75 Faith Quotes and Sayings About Hope and Love


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Faith is said to be the house of the Lord and it is something that someone has a strong belief in. It is built by complete trust and confidence.
It is a place where people of all religions go and unite or at least try to understand how beautiful this world is.
So how do you explain it exactly if it is a product of the mind?
Let’s see what we can understand about faith with the help of some faith quotes below.

Faith is the pillar which supports life.

Without faith, there can be no religion.

Faith is important if you want to believe in something.


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You can’t achieve greatness without faith.

Faith is the most important factor in a relationship.

Faith has the power to create as well as the power to destroy.


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Faith can start wars and has the power to end them as well.

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Fighting with your faith is the greatest kind of fight there is.

Faith is a by-product of a doubt. Without doubt, you cannot prove faith.


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Faith is for the open minded. A close minded person houses ego.

Faith can bring an entire race together but can also separate two brothers.

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Faith has a special power to heal all kinds of wounds.

We are nothing but a walking shadows if it wasn’t for faith.

Faith is tested in moments where you have been abandoned by everyone.

Believing in something and having faith in something are two different things.

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Faith more than often brings out the best in you.

Faith, if uncontrolled, can infect everyone around you.

You cannot expect others to have faith in you if you don’t have it yourself.

Great and wise men have always experimented with faith and become succesful because of it.

Faith is our greatest weapon to fight all the challenges in life.



Having faith in what you do can lead you to success.

Faith has to be mutual in a relationship to succeed.

Laziness sprouts in the absence of faith.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is having faith in yourself.

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True faith knows no limits.

Faith in something will make you go to the extremes to achieve what you want.

Faith is not physical. It cannot be found if one does not look for it inside himself first.

Faith is one of the many sides of universal love.

Faith has to be true. Fake faith is almost as good as no faith.

Faith is about believing and loving yourself.

Faith does not always have to concern God. It can be found even in the smallest and simplest things.


There is no greater joy than the joy you get when you are faithful to someone or something to such an extreme that you would give your life to achieve it.

Success from faith is the best kind of success there is.

Faith only requires you to believe in yourself. The product of that belief makes the world follow.

Faith has to be maintained without any expectations.

Faith has a lot of minor downsides but the best of upsides.

The true strength of faith is known when the world is against you.

Faith is the greatest thing you can ever give a person.


Faith has healing powers that rival those of love.

To absolutely want something and being able to give everything you have is the real essence of faith.

Faith is air for the soul.

Faith is what keeps us strong.

Faith can catapult you to the greatest of heights.

Absence of faith leads to nothing but despair.

Faith has many outcomes and all of them are worth your time.

Faith is not only a house for worshiping God. It is a house for even worshiping yourself and your beliefs. It is all about believing in yourself. What you can do and what you can achieve.

To test faith one must never doubt himself.

Self-doubt is almost as important as having strong faith. One cannot flourish in the absence of the other.

Faith makes you do things you never even thought you were capable of.

Faith has to be loyal. Faith that is false and dishonest will never get you anywhere.

Faith can bring out all the best in you.

Faith must be unconditional. You must surrender everything to faith.

Faith has miraculous powers. Faith can make something beautiful or give birth to something disastrous.

Faith is synonymous with hard work. Only with faith you can work hard and only with hard work you can achieve what you have faith in.

Faith is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world.

Faith is something that can make things possible.

Faith has nothing to do with consciousness. Real faith can be seen when someone wakes you up in the middle of the night and asks you to do something you have faith in and you doing it without hesitation.

Faith is something you are willing to sacrifice without uncertainty.

Faith is like a tree. If the roots aren’t strong, if the foundation isn’t well built, it will fall down.

The more you give into criticism the stronger your faith gets.

Criticism is the most important building block of faith after self-doubt.

To have faith means to completely believe in something and not worrying about failure.

Stories about faith have inspired millions but acts of faith have changed the world.

Taking an unknown leap in faith is the most dangerous yet the most thrilling thing ever.

Faith tests us, not because it thinks we are weak, but because it wants us to be stronger than what we currently are.

Only the brave can have faith.

One must strengthen their hearts to have faith in something.

Faith always comes at personal cost.

In order to achieve what you have faith in, you have to be ready to sacrifice everything you have.

Faith can move mountains and cross oceans.

Faith is unbelievably strong. When strong enough, nothing can shatter it.

Faith does not require anything materialistic. Faith is a symbol of God himself.

Faith is the best proof of trust.

Sometimes Lord challenges our faith and if we trust him completely, we will never have a doubt in him.

Faith is an argument you have with the rest of the world.

To believe in something so much that you can’t think of anything else is the true meaning of faith.

Faith is sometimes hard to keep especially if being tested with circumstances.

Faith absorbs you completely.

Having true faith shows that you are strong at heart.

Faith is merely a way of accomplishing your goal.

Extreme faith can get you very close to perfection.

False faith is delicate and can be shattered in an instant.

Faith is always seeing the bright side of everything whenever things get hard.

Faith rekindles our soul and gives purpose to our lives.

Faith has astonishing effects. It often gives you more than what you needed.

Faithfulness is a very rare quality to find in a relationship.It was created by two people who love and trust each other.

Faithfulness must always be rewarded. If you let go of a faithful person, you are letting go of something that might have completed you.

There is no greater satisfaction than enjoying the fruits of your hard work which you had invested with your time and faith.

Faith gets you to places you couldn’t have reached without it.

Men have reached on the moon because of faith in himself. Man destroyed this planet because of faith he has to make a concrete and technologically advanced world.

Faith must have its limits. Faith gone overboard can be easily turn into greed.

Faith asks all the questions and answers none of them.

Faith asks you to look deeper into your soul rather than looking around and trying to find it.

Faith can carry you through the most difficult of times.

All faith asks from you is to never falter. It does the rest of the work.

Faith cannot function without passion. If you are intensely passionate about something and you have faith in it, no one can stop you from becoming great.

Faith is neither good nor bad. Faith is faith. It is the belief that is discriminated.

Faith is an extraordinary example of how much a human soul cares about something that is important to them.

Faith is one thing one must never lose for one’s attitude.

Faith does not require expression. Just determination.

Simple faith is greater than most of the victories based on ego.

When you have faith in something, you cannot be egoistic about it.

Faith has the power to clean the mind and make it focus with great intensity.

When you have extreme faith in something, you achieve tunnel vision.

You must be humble towards faith and completely surrender to get a little bit of the beautifulness of its rewards.

Faith is contagious. It spreads faster than a wildfire and shines brighter than the sun.

Sometimes you test faith. Sometimes faith tests you. It is all part of the great game of success.

To be absolutely confident about the faith you have is the only way to success.

Great stories about success have always started with people having immense faith in the little things they have in life.

Faith is so strong sometimes that it may overwhelm you.

Faith must be preserved and persevered.

Faith is the most prized possession of the human soul.

Faith is what makes us breathe in and breathe out every second. It is what makes the world go round.

Faith should be like an immovable and unbreakable rock in a river with a strong current. It should be able to withstand force.

Nothing hurts more than loss of faith from someone or something.

Faith has transpired love and inspired revenge.

All the greatest stories have faith at their roots.

No one in the history of the world has claimed to achieve success without having a bit of faith in themselves and in what they do.

Faith is one of the many universal truths.

Faith can never be materialistic or greedy.

Faith empowers the weak and strengthens the strong beyond limits.

Faith is the best thing to ever grace humanity. It is a drive, a motivation that helps us survive.