when you broke up with your lover, But love hurts the most when you realize that the person you love has no idea how it hurts you so much.

I never hated myself for the reason that you never loved me, but I hated myself because I still love you.

The most important thought ever You broke my heart, you cheated me throughout my life, but I still love you with all the pieces.

What really hurts deep in my heart is not how you make me feel loser today, but the memories of how you made me feel special before.

As painful as it is, tolerating a heartbreak is still better than tolerating all your lies forever.

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I will never deny in my entire life that I loved you. But someone has rightly said that, things do change…and so did you.

I’m just breaking up with you, our relationship will die but our love will live on forever.

Just because we broke up and I moved on with my life does not mean that I won’t remember you, you still remain as the the special person in my life whom I will never forget till my last breathe.

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Basically the relationship is like a broken glass, sometimes it is better to leave the pieces as it is, rather than trying to put back all the broken pieces.

The most painful line by the lover after break up- I walked out from your life and the most painful thing is that you let me go and never tried to come back to my life.

Some people cry a lot after breakup but it doesn’t mean they are very weak in life, it only means they have been strong throughout their life.

The most painful thing is that you never tried to do something for her, whom you loved the most in your life as the years go by.

Never mind my dear lovely princess I will find a lovelier person than you in my life.

Move on and never ever stop your life as it is only just a chapter of the book and the whole book contains new chapters in it, Have faith, Someone is always waiting for you to spend their whole life with you.


If someone cheats you, they never loved you and there is no reason to stay back in his life.

Our relationship was always a give and take, until you stop giving but never stop taking.

My dear princess does you ever know the meaning of a past relationship? It simply means that the term got expired.

Pretending like you don’t care about each other, acting like something never happened, doesn’t mean that you moved on, it simply hurts like hell that you chose to be numbed.

If according to the science heart is the strongest muscle, then why would it gets break so easily?

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I want to breakup with you, but it doesn’t mean I will forever hate you, my heart just simply stop loving you.

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Love is like an ice cube, the harder the friction you put, the faster it melts and what will be left in your hands are the tears of a crushed and broken heart

The day was sad, the day was dull, the day was hopeless… because it was the day that you were gone.

After the breakup when I close my eyes I only see you, when I open my eyes I still miss you.

Time does not really heal the pain of the broken heart, it just makes the heart strong but the pain still remains.

It is better to break up than stay with the people who cheats you and has never loved you.

Breakup can teach you a lot of things in life except how to forget your one true love.

Love is the most important thing in life so never play with it, you will realize the value of love when someone plays with your heart.

It is always better not to love each other rather than faking your love for each other.

If someone leaves you and never came back in your life, it is better to let him go fully and move on, maybe that’s the closure you’ve been waiting that will completely set you free

Our relationship was my whole world but when I see you’re not, it makes my world to fall apart.

Before you ask me why I want a breakup, ask your heart why it’s no longer beating for me like it was used to be.

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When bad times come and our love is about to end then we need some comfort with these quotes for breakups to ease the pain.

My love is always unconditional, but after the breakup I realize then that your love was only provisional.

Quotes for breakups

Question asked by the boyfriend from his girl how you easily mend your broken heart, how you heal all your pain so quickly, while I’m still dying for your love, I do not know why?

One heart break, two eyes crying, three words that will never say again, four hands that will never be entwined and your love that will no longer be mine. Thinking of you seven days a week, eight sad songs I listen for a week, nine of my wishes that were never come true and ten years after that it was only you.

It is said that if you ever love someone let them be alone, if they realize that you are the one they will come back and you can absolutely say that’s a true love.

I just had only one important priority in our relationship and that is – YOU. The problem was we both have different priorities.

Sometimes, breakups are the bitter pills that cure you from the most toxic relationships forever.

You always tried to make our relationship perfect while I constantly believed that our relationship was already perfect and had no flaws.

Please do not blame me for letting go now, because you let go a long time ago.

When I fell in love with you I had butterflies in my stomach. Little did I know that they would soon morph into nasty bees that will make their way up to my heart and sting in the most painful way.

Instead of nurturing our relationship with honesty, you smeared it with lies. Instead of using your love to paint a rainbow, you gave me a dark hue to my life’s skies.

It is very sad, how someone can go from being the reason you wake up smiling, to the reason you cry yourself to sleep.

One day, I hope you look back at what we had, and regret every single thing you did, to let it end.

The hardest thing in life is not talking to someone, you used to talk to me everyday.

Missing you comes in waves today. Tonight I am drowning.