55 Inspirational Cheer Quotes and Cheerleading Sayings


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Cheering someone can be a great act of kindness and it helps you feel better as well.
To cheer up people can be a very soothing act.
Following are some quotes about cheering up random people and making their day ever better.
I hope you like them.

When in need, cheer your friends up. Show them who their real friend is, make them feel safe around you. Make them trust you. This will not only make them feel good, it will also make you feel better as well.

Cheering your friends will create an impression in their mind, they will come back to you in time of needs and being a true friend is when you know that you have proven to be the best in their lives.

When you can, always cheer a friends. No matter how much of their burden you will have to take. You called them friend, now it is your time to prove it.


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Cheering a friend can also cheer you up as well, what is better out there than to see someone you care about happy.

When life tears them up, you should be the one to cheer them up, because life is hard and there should always be some kind of positivity to make people believe that they can do it. To make them realize that they can conquer it. And that positivity should be you.

True friends is the one who knows the right thing to say in the worst of times, the one who knows you, and can make you feel better about yourself. In simple words the one who can cheer you up when you do not even want to.


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Cheering up a friends and making them smile is the kind of act that lifts weight from your heart.

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When I called you my friend I did not mean that I will be there for you in the good times, I meant that I will be there no matter what and I will not let you down and I do not care if it drowns me because I know you will be there to pull me up just like I am doing right now.

To cheer up friends can be a little selfish, you need them in your life so you get something out of it. But cheering up strangers is the most selfless thing you can do. But there is another thing, I am going to prove my very own statement wrong. This is also selfish because you get peace of mind out of it. And that is the most wanted thing of all.


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Cheering up people is nice. You might not remember them in the future but they will always remember you. They might not know your name or maybe your face will also fade from their minds but they will always remember that someone, at a certain point of their lives, made their day.

Sometimes the words are not enough to make people happy or cheer them up, you need to act. Actions speak louder than words.

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Cheering someone is the best feeling ever. Watching someone smile and knowing that you are the reason behind that smile can make your heart grow.

We always want to live in the better world, but no one wants to do anything to make this world better. Simplest of things can change someone’s life in just a moment. Sometimes all a person needs is some words of encouragement and love to cheer them up.

When people threw stones and bricks at you. Do not worry just save those bricks and when you have enough, make a bridge out of them, cheer up and move on.

No matter how much they let you down, just know that I will always be here to cheer you up. You will never be alone and that is my promise to you.

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Cheer up! I know life is hard right now, I know it is difficult and it seems like nothing is going to be same ever again but here’s the thing, you do not want the same all over again. You have to move on. Life has so much to offer than this.

Sometimes the only person who can cheer you is you. Because you understand yourself more than anyone else.

People who broke you down are not the people you should remember but the people who cheered you up. Because those are the only people worth remembering.

You know some people can simply never give up on you. To you I am one of those people. I will never let you go or let you down. I will always be there to cheer you up.

When things get hard do not assume that they are going to be this way. It is just that when you believe in something have faith in it.. So believe in yourself, believe that you are much more than just a failure. Cheer yourself up and move on, leave all the pain and suffering behind.

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All I can do is try to cheer you up. But in the end you will have to cheer yourself up all by yourself. I can give you a head start and that is all. Because if you will not change from within, no one will be able to cheer you up.

Cheer up and leave these sorrows behind, whatever it is, is not going to matter anyway. After a year or so people are going to forget it so forget it as well.

Never let little problems dim your shine. I know these little problems do not seem little right now but trust me they are. And they are definitely going to go away so why mourn about that.

Love is a fragile thing. When it breaks, it can break you as well. But you can always fix yourself, but do not try to fix the broken love because it is never going to be the same. So all you can do is cheer up and move on.

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Love can break you down, it can make you cry and it can make you weak, but giving in is not what you should do. All you have to do is make yourself feel good from within. Because only you can make you feel better and no one else. So cheer up and stay strong.

I know breakups can be hard and I know they can tear you apart, but never let your heart sink in the pain. See the bright side, and cheer yourself up.

Life may seem messed up right now and maybe there is no hope or ray of light in the sight right now. But that does not mean it is not there. You cannot see oxygen but it is always there, your life is a proof of its very own existence. Just like that hope is always there you’ll just have to look for its existence. So cheer up and face the world with a happy face.

Things get better when you have loyal friends around you who will do anything to cheer you up.

When you have good friends by your side do not worry about little heartbreaks. Because if these friends are really true one they will not let you down and will always be there to support you and make you feel better.

I do not believe in happy endings. The real sad starts after the ending. And life is not about happiness, it is about having the courage to make it better for yourself, so if life gets hard do not give in but make it good and make it happy.


Sometimes the best moment are the moments when your friends try to make you feel better and cheer you up. The silly things they do in the process are the best.

Sometimes all I need is pizza and some chocolates to cheer myself up. To be honest food is better than people anyway.

After breakup people cry and stay in bed all day but for me it is totally different. Breakups cause pain but if you divert your attention to something else this pain can reduce to zero. And I’m referring that something to a food.

No sport is less than other, cheering your team is as important as playing the actual sport, and it has the same significant.

When their team kicks football, they through a whole human 10 feet above them and then actually catch that human as well. How can you say that it is any less than any other sport?

Cheering your team can play a very important part in winning. A team needs support and cheerleaders provide that nonstop throughout the match.


When you cheer your team, playing in the playground, do it will all your heart. Because they are trying to make your state, school, team proud in front of the whole crowd.

Being a cheerleader is not a piece of cake. Hard training and dedication are the very first requirements for that, just like any other sport.

When a cheerleader cheers for the team, it includes love and passion, it includes every ounce of effort and that type of dedication can never be found anywhere else. And that is simply because they all have same goal.