60+ Giving Up Quotes on Someone Who Doesn’t Care and Relationship


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Giving up is not the ideal thing to do when things do not go your way. Giving up on your dreams is easy, but to follow them needs real courage and determination. Giving up is the sign of weakness and you should never show someone any sign of it ever. There come some moments in life when you want to give up life.
But trust me, whatever it is, it does not worth giving up your life.
Following are some of the quotes and saying about giving up. I hope you like them.

You should never give up on your dreams. It is only going to tell others that you are weak and are not capable of patience and determination.

If others try to shatter your dreams, do not give in and definitely do not give up. They do not have the power to shatter them only you have it.

Only those who never give up are the ones who can enjoy the sentence I turned my dreams into reality, so never ever give up on your dreams.


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If they laugh at your dreams and your goals, do not worry. Small minds cannot think big and definitely cannot understand big. Work hard to make your dreams into reality, that is the only way to shut their mouths.

Do not let other’s opinion shatter your dreams. They are just afraid that you might do it and they will be here gossiping about others not knowing how less their opinion matters.

Dreams are not about sleeping; they are about waking up and working for them.


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You will never achieve your dreams if you will give up on them.

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Be patient, give it your all and believe in yourself. These are the three keys to make your dreams into reality.

Nothing is too big or too small for you, it is all about your will. And you will if you have will.


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Dream big, work hard and never give up. I guarantee you, this will never go in waste.

Everyone sees dreams and those dreams are not worth anything if we don’t know how to work for it.

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Only a few achieve their dreams, because most of us just want everything to be served on plates and when that does not happen we give up.

Giving up your goals for something better is not giving up, it is upgrading. But doing that again and again without moving forward is foolishness.

Your goals tell others what kind of person you are; they speak for you. And if they are big you are likely to have an ignorant reaction from others. They think you will give up before achieving them, prove those people wrong and never give up.

Giving up your goals is stupid. If you still want it then work hard to achieve it no matter what.

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Your goals are yours, do not change them or give up on them for someone else.

Your goals are never too big; it is their minds which are small. And even if they ARE big, never be afraid to try for them or move for them. It is because there is a 100% chance of failing when you give up and do nothing.

Goals make you active, passionate and focused. Giving up on them is like giving up on what makes you YOU.

Your goals are yours to achieve, do not ever rely on others. Because if you will, you will eventually have to give up.

When you are focused on your goals you are the most productive you have ever been. So never let your focus set on distractions, they will make you give up on your goals.

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Just remember that others are not responsible of you failing, you are. Even if they are the reason for your failure it is because you gave them the power to do that, it is simply because you gave up.

I will never let others define if my goals are achievable or not. And I will definitely won’t give up on them just because their minds are too small to understand them. I am the one with a vision and I will be the one to make that vision a reality.

When you are hurt, think again. You might want to give up on love because things are hard right now. But think again. It is temporary and love is here to stay. Never give up on love to regret about it later.

Love hurts sometimes. But never give up on it, even if it seems like love has given up on you.

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Sometimes when you think about letting someone in, the history between you and love screens behind your eyes and the only outcome are tears. But that does not mean that you should give up on love. Always give love a chance because history cannot always repeat itself.

Love is your only chance to happiness. Nothing in this world can make you happier but love and when things go left try to make them go right instead of giving up. And the degree of your determination will reveal your price.

Sometimes you do not give up on love, you just give up on a person. And to be honest that is the best way to move on.

When you give up on love make sure that you do not regret about it. Because giving up does not mean mourning about it later.

We usually assume that giving up is loss, but sometimes giving up is a start of something new, something better.

If you truly love me, never give up on me, you are the only reason why I am not giving up on myself.


Sometimes giving up and letting go can release you from a huge amount of pain than to holding on.

Love is not about eyes; love is about heart. Many people can attract your eyes but not all of them attract your heart and those who do, never give up on them. They are the people that are worth fighting for.

I want to be the one you want and I can be the one you want. And I will wait for you to come but do not make me wait too much. I happen to give up on things very easily.

I am giving up on love, but I do not blame anyone for that. It is probably my fault and I accept it. But now I am tired and I need to move on, if love cannot make me happy there must be something else out there for me that could really make my mind peaceful and happy.

Do not make decisions when you are angry or sad. In these times, you are the most vulnerable and you are likely to make wrong and bad decisions. And no matter what, never give up on yourself and never give up on your life.

If you have even one single person, who still believes in you and think that you can get through it, you should never give up on your life. Even if there is no one, you should always be the one to believe in yourself.


You should always stay strong and believe in yourself, no matter what the situation is because giving up is a sign of cowardliness.

If life brings you down, instead of giving up, try to be better and tell life that you are the boss and you are the one in control.

Life is your slave, and most of the time we underestimate our power and let the life be in charge and become slaves of our very own self. Never let that happen, never give up.

Even in the hardest moments, be the one to spreads love and positivity. Because giving up will only make your life harder but seeing someone happy and knowing that you are the reason of their happiness is the best feeling of all.

I am tired of making messes, I am tired of this feeling of nothingness, I am tired of crying by myself and I am tired of this fake life I am living. I do not want it. But death is just another loop of nothingness, coldness and hurt. So,in this life I may have a chance to make things better but in other one I have none.

There is so much I can take before I give up.

The bravery is not in giving up your life, it is to continue.

I am tired, and not physically, but mentally. I cannot sleep, I cannot be productive and everything is just so dull. I am not happy; I try to be but it never works but I will never give up on my life.

I am not giving up on me or my life. I believe in me and I know I can turn this around and I can make things better in my life.

I want to give up. My mind gives me reasons why I should and my heart tells me why I should not. But here is a thing, your mind tells you to do what it thinks is better for body but heart tells you to do what is better for you and your mind.

One day I might give up. But today is not that day and everyday.