80 Feeling Lonely Quotes For Her or Him


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Sometimes loneliness could be difficult because we are social beings. However, for some people, loneliness is the possibility for creative work and getting to know themselves more. Being lonely could be scary, and we present you some quotes about loneliness.

When you watch your world fall apart, can you feel happy and stop stare blankly. Loneliness is a reaction to unconsciousness.

Stop remembering, pain is not the problem, loneliness is. You have to share your memories.


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Even though we are always together, why are we feeling empty and lonely?

I don’t want to think that loneliness is the answer to eternity.

There are two possibilities in this world: we are lonely or not and both of them are scary and difficult.

The ultimate sign of poverty is loneliness and not how much do you have.

Stop searching for cruelty in this world, because you just have to close yourself in four walls and loneliness can begin.

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In order to avoid loneliness, you have to find your perfect someone who could make you feel lonely and alive at the same time.

If you don’t have attachment and social circle that is the path to loneliness.

A person who always feel alone doesn’t know how to be happy. Don’t be that person.


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The problem is not staying single; the problem is staying lonely even if you are with someone.

You can be in a relationship and be lonely at the same time. You just have to find someone who doesn’t understand you. Sometimes it is better to be without anyone, instead of having the illusion of happiness.

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Best cure for loneliness is falling in love with someone. Try it.

I’m not trying to become better because of you. I’m trying to become better so that I can appreciate my loneliness.

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Here are some loneliness sayings and thought to help you ease these bad times that comes from time to time.

Daytime is a moment of bonding, in the night we are all lonely.

Don’t let me exist just with my own thoughts; sometimes it is difficult to bear the burden of your own problems.


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What does it mean to feel lonely? That is just an illusion that makes us think that we don’t have anybody else except ourselves. In most cases that is not true.

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Sometimes I think that even you cannot help me with my loneliness, maybe because that feeling doesn’t have anything to do with you.

The world is a magic playground for unknown magicians and there is nobody around me.

Loneliness is our way to cope with reality even though we can always find that someone.

If you stop caring that means that we are not going to make it. If you start worrying that means that we will endure lonely times.

Sometimes we need some private time in order to set our minds free. Try to be with yourself with any guilty thoughts and you learn how to enjoy just with yourself. Sometimes that could help you understand loneliness in its core.

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I pray for my loneliness because that means that I still feel something.

We cannot live without loneliness just as we cannot die without love.

If you become loner, would you understand me when I’m talking to you about us?

You don’t understand what loneliness is if you were never experience to love and be loved by someone.

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In order to blend into the world, we try to keep up some relationship even though we don’t care about them. Sometimes it is better to be lonely than surrounded by idiots.

Loneliness is the first moment of creation.

If we are born lonely why are we so afraid of it?


I’m not depressed but I love to be with myself sometimes and without anybody else that could kill my inner thoughts.

If you feel lonely put some music on, maybe the space between tones and your thought could make a bond that could help you endure your pain.

Love is the possibility to change your inner self but without killing your own ambition. Even when you love with all your heart, sometimes you have to be alone in order to set your mind straight and continue with loving.

Today we can see young people who try to create communication with other but with some kind of barrier of loneliness that cannot be crushed immediately.

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People who are afraid of loneliness are afraid of themselves.

Don’t try to become dependent on other people. You can live up to your expectations, and when everyone is gone you will feel empty and anxious.


All important things are lonely.


Sometimes the loneliness is stronger when you are with someone who doesn’t understand you.

Even though loneliness is scary, try not to be a coward for a moment and cope with it. We live in order to fight, not to live in fright.


Learn how to become a great company for yourself. Sometimes you don’t need anybody else. People’s thought is controllable actions.

Sometimes lonely experience could make you think of other people’s loneliness. Then you will be able to understand others then.


Loneliness is the effect of small self-esteem. Smart people can’t wait to stay alone in order to change the world.

Sometimes when you feel lonely and alone, that is the time that you will feel closer to God.

