The 60 Future Quotes


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Future is an unknown entity that you cannot predict at all.
That is why it is such a mystery and human nature is so interested in knowing about it and do anything given a chance.
Following are some quotes about future that you might want to read.
I hope you like them.

Success in future is not guaranteed, but you always have present to prepare for it.

If you want success in the future you have to work for it today.

You never know what your future holds. It is a mystery. So do not worry if your future holds success or failure. You know what you want it to be and will is stronger than future.


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Sometimes success is not according to your definition of success. Sometimes future holds a different kind of success for you and not the one you expected. But be thankful for whatever you get because most people do not get any.

Everyone has their own definition of success. Maybe success for one is just to get a degree and for the other is to conquer the world. But that doesn’t stop either of them from worrying about the future of their fate, and future of their dreams.


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We want success no matter what but sometimes while working for it we tend to destroy our present, and past. And sadly, sometimes it ruins our future as well.

Sometimes, even after getting that success that we want in life, we feel something’s missing and that is because we do not have any memories to look back to other than tiring and lonely nights.We forgot the most important things in life…love and happiness.

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If you are satisfied with your present you do not have to worry about future.

If you want to be successful in the future try to have a successful attitude today.


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Be the one to determine your future, be the one to dream about your future and be the one to represent your future.

Your future is only safe in your own hands, no one cares about it more than you do.

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Having knowledge but not ambition never guarantee you a good and bright future.

Success is in your hands and your future as well. So instead of worrying about it, isn’t it better to work for it?

Those who try to determine your future by your past definitely do not belong in your present OR future.

High hopes about your future can sometimes disappoint you.

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You will have to kill your demons in order to get a bright future, otherwise the darkness of your soul will haunt your future.

Distractions are the road to the bumpy future.

You cannot change your past and don’t ever try to. It has no effect on you now. It has hurt you and caused you enough pain that now it cannot hurt you at all. That is the thing about past, it can haunt you but it can never hurt you if you will not let it.

Instead of trying to change your past, change your future and you can do it only by changing your present.

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To have a better future try to have a better present. It is quite simple to do that. All you need is a positive attitude, good people around you and an active mind.

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We do not know what future holds for us, but we all know that our present actions determine our future and there is no denying that.

Thinking about future can be frustrating sometimes, there can be too many possibilities, probabilities and scenarios for a simple thing, and the more you think about it the more it confuses and scare you. So it is better to let it happen when it happens.

Do not worry about making a bad or wrong choice, future may change accordingly but it is still a mystery.

Do not be afraid of the future as long as you have the determination to face your future.

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Mystery of future has kept thousands of people up at nights and it still does. Do not be one of those people, sleep peacefully so that you can enjoy the future with a fresh mood and better thinking ability.

Future is an amazing thing. Every tomorrow is a future to look forward to and it will never end until you die. Every day you struggle to let yourself know of tomorrow and everyday it surprises you.

Everything that happens today has an effect on your future, but that does not mean you should worry about every choice you make or every action you take. And never take it as an excuse to be indolent.

Live happy and healthy and let life decide your future for you. Make your present better it will definitely make your future even greater.

Remember that future should never be your first priority not the past but present. Present is a present that you should accept from life.

All you can do is prepare yourself and worry not about future, no matter what you do it will still be a mystery so why sweat yourself, live today!


Even when you are no more, your future still exists.

It is not about how you have lived your life not about how you WILL live it, it is all about how you are doing right now, at this very own moment.

No one can solve the mystery of future but time. So sit tight and wait for it to reveal itself, do not rush it.

The word ‘future’ scared me sometimes. I know nothing about it and have absolutely no idea about it and I am walking right towards it without any preparation, I only have my faith.

You may know yourself right now, but you can never know what you are going to be in future. Life and situations can change a person in ways he cannot ever imagine.

Always try to be a better person than you are right now, because being worse than you already are will only cause you to lose people and it will greatly affects your future.


Realizing how big of a mystery this future is can make you feel a little tired. Tired because you work for it so hard, you study, get a job and make your life hell but you still do not know what your future is going to be.

You do not have to worry about finding love, it will happen by its own, you do not have to force anything. Future holds so many surprises for you.

Do not waste your time thinking about what may or may not be written in your future with a specific person. Love will always find you and it will be the best thing, even if it is not with the person you want right now.

We all need love, and when we get it we want future with it. But never try to force it or it will fall apart even if it was not originally supposed to.

Love has nothing to do with time. Past, present and future has no effect on love, on the contrary love can stop the time for you, it can make a moment feel like eternity. Love is a magical thing indeed.

The one person who loves you the most will always be there, no matter how hard life gets, that person will never leave your side. And these kind of people are the only kind of people you need in your present and future.

I love you no matter what, and when I think about the future I care nothing but you, you are the only person I want in my future, the only one I want to spend eternity with, and I do not want one without you.

I love you so much that I see my future in you.

The only future I want is the one with you and no one else. So, it is better not to have a future if it is not with you.

I know it is selfish to ask for your future but I want it, I want you to spend your eternity with me. Because my life is pointless without you.

Before you, I did not care about my future, but now I am working for it more than I have ever worked for.

Because of my love for you, I want to have a better future not for me but for you.

It is better to wait for the right person than to rush it with a person you aren’t supposed to be with. It will only ruin your pleasant future.

Do not worry about future when you are with someone you trust and love. If he really loves you, he will be in it no matter what.

If you are hesitant by the thought of spending your whole future with someone, think about it again. Because to start a future with someone, one should be on hundred percent sure about it without any hesitation.

Love is a beautiful thing and there is no denying that. So it is important to spend it with someone in the future who will show you the true essence of love.

Why do we run for the success? Why do we run for the money?When we can earn enough to live a happy and peaceful life, why do we want to get even more? This greediness can sometimes snatch love from us and we do not even realize it until it is too late.