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Each one of us are hoping that we could find the one meant for us. As we see other cute couples around us, we also wish for someone to love us. And when that someone comes into our lives, we feel that we could not ask for anything anymore. That is why we have prepared for you best cute love couple quotes that you can use as Whatsapp status or share on Facebook.

I just can’t stop looking at you and falling in love much deeply and swiftly at every glorious time.

True love never dwells upon a person’s flaws; it embraces it wholeheartedly instead.

Sharing love stories are never enough for a person in love; they create their own love story as well.


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Real love goes way beyond physical attraction.

The cherry on top is the person’s physical looks. Real love looks deeper through the core of a mellow heart.

I would never be complete without my better half by my side.

True love does not set standards. It slithers inside of you without any chance of judging it.

Real love does not mind how fast or slow time flies past. It just shows on the number of wrinkles each of you can count on each other’s faces or the spread of white hair on a beloved’s crown of glory.

We do not need to look anywhere for the meaning of true love; it already manifests on how we are when we are together.

The road to real love has always been rough, but nothing would be sweeter than arriving on the arms of a beloved.

If you think about the other’s welfare first before putting yourself forward, true love is already undeniable.

When love is real, it has no end.

True love happens when you put your partner’s interests first than your own desires and wants.


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Loving genuinely does not need any reason at all.

Doing stupid things together and laughing at them afterwards start the bond of true love.

Partners in love do not necessarily need words to express feelings. Their connection through thoughts and actions are more than enough.

Making up with the one you love makes fighting a sweet escape from the monotony of a relationship.

True love is when a perfect partner becomes less than perfect, but then you are there to catch them from their fall from grace.

No distance can be small or great for two hearts that beat as one.

True love always makes one a better person than he already is.

I long to find a man who will still lightens up under my caress even after years of wrinkles has suffused my arthritic hands.

True can be felt by the quality of a touch, not by the quantity of words.

However morbid or damaged your past is, real love can sweep them up away, just as I am swept away by the beauty of your character.


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30 Cute Couple Quotes For Him and Her With Heartfelt Images

Sometimes, you have to go and get your heart broken before you can realize what real love truly means.

True love cannot be stopped by death, it can only delay it.

People are attracted to the qualities you manifest, but they remain with you by the qualities you hold within you.

Cute Couple Quotes

People experiencing true love have the ability of making the impossible be possible.

True love is strengthened by pain.

Real love may be blind, but as it deepens it becomes your eye opener.

A person in pain would sacrifice everything in order to feel love and be loved again.

True love does not see the ugliness of a person. Instead, it encourages it to be better than it already is.

When you touch and there is a spark, when you tingle all over just because of a whisper, when you feel a jolt every time your lips touch, there is no denying that you are electrocuted by true love.

I have loved you before I saw you. It is the promise of you that strengthened my love for you.

The heart is not the only thing possessed with love. If you are in love, it runs deep into your veins and flows all over your entire body and finally washes over your soul.

couple quotes

Two lovers are taken by true love into one place where they would never part, and that is FOREVER.

Do not seek for real love where there is none, and never deny true when it is there for the taking.

True love and happy endings does not come together. True love simply does not end.

A pure and true love through a long distance relationship weighs more than a relationship based on physical desires.

You may fly beyond the clouds and never look back, yet do not forget that I am firmly standing my ground to catch you when you undecidedly fall.

Best couple quotes

When you get that good feeling about someone and you need inspiration, then read these good couple quotes that will keep you inspired in loving him or her.

I only get to feel the pangs of pain when you leave me with only your absence for a companion.

Best couple quotes

Suffering and true love often comes together, therefore you should be able to welcome both with open arms.

Like the little droplets of rain, true love manages to touch us all.

You would never guess where love begins or ends.

Add one and one then the result might be anything. Remove one from two then you will get nothing. Such is the arithmetic of love.

The body is embraced by the soul when you are in love.

You must understand true love first before attempting to find it.

The world would be a cemetery if love is abdicated.

True love cannot be defined but by the person who is deeply into it.

True love is the best guide you will ever have whenever you are lost in a forest of indecisions.

You have to keep your eyes open during your gloomiest times, because the angel that would be sent to you is your one true love.

Seeing and hearing the most exquisite things on earth is never enough, only the heart can deeply feel it.

Nothing can be received enough for love; nothing can be given enough for love.

A barren tree is very much like life without love.

Sticking with love is lighter to bear than burdening oneself with hatred.

Love couple quotes

Looking for best couple love quotes that you can set as Whatsapp cute couple status? Then you are at right place here at where we update new beautiful couple quotes every day.

Love teaches better than responsibility.

Love couple quotes

Trust is the ultimate evidence of love.

You need not only feel love, you must act upon it.

Loving one’s self makes everything fall into place. Truly loving one’s self can get everything done in this world.

The reason I came to know love is all because of you.

Being unhappy with someone is worse than being unhappy alone.

Unbreakable hearts are the most practical hearts of all.

Never saying sorry is what love ultimately means.

Loving unconditionally is being brave without expecting something in return.

Even before I go to sleep, the last person to leave my mind is you.

I always want to spend every moment with you, so I just drift away as I close my dreamy eyes so I can see you.

You are the person I care about the most, which is why I am very concerned about the state of your happiness.

For all the things that came into my life, you are really the best that has ever happened to me.

A lot may change through time, but there is one thing that would not budge, and that is my love for you.

The world may be full of gorgeous persons, but I only have eyes for you.

I know that I could make you happy by making you smile without any reason at all.

You are always in my heart; I do not care about the distance and the time between us.

Life is made for us to celebrate, but there could be no party to celebrate in my life without you.

You are worth all the time that I will spend waiting, so I will wait no matter what.

They might be small things for others, but they matter the most to someone else and they can make a big diversity in our world.

Not all bad experiences ruin you, sometimes they teach you all you need to learn, so never regret your decisions.

Do not mind what others would want you to become, believe in who you would want to be.

People always ask me how life is, and my reply would always be, “He is fine”.

You gave me wings so I can fly and soar with you, my angel.

The greatest accident I was ever involved in is falling in love with you.

Whenever I read through your old SMS and emails, I can almost feel your love through it and it is magical.

We are almost like the mirror of each other, too identical like a book which has two volumes.

Romantic couple images with quotes

If you are looking for romantic beautiful couple quotes, that will help you express your feelings about him or her, then keep on reading these cute statuses and couple sayings.

When you came into my life, I finally found my turning point.

The deepest feelings that I have can never be measured with just romantic words.

I am so happy that I have you because I have someone whom I can hold on to for the rest of my life.

We started as strangers, then we became lovers, and its strange that we turned into partners for life. This is what romantic and romance is for me.

I am constantly busy at work, but when I find time to pause, I always think of you.

See the wonderful things that are happening into your life. You have to stay optimistic.

You may have made the greatest mistakes, but I would never leave your side because I know that you are trying your best.

Your flaws do not mean a thing to me because I really care about you.

Partners should share their problems so they can also share their happiness and fulfillment.

romantic couple quotes

Now that you are here beside me, I hardly think of the future at all.

When things are all over, do not cry. Instead, smile because of the memories you had.

You are the anchor that holds me whenever the storms wreck my life’s ship.

The way I feel about you is like math. I add the love I have for you; I subtract any hate, and multiply all the trust we have.

I may not be a warrior, but I can fight all life’s adversities if you are with me.