Falling in Love Quotes


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Falling in love with someone can be one of the best feelings in the world! You may find yourself being left speechless from the whole experience, or even being unable to find the best way to describe falling in love. If you want to find some quotes that may sum up your feelings for that special someone, then check out these falling in love quotes below.

If you ever end up with someone who looks into your eyes and sees all the beauty that you don’t see in yourself, then keep him.

If you have never fallen in love with someone, you have never truly lived life.


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As soon as my heart skipped a beat and our eyes began to meet – I knew that I had fallen for you.

You can run from as many emotions as you like, but the feeling of love will always catch up with you, especially when you are in love with someone.

I don’t regret that you broke my heart, because falling in love with you, I learnt to love myself and found the person who I truly am.


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Don’t be afraid to fall in love with someone. Opening your heart up to such a risk can be one of the greatest decisions you ever make in your life.

Falling for someone isn’t something that happens instantly. It’s a natural process that will consume you when you least expect it.

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To have fallen in love with someone, I know now that the true meaning of life is not what I can bring to myself, but what I can bring to others.

Falling in love with someone is tough, but falling in love with someone you know who will never love you back is harder.


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The problem with falling in love with someone is not the fact that you’ve fallen in love with someone, it’s the fact that so many people will try and fill you with doubt, and tell you that your love will not last.

Whenever I’m with you I go into a state of euphoria – I guess that’s a sign that I’ve fallen for you.

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Falling in love for people who I know aren’t the ones for me is an addiction. I just can’t get enough of those butterflies that come about when I realize that I like someone.

Quotes about falling in love

When loving someone deeply is one of the best feeling in the world. That is why we have prepared for you these beautiful quotes about falling in love in him or her.

The process of falling in love can be one of the most frightening things you ever go through. But if you walk hand in hand with her and treat her like a princess, all the fears you have about love will soon fade away.

How can you tell me that all the feelings have I have are stupid, when you don’t even know what it is like to be in love in the first place?

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I don’t worship any type of god. I instead worship love.

Quotes about falling in love

My heart is broken, but I will never give up on my dreams of finally falling in love with the one. The one that will complete me and remind of why I desired to be in love in the first place.

You could give a girl all the flowers in the world, and still she won’t fall in love with you. But look deep into her eyes and without a doubt, she will never let you go.

It’s hard to believe that it has been six years since I met you. You made falling in love seem so easy.

Falling in love with you quotes

If you ever fall in love with someone who can’t give you their heart, like you give you them yours, walk away.

Don’t fall in love with someone for their body. Fall in love with someone because you have great admiration for their thoughts, their dreams, their soul…


Quotes about falling in love

It almost felt like a nightmare when I fell in love with him, but when I found out that he had fallen for me as well all my terrors soon blossomed into a dream that I wish to never awake from.

When you first fall in love with someone, that person becomes the joy you feel when you see their face, and the pain you feel when they are absent.

I could never tire from falling in love with you. For each time I do, I discover new and exciting things that make you a truly extraordinary person.

Each time we kiss, it reminds me of that fateful day you send to me ‘I think I’m falling in love with you’.

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Falling in love with you quotes

I am falling in love with you, slowly but deeply.

Falling in love with you quotes

I’m so in love with you that I don’t want to leave behind that feeling I had when I first looked into your eyes and realized that I never want to let you go.

If I could start all over again, I would ensure that you’d have fallen in love with me first. Maybe then I might have avoided all those nights where I cried myself to sleep, knowing that you don’t want me.

A man who openly professes that he has fallen for you, is the man that you should probably marry you, for he will worship everything of you until death do you part.

I imagine that when I finally fall in love with someone, I will be taken over moons and stars, always held closely, never left apart.

Compatibility is extremely important when in a relationship, but if you have never had that feeling of ecstasy when you first fell in love then it will not last.

You can build a wall around yourself all you like, but that will never stop me from breaking it down and making me love you any less.

I fall in love way too easily, the slightest sign of appreciation makes me levitate towards them.


You can’t force yourself to fall in love with someone that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Don’t go to someone just because they say they love you. Being truly in love with someone who cares is shown through their actions.

Although many have tried, it is simply impossible to stop yourself from falling in love. Just let it happen. Who knows what happiness and hope it might bring into your life…

What makes falling in love such a cruel thing to happen, is that such a companionship can end quicker than the time you finally said I love you.

Strength and wisdom can be found through truly loving another.

I don’t think that I would ever stop falling in love with you, for you’re the only beautiful that is left in this world.

Falling in love with someone should not mean you can no longer be yourself, in fact, it’s an opportunity to be loved for being who you truly are.

If you want to have a successful marriage, never forget the first day you met and fell in love with one another.


The greatest part of falling in love with someone is the fact that you’re actually in love.

Falling in love with your best friend quotes

When having a friend, you have someone special to talk to. To open up, to speak freely. No wonder that falling in love with your best friend is something natural and beautiful, because beeing in love is also having trust in him or her.

I almost felt out of control when I first fell in love with you. There was literally no way I could have possibly let you go after that day.

We were best friends, now we are best lovers.

Love is that powerful a feeling that sometimes you don’t even know you are in love in the first place.

Falling in love with your best friend quotes

Falling in love with someone won’t be something that happens at first sight, it will happen when you both realize you both have so much to offer to someone.

If they stay in your life once you’ve fallen in love with them, they’re the one. But if they leave, don’t worry, you probably didn’t fall in love in the first place, you were just killing time.

You’re overwhelmed and hurt? Didn’t you know that’s what happens when you fall in love?

Falling in love is like a happily ever after in a fairy tale, without the need for any beginning.

I just want to fall in love with someone who actually wants to stay for once.

When I realized that I was in love with you, I almost felt unstoppable in myself.

Falling out of love quotes

Being in love is super feeling, but sometimes it is much better, when it is not going like it should, to fall out of love.

When we first met, we were just strangers, but when we fell in love, we were best friends, more so than lovers.

You ask me why I feel in love with you, but to tell you the truth none of this was ever the plan, our love was almost like a fate out of my hands. But now sadly, we must fall apart.

Being in love with someone is an emotional roller-coaster, especially if you’re madly in love because when you get to that stage you’re not going to want to get off the roller-coaster.

Falling out of love quotes

I have loved you so much, beginning to end, now it is time to fall in love with someone else.

My life felt incomplete until I fell in love, I just couldn’t believe that someone could vanish all the insecurities I ever had and make me feel so completed in myself.

When you fall in love for the first time, let yourself go with the flow of things, for you will never know where your love might lead.

You’re not ready to fall in love if you still believe that loving another is as easy as can be.

I didn’t fall in love with you because of good timing, I fell in love with you because as soon as I saw you, I knew that your beauty would even make red roses envious.

You can run and you can hide yourself from feeling my love, but that won’t stop me from wanting you any less.

Every time I looked at someone I would try and pick out all the imperfections in them, then I met you and somehow you became perfect in every way. I guess that’s what I get for falling in love with you.

My heart spurted out with light the moment we fell in love, I couldn’t believe that anyone could offer me the love that you had.

My heart has melted, I no longer feel, my only crime was ever wanting you to feel the love that I feel.

Keep your thoughts of my relationship to yourself, I have fallen in love with him, not you.

I’m rather content with thinking about you every day for the rest of my life, and constantly being in fear of it ending. If this is the price for falling in love with you, then it’s worth it.