95 Emotional Status For Him or Her With Images


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You cannot turn off your emotions, no matter how hard you try to do so. That is why the best way to deal with them is by expressing them. Following are some emotional statuses for him or her that might give emotions a voice. We hope you like these emotional quotes that you can use and share on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter or any other social network you prefer.

Being sad is not the saddest part, it is sad without you.

When you were mine, I was the happiest person on earth, but now I am just a rock in the middle of the road, people kick me when they want, they throw me when they want, and all I can do is stay idle.


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Loving you was a mistake, I lost everything. And the sad part is that you do not even care.

It is sad that I still care about you when you do not even think about me at all.

Do not let sadness win. Because when sadness takes over, it isolates you from the people who matter.

I am not over dramatic; I am just not good at hiding my emotions.

It just seems like everything around me is sad. Maybe because I, myself is pathetic.

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Being sad is nobody’s choice. But when you stay sad for a long time, you start to feel comfortable in it. You feel like sadness is the only consistent thing in your life. And whenever you are happy, you miss it.

45 Sad Emotional Status with Images

Sadness is a part of human’s life. There is no point in keeping it a secret. Give your sadness a voice and let people hear it. This section contains the sad statuses that you can use to convey your message.


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Sadness is just a state of mind. You can either stay sad or change your state of mind and move on. Moving on is simple for those who has control over their thoughts and desires.

Sadness kills you from the inside, and a dead man can do nothing but wait for its physical body to decay.

Never let your emotions ruin you. Life is a onetime thing; you will not get it again, it is better to use it wise than to waste it for no reason but emotional distress.

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Seeing you randomly in public and saying hello to you is the difficult part, it just makes me sad that our arrogance and ego destroyed something so beautiful.

When you are sad, try to make others happy. Believe me or not, it is the best remedy of sadness.

Sadness is the aftereffect of love, loss, and betrayal.

When you are sad, you understand the hardships of others better.


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When my heart wants to put it all out, I choose to stay silent. It is not because I am afraid what you might think of me, it is because I know you will not understand me.

Emotional Quotes

It is okay to be sad for a while, but don’t dwell on it for too long. It can make a person useless, and that is something you can never get benefit of.

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Love is one of the strongest emotions known to humanity. That is why the following are some quotes and statuses regarding love and emotions. I hope you enjoy them.

Love is what makes us weak, but sometimes your weaknesses can make you strong, sometimes your weakness is the reason to be strong.

I love you, and I know that you do not feel the same for me. It is sad, but that is fine because I have made peace with this fact.

Never let love come in between you and your goals.

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I want the whole world to know that I love you. I am not ashamed that I have feelings for you. I do not care what others have to say about us; you are all that matters.

Love is a strong emotion. Love can make everything else feel unimportant but itself.

I love you, and that is my truth. I know I mean nothing to you, but you are my everything. Living without you is like living without a purpose, it is like living without a goal. There is a void in my life without you.


You will only understand my pain when you will love someone, and they will not love you back the way you loved them.


Your love made me strong; it made me want to wake up every day in the morning, your love is the only reason why I have a will to live. Do not leave me; it will be the death of me.

I do not care if you love me or hate me, all I care about is your happiness. If some other person makes you happy, I am happy for you. Wanting you is something that I cannot stop, but I also know that it is selfish to want you when your love is someone else.

Love is something that originates from the purest part of your heart. No matter how corrupt a person is, the love he bears is always a hundred percent pure.


My love for you was pure, but your words meant nothing. What I am to you is just someone to play with when you have nothing else to do. But that is okay, because you have lost someone who truly admired you, and I have lost someone who was never mine.

Love can make a person blind. But that is fine because when you have a person you love by your side, they can guide you through that blindness, and when that person is not beside you, there is no point in seeing the world anyway. It is all dull and pathetic.

You are the only person I want to see, the only thing I want to touch, the only one I want to spend my time with. You see, you have this effect on me, you are polluting my pureness with your love. And to be honest, I do not mind that at all.

Our love story was exceptional. We had all the elements of a perfect love story, but our ending was the worst. Maybe that is the reason why it flopped.

I love you, and the worst thing about it is that you know it, and still pretend like you have no idea about it.


Never let love fool you. Love can make your vision blurry, your hearing distorted, and your thoughts useless. But then again, there is no way you can stop it from happening. If you are in love, you are doomed.

30 Hurt Status Messages for Her or Him

Hurt is also an emotion. Upon receiving it, one can tear himself apart, or one can learn a lesson from the cause of it. This section contains the quotes about hurt.

When you are hurt, try to convert that hurt into motivation, not into a reason to give up.


Hurting me was your choice, but for me, loving you was never a choice. Maybe that is why, after all of this, I still love you, and I’ll still do anything to be with you.

Hurt always generates from some betrayal. But these betrayals can teach you so many life lessons. So instead of mourning about what happened, learn from it and move on.

The hurt that you gave me changes nothing in my heart. I loved you, and I still do. The only difference is that now I know the truth about you.

Sometimes hurt can convince you to restart your life. Sometimes starting it all over is the only thing you need to get peace in your life.

Never hurt anyone who loves you. You can only understand the pain of unrequited love when you love someone, and they do not return that love.

When people whom you love hurt you, there is nothing you can do but grieve.

Do not feel bad when people try to hurt you, it is because people damage things they feel threatened by.

When people hurt you, forgive them, but do not be fool enough to forget what they did. Always remember what people are capable of, this will make your life a lot easier, trust me.


It hurts to know that you can never be mine, but then again, love is not about having a person, love is about making sure if that person is happy and well, and that is what I am going to do, and hurting myself is a mere price that I have to pay.

Being strong is hard, it means that you constantly have to hide how you actually feel, it means that you have to pretend like everything’s okay in order to be presentable, it means that you have to keep your emotions inside of you to let people know that you can deal with your problems and you do not need anyone else to help you with.


When you are hurt, you do not think straight. Never make a decision when you are hurt. It is only going to make the people you love hurt as well.

It is true that when you are hurt, you cope with it by hurting others as well. Instead of doing that, try to understand the pain, and try to understand how others must feel about it, and try to do something righteous with it.

When I say that I do not care, that is when I care the most.

When you have a broken heart, two things can happen. Either you cry for help, or lose all the hope. Crying for help is okay, but losing all the hope is the worst thing that can happen to a person.

An emotionally hurt person is more dangerous than a wild lion in a free. Never hurt a person on purpose, trust me it will not end well for both of you.

People deserve Oscars for their wonderful performances of being fake. They make their fake selves look so real that when they hurt you, they make it look like you have hurt them. No one deserves these people around you.

People can only hurt you if you let them. Be the boss of your life and make sure that they receive this message loud and clear.

I think the best way to prevent yourself from hurting is to expect less from others. Expectations only bring disappointments.