60+ Inspirational Empowered Quotes and Sayings About Empowering Others


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The term “empower” itself is already the clear expression of great force of any living being that possess this criteria.
Empowerment is probably the largest and most powerful motivating force in human history.
Empowerment finds its expression in every sphere of life: in work, in social, economic, educational life, in human relationships, and even in one’s inner world.

Empowerment is still one of the most important and powerful fundamental in the world building process that is born in mind first and then finds its reflection in different aspects of it.

Everything that we see all around us; rapid development of the world- great discoveries in science, newer scientific inventions, rapidly developed modern technologies, etc., are the result of empowerment.


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Empowerment gives you opportunity to display all the possibilities and abilities of human mind in its own way, giving birth to new ideas to make the world a better and a comfortable place to live in.

Empower a man and he will show what he is capable of.

Empowerment towards an individual is a bright example of freedom.

Even a smile is an expression of empowerment that gives one a powerful wave of self-assurance, passes it to others, and arises the ability to make impossible become possible.

Empowering quotes for work

Isn’t it a wonderful expression of empowerment to be able to explore the world, to take the risk to fly to the Moon, to make modern and newer models of smartphones every year with more capacities, to make flying cars, to make robots that hardly ever differ from men, etc.  Below are some empowering quotes about work that hope can inspire many people.

The entire list of examples about empowerment influence can still go on. No one ever could imagine that the force of empowerment would make such things happen.

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Moreover, no one can ever imagine where will lead the powerful force of empowerment to humanity in the future.

When an employer empowers his workers, he gives them freedom and self-assurance to express themselves which in its turn gives a unique start and success in business, furthermore it becomes the result of more developed social, economic and political country.


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Empowering quotes for men

Men are often perceived as strong and powerful, they are even authoritative and stronger than women. Below are some empowering quotes for men and know how they achieved that status in society.

People are not born empowered; they achieve it during their lifetime.

It is important to develop empowered men during childhood, they can be a future leader.

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One can develop a child’s mental abilities to find number of ways of solving problems, doing things in an easier way and empower him not to be afraid of achieving impossible in life. They are our future.

The second and perhaps the most important factor of developing empowered society is education, which is the key to all the success one can achieve.

Education gives people the conscious way to act and empower them to find the key to every door.

However, a person without complete education will face the lack of empowerment and will not be able to go on and move on. Thus, being a hardworking, know how to dream and has the ability to fulfill them are important factors for good education.


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Education is the only thing, perhaps, that no one can steal from you no matter how empowered one can be.

Empowering quotes about moving on

No matter how difficult our situation is, no matter how painful we’ve been through, we can cry and mourn but we should try to move on and live our life from what it is used to be, below are some empowering quotes about moving on.

It is proven scientifically that one of the most powerful force in the World is empowered force of Mind; with the help of it one can create as well as destroy.

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There are many proofs that not only mind, but also words possess great-empowered force, that is why it is better not to utter a words expressing negativity.

Words with positive meaning have absolutely more empowered effect on human body and in the whole wide world.

Being positive and optimistic is like the law of attraction, the law of Universe, one of the most empowered law that humanity knows.

Inspirational Quotes About Love


Though one cannot see it, one cannot achieve it, it still exists and the fact of it being empowered no one can deny.

An example of Mind being as the most powerful force on Earth is prayer-the possible cure to all diseases that gives you hope and empowers you to move on.

Those who have strong belief can give you much evidence about the empowerment of prayer; they can even bring good examples from real life to prove that they are telling the truth.

There is also a point of view that a prayer has empowered connection with the Universe through some secret codes and the whole force lays in those codes.


Quotes about Empowering others with images

Broadening the topic, let us not forget to mention about one of the empowered conceptions without which it is almost impossible to move on, to achieve anything in life, to study, to work, to live, to create.

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The concept of Belief, strong and undoubtable belief can work wonders, can empower and can give one enough supplies of inner assurance to achieve anything in life.

The other concept closely connected to Belief and that is even more powerful effect on human empowerment process is Love.


Faith and Love are so empowered and closely connected to each other, that one without the other lessen their effect. To double empowering effect, they come together and show unbelievable results.

To remain empowered during the day you should motivate yourself from the time you rise up. Moreover, to stay empowered during the day you should be grateful for all you have.

A great and powerful empowerment source is happiness. It is a state of mind that only empowered individuals can afford.

If you want to be happy, then be happy. Everyone is empowered to do that.


Negative side of empowerment

While mentioning about the positive side of empowerment, it is impossible not to look at the quotes from the other angle. Below are some quotes about the negative side of it.

Empowerment is not only a strong concept of creation, movement, encouragement and development of life; it has also its other side that has adverse effect on humanity.

The negative part of empowerment is destroying effect and wars. Isn’t it the reason of empowerment that wars arise more and more nowadays.


Without empowerment, there hardly could be so many disasters in the World.

Isn’t it the reason of empowerment that people fight with each other, beat the weaker ones, hurt one another just to show their authority towards the others, to show that they are not equal, they are somehow higher, stronger and better.

Empowerment and Inequality

Empowerment of Inequality has always been an unsolvable problem among people. It is spread among not only people, genders, races, men and women, the weak and the strong, the poor and the rich, but in various aspects of life empowering the strongest ones always have their influence on those who are weak. Below are some  quotes about empowerment and inequality.

Inequality is a sort of destroying empowerment which is spread everywhere with its devastating influence in life always showed the white empowerment towards the black. even though the black appeared to be more talented, more strong, more clever.

Men and women inequality problem has been the issue in society. Men want to be more powerful than women but the world evolves so as women, women have now a voice in the society and shouting to be treated equal.

In many ways men come to remain empowered than women, most families it is still the men who have the authority, because men wants to retain their pride.

Being a woman doesn’t mean being weak. No matter how difficult life could seem, women can still find themselves brave enough to go on with the help of empowerment.


Women nowadays are empowered, they are emotionally stronger than men. Appreciating a lot of things to be grateful for and simply being happy in life.

Wealth Empowerment Quotes

Wealth can be defined as a very strong and powerful emotion that a person has and empowered by wealth contains many advantages (profits) for life. From this point of view, empowerment can be defined as a psychological influence on individuals. Below are some quotes about wealth empowerment.

Money empowerment gives us the ability to possess it, to earn it, and by means of that ability many closed doors open before us.


Money is the key to empowering one with many great things in life such as a comfortable life conditions, traveling, shopping, and having a better mood and consequently a better life but not a true and pure happiness.

In most cases, money as a tool for empowerment is a means of strong health but not always, as the latter only God can give us.

Wealth empowerment is the ability of being stable both financially and emotionally, have the ability to double or multiply your possessions but sometimes doesn’t have the ability to achieve total happiness.

They say, if you are empowered by wealth, you are rich both healthy and happy.

When you are empowered by wealth, you are financially secured and free, emotionally in a high level of mood.

Youth Empowerment Quotes

Youth is our hope and our future. Youth empowerment is encouraging younger generations to set goals and provide ways to achieve them. Below are some youth empowerment quotes to motivate every youth to be a better person for we are important and valuable.

Perhaps, youth empowerment is the basis for more educated and developed generation, which is a result to better living conditions.

Youth empowerment can be a sort of motivation, psychological condition, inner strength, state of mind, self- development, knowledge and more.

Empowerment covers a great powerful energy that is a part of our lives. It helps every youth in the society to be better and stronger to make the world a better place in the future.

Empowerment is a powerful force, it is the key to success but it is up to us to stay empowered during our lives or not.