100 Character Quotes on Reputation and Integrity


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Character is the most important element of a human’s personality.
A person cannot have integrity without a good character.
It says so much about who you are and your personality.
Maybe that is why it is important to build a personality first.
There are some character quotes I would like to share and I hope you like them.

Teachers can only teach you how to be a good person. Building a character is all up to you. But there is a twist, you cannot build it unless it is taught.

No one can change your character but you. Others can only train you but it depends on you whether you want to be a trained animal or want to build a character from heart.

Education without any knowledge of character building is useless.


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You can be greatest of all but you cannot earn respect without having a decent character.

Your bank status or your wealth status does not matter. Your ability to be kind with other and to be good with others makes you a better person.

Having a good character is more like having a perspective. It is like having an opinion on things, and having the right ones.


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Having a good character is like telling yourself the difference between right and wrong. It is like knowing the choice may hurt you but you make it without thinking it twice because it’s the right choice.

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Having a character does not ultimately mean having a good character. A character can also be a bad one. Having a good character means being honest, being truthful, being loyal and being right by the rules.

Never depend too much on your wealth or money, only depend on your good character and integrity. Once given, it will come back to you.


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Build a character so people will not hesitate to say anything to you, so they could be honest with you. They know that your kind character will not let that truth or honesty ruin what you have with them.

Good character once built, helps throughout life.

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Never let society build your character, make it for yourself. It is true that society effects your character a lot but you have every source to know what is right and what is wrong for you.

There are many things you cannot buy and character is one of them. There is no money that can buy you a good character, you will have to work if you want a good one.

In order to have a good character, one must be honest, truthful and with integrity.

There are so many things you need to have a good character. But with wisdom and right knowledge you can have them all and build a good one.

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Build a character, so charming that others will want to follow you, be like you and even be you.

It is quite hard to possess a good character, on the contrary it is quite easy if you ask me. All you have to be is honest, kind and have a good knowledge about what is right and what is wrong.

Having a good character doesn’t mean doing everything according to the rules. Rules doesn’t do right by everyone all the time. Even if you break rules just to benefit others and not yourself, it doesn’t mean that you have a bad character but definitely means that you have a good one.

What you think inside really matters to you, and it only matters to others when it affects them. So, what you ‘think really doesn’t matter, the only thing that matter is what you do.

When you have nothing but character, you have everything.

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A character of a person can make you love him despite the fact that you did not like his first impression, so do you believe in what they say that first impression is the last?

Character is about how you feel from the inside, not about how you show the world you are. But this statement is not entirely true. Most of the times your heart wants thing that are not right, things that are dark and you can have them by doing the dark. But if you control your heart and does not act upon those wishes, that is the sign on absolute good character.

If you think character does not count, try living without one and watch your respect go away.

How you act around others is not the way to determine your character but how you act alone or the choices you make alone are the things which determine your character.

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A person’s character is the only thing that counts. No money, no treasure, no jewelry can make you look as good as a character can.

A person can be anything but a person with integrity without a good character.

Character is not just about doing the right thing when you want to, it is about doing the right thing when you have to.

Doing the right thing when nobody is watching and doing the right thing when it is the hardest thing to do will determine your real character.

In every aspect of life, your character counts. Your little act of kindness can make this world a better place. Your kind language can heal many and that is something that nobody can say doesn’t count.

When they do not know about it, they judge you by your character. Make it your best specification.

When you meet someone for the first time, you do not know them and the only acceptable way to judge someone is by their character.


Your character as a person can attract people more than your looks can.

The only time your true character shows is when you are in power and you know what is the right thing to do. Only then a person’s real character shows. Not abusive of his power.

Although character and reputation are linked with each other, they are still very different from each other. Reputation is what others think about you while character is what you are.

Having a good character means it doesn’t matter what others think but what you really are does. So, try to build a character not a reputation. After sometimes it will be built automatically.

A person can never fake its character. It is always there, even when you are faking it, it still shows. Because your first instinct will always be natural.

Okay! I believe in love at first sight but if your character is ugly then love fades with the same pace.

The world does not know what you are from the inside, the only thing this world knows is the thing you want it to tell. But it is too much work to keep track of what to tell and what not to.


It is better to make your character ideal so you will not have to pretend anymore. That way you can be yourself and there will be nothing to be ashamed of.

To this society, it does not matter what your intentions were, the only things that matter are what you did.

Your identity is yours to make and your character is yours to build. But just remember that one cannot be mastered without another.

The funny thing about character is that it can be changed. Just like identity.

Your actions speak for you. So, when you do little act of kindness, or make things better for others you make a long-lasting impression of yourself on people. And that impression is all they will talk about the rest of their life.

If your character obeys the rules of integrity, you do not have to worry about your identity.

Once you know that your character is your identity, your integrity will not let you do anything which is not satisfied by the morals of it.

Your character is just like a shade and your reputation is just like a shadow. If you have a good character you definitely have a good reputation.

Character of a person is as good as his unintentional choices.

Do not judge a person by his actions unless you know the reasons behind it. Maybe that person has a good reason behind those bad actions. And those actions do not reflect their character at all.

When your good character becomes your identity, your words become important and people start believing in you and when your bad character becomes your identity, your words will lose all the importance and no matter how true they are they seem like gibberish and nothing else.

Having a good character means making choices on the base of morals, on the base of what is right not on the base of personal gain.

Lying and misleading are the habits which can ruin your integrity, reputation and character. After that it is very hard to achieve them again.

Integrity and character is not for showcasing; it is for you to have. They are need to be used, to make sacrifices and choosing what is right. They are to be appreciated.

When you have character and integrity, nothing in this world matters and nothing in this world can stop you from making the right choice, and nothing in this world can convince you to do the right things no matter what.

Your character is the reflection of yourself.

Your real character can be determined when no one is watching and whatever will be your choice or decision, it is just a test to know who you really are.