55 Funny, Sweet and Romantic Good Night Quotes and Images


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I thank God for this night and all the other nights to come because I will be sleeping next to the man of my life. Good night Honey!

Goodnight to man who keeps my heart beating each single day.

Have a good rest my dear, think of me as you sleep and I will also think and imagine that I am wrapped in your gorgeously muscled arms.


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Goodnight to the mighty Hercules of my mortal life! I love you darling!

My dear husband, you are the moon of my skies. Have a restful night!

This night’s breeze makes me remember the night when we first kiss. Oh, honey I miss you terribly. Sleep well and please think of me.


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When heavens showered the earth with blessings, I caught the greatest one-you. Goodnight my knight! My kisses and hugs I send to you.

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May the clouds comfort you tonight the way I comfort you, softly and gently. Goodnight to the bravest man of my life!

I wish that the wind will make you feel the warmth of my embrace and love tonight. I love you honey, have a good night’s rest!


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Tonight, I long for you just how the moon longs for the sun. Goodnight my husband! Wishing you to be home very soon.

All I want to say is goodnight my king! Your queen waits for your return. Have a sound and good sleep!

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I wish that the angels will sing you a lullaby in my place so you will have a restful and quiet sleep. Goodnight my dear!

How I wish you are here tonight to hold me in your arms, oh honey I miss you so much! I hope for you to have a safe and calm night.

My heart is singing a song of melancholy tonight, it longs for you but still I bid you goodnight.

Each night that I spent without you are the coldest of all my nights. Can’t wait for you to be home soon. Goodnight!

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Allow yourself to have some good rest tonight my dear, tomorrow everything will be crystal clear. Goodnight!

Sending this message to remind you that you are always in my thoughts before I go to sleep. I pray that I will dream of you tonight. Goodnight!

Feel the night’s breeze my love for I sent my kisses for you tonight. Have a good rest!

I am thankful that this day comes to an end with you wrapped in my arms.

No matter how soft the bed is, if you are not with me the bed seems to be as hard as my feelings.

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I was on my way home when I was suddenly overwhelmed with the feeling of missing you. I wish you a goodnight darling! Hoping to be with you soon.

You are the calm and serene night to my bustling morning. Good night my dear!

I can’t just wait for the morning to come because a night spent without you is one sad night. Good night cupcake dear!

You draw out the darkness within me just like how the moon and the stars draw out the darkness of the night. Good night my one sweet loves!

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I find it hard to sleep each night with you not being with me, but still I am always hopeful that we will be sleeping beside each other soon. I have faith. Goodnight my destiny!

I like to think that the night is not all about the absence of the sun but it is the presence of the moon and the stars. I am the moon, you are my stars. Peaceful night for you my sweetie!

Tonight I am missing you so much that if only I can grow myself a pair of wings so I can be with you, I will do it without any hesitation. Goodnight my beloved!

I wish that even just in our dreams, we will be together tonight my sweet love. Have a good rest my beloved.

Sleep tight my sweet cake! Have some wonderful and happy dreams. I will visit you in your dreams tonight. Goodnight!

I will rather stay inside the house watching our favorite TV show while we both curled up in the couch than go outside and party all alone by myself. Goodnight sweetheart!

No matter how far we are from one another, my heart won’t forget to wish you goodnight!


I send myself to sleep thinking of you my hero. Goodnight and sleep soundly!

We can’t achieve anything when the morning comes if we don’t dream tonight. Sleep tight and let us dream together my love. Goodnight!

Wishing you to have a safe night, may the light of the moon shines upon you my love. Goodnight!

Let us both rest now my love, tomorrow is the big day for both of us. Goodnight!

No one told me that I will miss you this bad, every night whenever we are apart. Goodnight darling, missing you so much!

Hoping for the time to come that we will be together every night, for the mean time let me wish you a loving goodnight!

Goodnight to the lovely angel who chose to stay here on earth and become the woman of my life.


No matter how miserable my day was, remembering that I have you in life makes everyday alright. Goodnight my one sweet angel.

Goodnight to the dearest woman of my love life who is also the balance in my extremely chaotic life.

I am not frightened of the darkness of the night anymore because just like the lovely stars I have you to keep me company and give light to all of my nights. Goodnight my sweet cupcake!

Night time is my favorite time because I can witness the mesmerizing moment when a sweet angel like you falls asleep. Good night my darling!

Ending each day with you in my arms is all that I ask for. I love you honey! Goodnight!

I will borrow this night from tomorrow because I can’t wait to end this sorrow. Goodnight my lovely queen!

Sweet dreams for you my sweetheart, dreams as sweet as you are. Goodnight!

I love the twinkling stars in the night sky but I love the stars I see in your eyes even more. Goodnight my love!

Wishing my lovely girl to have a lovely night tonight. Have some enough rest and dream well. Goodnight sweetie!

I miss the scent of your long fragrant hair which lingers on the pillow, I miss sleeping beside you my angel. Thinking of you tonight. Goodnight dearest love!

May the angels of heavens protect the love of my life, the woman of my dreams. Goodnight cupcake!

During the day my busy schedule makes me temporarily forget how bad I miss you but when night time comes, missing you is all that I feel. Goodnight to you my love!

Dreams happen at night, it is up to both of us we chase them. Goodnight dear!

As you switch off the lights and go to sleep tonight, keep in mind that I am thinking of you each night. Goodnight!

How I wish I was there to kiss and hug you goodnight instead of sending you this goodnight message.

My night will not be complete without sending my queen a goodnight wish.

Before you go to your peaceful sleep, remember my face because when tomorrow comes I will still pester you big brother, goodnight!

Goodnight Pal, oh wait who’s that ugly creature next to you? Ah, never mind I knew all along it was just your reflection.

Buddy, goodnight! Can’t wait for tomorrow, I am so excited for the lunch that you are going to bring for us. I will take care of the drinking water. Good night!

I was busy looking at the stars while I lie on my cottony soft bed, then you came across my mind that is when I realized that our roof is missing!

When I am having a hard time sleeping at night all I have to do is to think of you, why? Because your face looks like my childhood pillow which I left at my parent’s house. Have a goodnight rest!

In case you can’t sleep, do not count the sheep jumping over the fence, sheep can’t jump high. Think of horses instead. Have a good sleep!

Blissful dreams is all I wish for you because when the morrow comes I will really beat the damn out of you. Goodnight!

If we are paid each time we sleep, both of us knew that we could be billionaires by now. Goodnight my friend!

People said that they can’t afford the luxury of sleeping no matter how rich they are. But me, I don’t believe it because duh all they have to do is buy themselves some sleeping pills. Goodnight my buddy!

How lucky and blessed you are to have a friend like me who wish you goodnight. So, I am expecting that you will text me in return so I will be lucky and blessed too.

I wish that everybody that I knew will have a very good and peaceful night except for the crazy person who ate my pizza who happens to be reading this message right now. May the pizza eat you in your dreams tonight!

I always have a good sleep each night because I keep on dreaming about eating bacon then my dream always comes true when morning comes. Wish that your dreams come true too. Goodnight!

Time to go to sleep allow your Facebook profile to have some rest too. Goodnight!

Go to bed now little sister because I am now about to unplug the WiFi’s router. Goodnight!

I hate it when I am comfortably lying on my bed then the need to go to the restroom comes rushing in, hope it happens to you too. Good night!

WiFi connection going down in 3..2..1.. Goodnight!