We can all try to cope with our loneliness because when we see things around us, they are lonely too and they don’t have any problem with it. Our minds and imagination long for the company in order to censor our own misguiding thoughts.

There are people who set pain and loneliness as the same feelings. I wouldn’t say so because pain is a problematic moment that came from reality and loneliness is the effect of a healthy mind.

If you make another world in your mind that doesn’t mean that you are crazy. That means that you are enjoying yourself like you were with someone.

Some experts state that social media expanded the idea of loneliness.


If you don’t have somebody with whom you can drink coffee, don’t worry. Remember how much coffees you drank alone, and make it with satisfaction.

Loneliness is just another term for a coward who cannot understand himself.

If you don’t have company think about changing the world, sometimes thoughts could be a moment of redemption.

How to Fight Loneliness Ideas

You have understood that loneliness is not a terrible issue, however, if you feel like you are alone without anybody who could listen to you, don’t worry. We present you quotes that you should remember if you ever feel lonely again:

Sometimes when you lose someone that doesn’t mean that you lost someone.

The best mediation moment is when you are alone. Just think of a beautiful place and everything will solve itself like puzzles.

Remember that people who love to meditate enjoy their private moments with themselves because that is the only moment when you can reach your inner self and understand your painful motion and other important things that could help you cope with the reality.

Even though the hardest walk is when you are alone, sometimes these walks make you stronger than you were. which means they are not so bad after all.

Silence is always better than meaningless words.

If you are alone out there, that means that you surrounded yourself with people who don’t care about you.

In order to find your inner peace, you have to lose connection to everyone around you. You will feel different after you understand yourself first.

You just have to understand that loneliness is not the product of bad choices, but our natural way of understanding the world around us.

If you want to turn down the noise in your life, the silence button is in your head.

Loneliness is the product of our own wishes.

There are only a few people with whom you can fight loneliness, other people don’t know your story, and they just know your name. They provide you just with an illusion.

You cannot know yourself if you never were lonely before.

The purpose of loneliness should be an epiphany and not depression and anxiety.

Even though you love someone with all your heart, sometimes you need a refill recharge yourself and in those moments you should be just with yourself.

25 Depression quotes to help out

Sometimes constant loneliness could change your perspective in life, and that means that you are entering doors of different perception. If you didn’t have strength to cope with your reality, another answer is depression that could make us feel even worse in those moments of loneliness. We present you quotes that explain and help you how to fight with this feeling:

Don’t think that you are worthless, remember when you were born, that was already a proof of success.

You are all winners; you just have to be brave.

Life is not just amusement and satisfaction; you have to fight in order to survive. That doesn’t make us different than animals.

Depression is just a word for the combination of psychological issue and weakness.

Nightmares happen only during sleep because they are here to give you one possibility that could happen in the real world.

Depression is just a defense mechanism of silence.

The feelings are different when we are hurt.

The pain is here to remind you that you are alive.

Depression is a test for your endurance.

There are two kinds of people: skeptics who don’t believe that depression exists and depressed people. You cannot change who you are, you can just live with your burden and try to make it into a positive feeling.

When you disconnect power cable everything goes down. The only way to make it work is to plug it again. It is same with life when you feel despair that means that the cable went down, plug it again with hope and joy and everything will be alright again.

Sadness and depression are like cousins. They are close but live their own lives.

If you feel disturbed, go walking until you crash with exhaustion. The difference will be amazing.

Passive people are depressed, assertiveness will set you free.

Life is not just about beauty and hedonism; sometimes we have to live in another way.

Don’t expect for anyone to understand you. That is the first rule that you should understand.

Silence could cure you and make your life worst. You just have to know in which silence you should engage.

Those who are not happy with themselves cannot be happy with somebody else, too.

You are the owner of your thought. Don’t you ever forget that.

Don’t miss the person you were, things are changing rapidly.

If your life is a battlefield that means, you are living.

Emptiness is the perfect moment to achieve more contentment.