70 Deep Emotional Quotes With Images For Boyfriend and Girlfriend


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Life is a journey, no matter how hard or easy it maybe there is always something to hold on to.
We go through one phase to another, hardship, struggle, pain, love and all sort of human experience.
What all this phases have in common is the emotions we pass through when going through them. We will be going through some quotes about different emotions that replenish us deeply.

Always keep trying, don’t give up, because God will never give up on you.

Remember there’s always that special someone out there waiting for you.


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Hold on tight, because you’re about to be showered with blessings.

Keep going at it, you are your own motivation.

Pushing yourself is a major key to happiness and success.


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Keep fighting there’s no quitting here!

Only you decide who control your emotions.

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Who’s in charge of my life and destiny? Is it me or other people around me?… It is nobody else but you… You are in charge of your future.

Work, work hard it always pays off at the end. It’s the beginning of a new thing.


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Always remember, when you’re down and alone, and have nobody to stand by you, or you simply need a friend; God always got you, everybody including you and I under his wings.

Never depend on anyone to do your job for you, to succeed take a step and do it yourself because at the end all the credit goes to you.

Emotional Quotes – Quotes about emotions


I need you every day of my life because without you there is no point trying to be a better person; you are the beauty I live for.

Staying motivated keeps you on top of the world.

Sometimes being alone is the best thing in life because no one wants to be held back.

Staying by yourself could either hinder you or be the best decision you could ever invest in.

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Fight! Keep on fighting because someone will always have your back.

Work hard; it pays off in the long run.

Trust no one because you don’t know who might hurt you.

If you are scared and alone in the world; don’t be afraid, you just need to have faith.

Knock, knock! Who’s there? It’s just your depression, can we go back into hiding now?

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Keep your head up high, there is nothing but many opportunities in the sky; however on the ground, there’s nothing but dirt and despair.

You might think I’m dumb but if you only know me, I’m filled with successful ideas and have the fire that burns eternally.

Beautiful people are placed in everyone’s life; you just have to recognize them before they’re gone.

Sometimes a person can feel so lonely that nothing could or would please them to move forward.

New Relationship Quotes

The world is not big enough for ignorance; there are many competitors to fight.

You can’t let other people mess up your success because a negative person would keep you in a grave.


Happiness is like a newborn baby; if you don’t pay attention to it, it will never know the meaning of love.

What is love these days, lately it has been silent, dark, empty; how can my heart feel it if there’s no light in the world.

Being happy is like a commitment; once you make a promise you can never go back.

All the money in the world will never get you closer to God. Only prayer can do that.

Children will always be our heroes because they know how to forgive and move on.

Dogs are like people, stubborn, loyal, smart and will never leave your side as long you care for them.

It doesn’t matter if your cup is empty, full, or even half filled; just remember to always enjoy every season of the year.


A dream is like an ice cream truck, you will keep chasing after it until you reach it.

Depression is like dying slowly, your life keeps getting out of control which eventually leads you to being alone.

Why do you you think there’s too many problems in the world? Maybe that’s because we all just need a little chocolate and a great dance.

You are the darkness that comfort me, the feelings that makes me weak; How can you do this to me? Tell me. Step forward. Is that you? Sadness I’m talking to you.

You said that you will be there. You said you will listen. You said that you would help. Now that I need you, you are nowhere to be found.

Life is not about who you please, but making sure your household is in order.

I might be nice, I might be shy, I might even be a pushover; but never take it as my weakness.


Getting new things aren’t always the best all the time. Sometimes the same old thing you have might be the one for you.

Your eyes, your smile, and your personality is all I need to get me through my darkest days.

Family is the key to your life, it controls your emotions, mind, and gives strength. Without family there is no foundation.

There’s a demon inside all of us, but we don’t know how to break free and leave it behind.

Keeping close to comfort is not good all the time. If you stay in your line, you can never see what’s outside the box.

There might be troubles to deal with but at the end remember that you alone can find a solution around the corner.

We might struggle, we might fail, and we might even give up a little. But if you have faith you will always have something left to fight for.

Everything might look dusty on the outside but once you clean it, you will find out it’s a kind heart.

We have many colors in the world, different kinds of textures but in God’s eyes we are all his children.

The chances in life is like a leaf; every leaf that falls, will grow and replaced with a new one. But if you don’t care for it, the plant will wither, fall out and will never come back.

Never let anyone get you down because their main goal is to leave you behind.

Being with someone will comfort you in many ways, but that same person can make you feel cold and alone at the same time.

Everyday you take a risk by going outside; you never know what’s going to happen. Taking a bigger step into something different should be normal. That is a risk, so don’t be scared to take that risk.

Having all the skills, all the money and all the confidence in the world, is not good enough if there is no love in your heart.

We may cry sometimes to get through the tough times. Shy away from our loved ones. Even be in disbelief of what’s going on around you. There is one thing you would never forget and that is the moment when you first realize that you are a strong person.

Having too many friends is not always a good thing because you end up finding yourself trying to please everyone.

Children are the important minds of the future that is going to shape this world into something different and unique. So always look out, listen, and pay attention. Before you know it, this world will be a better place.

Love is not like a brand new pencil; every time it softens out you need to sharpen it to keep it strong. But when it gets too short, you’ll need to throw it away, as it has no use to you.

In death we seek peace. In life we want to be famous. But with God comes eternal life.

Things might seems difficult at first with various issues as reasons. But after seeing your child’s face and that big smile, everything seems to be okay.

There is pain everywhere you look. Sadness is creeping around the corner. Depression consumes all as the darkness takes over. Hold on there’s light coming, just open your heart to receive it.

Don’t be blind by other people’s stupidity, you still have to be a role model for the little ones who’s looking up to you.

When life becomes interesting. There’s no dull moment to keep you away from me. We were once true and deeply connected; and now our souls are one.

Take care of the world; if you treat it wrongly, it will come back for revenge.

A paper cut might hurt. A pin might sting. There’s is only one person that can truly break your heart. And that the person closest to it.

Heart breaks come and goes. A broken bone heals over time. But when you lose someone, it stays with you for a lifetime.

Your soft lips keeps me dreaming. The shape of your body takes over my soul. Your smile is as big as my heart. I need you to be close to me. I want to hold you. I just have to keep searching for love until I find you one day.

My heart beats for no one because no one seem to care about who I am, It’s lonely here everyone seems to have disappeared, I tried and tried to look for the beauty but the beauty rejected me.

For now I’m lost and can’t seem to find my way. There’s nothing worse than dealing with fear for everything that I have endeared. I have found myself and now I’m here. The world should lookout because now my heart beats.

These tired hands of mine have been through a lot; rejection, unloyalty, and many more. However, my hands are now soft and clear; they can now rest in peace and enjoy the happiness that family brings with love and affection.

The light brightens up the day, the night is deep in the darkness and the tree is standing strong. Where is my confidence? Why’s my heart bleeding for you?

You lifted me up to where I believe I could fly. But now my sweet angel is resting; Resting in the arms of the Lord.

He will guide and protect you. So don’t you worry one bit; I guaranteed one day I will see your beautiful face again.

Paintings are unique, pictures seem to be perfect. Babies are cute. Teenagers have puberty. There are many different things that are meaningful in our lives. But it will always be that special memory that keeps you motivated.