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When it comes to the matters of the heart, nothing can express the emotions that one feels better than through writing. More often than note, most people prefer using quotes about emotions to express how they are feeling. Most of the quotes, called emotional quotes, are often used in social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and many more others.
Without further ado, let’s go straight to the emotional quotes widely used in our daily situations:

Emotions are normally what drives us and we surrender to them most times, unconsciously.

Females are the ones thought to be the most emotional. All the same, this does not make men resistant to getting emotions.


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Don’t let emotions take charge of you, but at the end they will still attest of your outcome, either good or bad.

Sometimes we may find ourselves doing better with self-development only if we keep emotions at bay.

Acceptance is sometimes the key to letting go of miseries and yielding to your emotions might be the first step.


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You may often forget, but you can never go wrong with your emotions.

Locking up your emotions and not expressing it in your activities or way of thinking can be best describes as insanity.

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A person’s judgement is always shallow but his emotions and instincts are so sincere and deep.

Emotions can either build you or destroy you.


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Sometimes we try so hard to keep sadness away from us not knowing that we end up locking happiness in the process.

Mixed emotions is vague.

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Fatigue is more often confused to be sadness.

We all need someone we can surrender our emotions too.

Our sentiments should be so quiet such that one cannot prejudge us at the very first encounter.

After every moment of sadness, joy always comes in the morning.

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A broken heart and an empty soul cannot be cheered up by money.

A tired soul can be the cause of unaccomplished life that has gone to waste.

Life is worth living for and one way to always staying bright and blissful is by saying no to grief and sadness.

There is no point of allowing misery and gloom to take charge when the world is a happy place.

Behind every sorrowful clouds, there is a brighter sky ahead.

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The painful moments should always be part of your forgotten past.

It is always right to treat everyone the best way we could as we may be handling someone who is hurting that we have no idea about.

People who enter in material relationships can never account for their feelings or sentiments.

It is better to always take charge of your emotions before they take over your life.



If you suppress your sentiments, you may find yourself depressed.

Guilt is a feeling that always reminds you of your records of wrongs. Don’t let it consume you or you will never move on.

Feelings are what makes us. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad. What is important is that we go with the good ones.

You should let go of your pain and suffering, just as the rain pours to the ground.

Screaming is a good way of doing away with grief and fatigue.

Pilling sadness and grief in your heart is no way of dealing with fear.


The easiest way of moving on sometimes is simply by doing away with the painful past and memories.

Following what your heart desires is the best way to enjoy ones feeling towards another.

Disinterest is a feeling that makes you afraid of exploring new and better things.

The good emotions are those that come unconsciously.

Be careful how you deal with people because they are governed by feelings and are therefore very difficult to deal with you.

An important factor in life is to learn how to master and center one’s emotions. Odd emotions will make your life better while the negative ones will try to bring you down.


Emotions form a basic component in our life. The emotions we have will have a n impact on what we desire most in this life, what we think about and even how we behave. It will also have an overall impact on what we will be in life.

The most important task to do in life is the ability to master and control your emotions.

Whenever a person has positive emotions that include love, self-worth, confidence, optimism and compassion a person will become the best version of himself and will have a good future.

Emotions should not rule your life as they come as easily and they go.

Whenever one shares with someone their pain and suffering one feels hurt but it is better to do than to suffer alone in misery.

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Do not tolerate emotional abuse, speak up!

Speaking out loud about your feelings is the best remedy if you want to heal fast.

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Because your sentiments are always changing like the weather, you should never let them break you.

There is always a solution for emotional abuse.

Bad emotions such as low self-esteem and low confidence are some of the destiny breakers. They will never let you reach your full potential.

Dealing with a problem sometimes just needs you to put in your instincts instead of logic.

Think before you speak. Maybe you are abusing someone with your words!

People who are successful have the power of intelligence mostly in their emotions that makes them able to make better choices.

Bad feelings will always be there. Sometimes they are unavoidable, the best way to handle them is to make the positive ones outshine them by all means necessary.

I can be feeling a lot of sentiments, but you will never know if I don’t let you.

The soul can lead you to a place that you vision can never lead you to.

There is great power when it comes to taking charge of your feelings.

Feelings are what makes us human. Otherwise, without them, we would never know the joy of humanity.

It may be very hard to get to understand how a situation feels like until you get to experience it.

Choosing the right people may make you feel the right emotions.

Every instance, always choose love over hatred. Make the world a better place.

Emotions are funny. We get depressed even when we were not expecting anything good to come out from a situation.

Loneliness can drive someone to do something crazy just to know which people really care for them.

You may never want to leave if you know that people around you care so much for you and that they treat you as family.

Lies are what destroy beautiful relationships. One may never see the truth in what you say once they are brought to life.

Loving someone deeply is one of the hardest feelings to let go. You may try but never succeed to get their words out of your head.

It is very much possible to live by yourself without someone. After all, you can afford to breathe all by yourself.

Because everyone is not perfect, we learn to forgive others and to forget. And correction should always start with you before you think about others.

There is always that one person that gives you joy in your heart when you receive their phone call or text.

It is funny how you can encounter some people who find joy in minding so much about other people’s life and welfare than they do about their own.

Living your life is the best way to learn much about life and its mysteries.

Good memories are always written in the heart. It is not so easy to forget them. Especially if they involve someone you once cared so much about.

Many people agree that music is food for the soul and medicine to the heart. This is true especially when it helps you to forget about your pain and misery for a while.

Emotional love quotes

Your emotions, love and level of creativity are great assets if they are used well. They will take you to places where you reasoning can’t.

It is always a great emotional feeling when you know that someone loves you and calls you their own.

Emotional love quotes

Never get to busy chasing after the things of life to a point where you forget about yourself and what makes you whole and complete.

You never really get to know your self-worth when you are always trying to fit in the groups that you do not belong because you have not realized that you actually better than them.

Having too much expectations on people can make you get disappointed real fast. Because humans are creatures driven by emotions and love, always spare some expectations until you really get it.

In life, you encounter many people, some you may keep, but some you may part ways. Others choose to leave you. Do not feel bad about them. After all, your destiny is not shaped by those who have left you but by those who will always stand by you at all times.

You may never realize how much resources and time you have wasted until the heart chooses to put an end to it.

Three things that can change you from zero to being a hero are determination, attitude and a good vision. Otherwise, your abilities alone may not really help you if you do not put the factors into action.

Saying what you want to do is one thing. Doing what you really have to do is also a very different thing. The latter brings the results.

Many people feel afraid when it comes to losing people that they adore so much. One question to put in mind is that do they feel the same way about you too.

Getting a life partner is one of the greatest achievements that one can ever make in life. Three things play a vital role in all of this. Your heart, time and your character.

Don’t take my presence and my love for granted. When I will not be there for you, you will feel my absence and miss every moment we shared, but I may not be still waiting for you.

The world always operates under the law of action and reaction. For every tragedy, there is always a good thing in line. So, don’t stress too much about life and live it without fear.