Top 60 Goodbye Quotes for Sayings Farewell To Someone You Love


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Goodbyes are always accompanied by pain because the person we love and with whom we have shared the good times will leave us. Hopefully, the goodbye quotes and farewell phrases that we have prepared will serve at some point to put into words what you feel while saying farewell to someone you love.
But it doesn’t mean that goodbyes are always bad. Often, they free us to continue to grow as people and to start new and richer stages in our lives.

Maybe a part of loving is learning to let go.

Sometimes, although it hurts, the best you can do is to say goodbye.


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I will see you when our destinies join again. Meanwhile, take care of yourself and be happy.

I will miss you every single day until we meet again.

Never make someone smile by saying I love you and then cry by saying Goodbye.


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Farewells have a curious way of speaking wordlessly.

Never upset a family member, a friend or a loved one so much that they leave you. You do not know if you will have the opportunity to see them again.

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Remember that to begin a new stage, you have to close another. Do not be afraid to say goodbye, it’s a part of life.

Perhaps we are going on separate and different paths but I have a lot of hope to see you again.


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How hard is it to say goodbye to someone you really love!

Falling in love is easy, staying in love is a challenge, and letting go is the hardest part.

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The hardest part is not the first kiss, but the last.

I say goodbye for life, but I still can’t stop thinking about you.

Love likes to say goodbye when you’ve barely recognized it.

Love makes time pass, time makes love pass.

Birthday quotes for boyfriend


Only in the agony of parting we are able to understand the depth of our love.

Although you cry at saying goodbye today, tomorrow you will smile at the memories we made together.

The worst farewells are those that are left unsaid.

One of the saddest things in life is to say goodbye to a person when they do not want to leave.

I do not remember our first kiss, and yet I cannot forget our last goodbye.

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Any dismissal should be done in order for a future reunion.

You left without warning, today I live the happy memories you left me.

Goodbyes are useless as the two people who are separated still miss each other.

Until we meet again, I hope to see you loving your new LIFE, laughing, dreaming, dancing and enjoying. And always remember that I will NEVER forget you.

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I do not want to get a SAD FAREWELL like this. A farewell is necessary to reconnect again. And a reunion, after a moment or after a lifetime is inevitable because we are real friends.

There can never be enough distance to end our FRIENDSHIP. The affection and love we have for each other will always keep us together forever. This is not goodbye; see you later, my friend.

While you’re away from me, you’ll always be in my heart too. I love you a lot, my friend!

Our memories will last a lifetime. Save the best, forget the rest. GOODBYE friend of mine, a piece of me goes with you.

Do you want to preserve a sweet memory of this LOVE? Then let us love a lot today and tomorrow, let us say goodbye!

Every time you DISMISS me, I die a little more from the inside. And every time I find myself with you, I feel like I’m in heaven.


When I met you, I fell for you, but I never thought I would cry for you. But I still wish you the best now that you’re leaving me.

I may tell you one day that I have stopped loving you, while still loving you beyond death; and perhaps, you do not understand that even in this FAREWELL, love unites us.

My love, do not tell me bye … I feel cold when you go; I love you so I cannot take it anymore.

It is easy to say hello, it’s easy to say goodbye, it’s hard to say I love you and listen to I love you NOT.

Why does it only take a minute to say hello, and a lifetime to say goodbye?

Goodbye quotes for friend

We DO NOT want you to leave because you’re a PHENOMENAL FRIEND. You will be sorely missed! We hope everything will go great for you.

Goodbye quotes for friend

While you’re away from me, you’re always in my mind. You’ll never be my past; you will always be my present. Thank you for being such a good friend.

I say goodbye because I couldn’t make you happy and really don’t know what I did wrong… I already gave my all.

Only in the agony of parting, we are able to understand the depth of our love.

The MEMORIES build a road leading to the heart and get FRIENDS to always feel very close, though, in reality, they are far away.

Never ever say I LOVE YOU if you don’t mean it and then left me just like an old broken toy.

Perhaps the only thing that hurts more to say goodbye is not having had the chance to kiss you one last time.

I say goodbye for life, but my life continue thinking about you.

What are we supposed to do now? What do I do now that you take away my heart with you? I remain empty and I’m without you.

I was very happy with you, that I cannot deny. Unfortunately, fate did not want us to continue together. Our love is something I will never forget and one day, I hope to be friends again.

Maybe today, you are going away but your memories stay with me. I just hope you do not forget what we lived together, all those good moments I will never be able to get out of my heart. Fare thee well, love, you’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Wherever the wind takes you, wherever fate takes you, I hope all the best for you.

I do not know you but I do not think I can forget you. My wounded heart does not know how to stop loving you.

Goodbye quotes for friend

It is better to turn away now before we end up destroying each other. This love seemed like an idyll thing but it became a chain that wouldn’t let both of us to be free.

I love you but it is better to say goodbye. I hope you’re happy and if I ever find you someday I hope to see you as a friend.

As you move away, as I say goodbye trying to find out at what point everything was over between us. I loved and I still love you.

I dreamed of having a future with you. You do not know the sleepless nights I have spent imagining how happy we would be. But now I wake up and realize the reality of life and the reality of us.

As soon as you left, my world collapsed, my world ended, my heart died with every step you took away from me.

I don’t think I have ever done anything as hard as saying goodbye to you, my love! And as you take those final steps away from me, know that you are taking every single part of me.

My tears feel like they’ve turned to ashes…I have cried so much, my love. Your departure from my life is like a physical ache, I don’t know how to get over this pain baby!

Sad goodbye quotes

Goodbye…such an easy word but filled with so many pains and complications! Only if it were easy to say goodbye!

Sad goodbye quotes

I wish that bidding farewell to the person you love the most in this world were as easy as kissing him for the first time.

I want you to know that our love is the most beautiful thing in the world and it hurts me to finish it. I wanted to make you happy but if you find your happiness away from me, I’m willing to let you go.

I do not know about you but it seems like a nightmare to say goodbye to you because I mistakenly thought that ours would last.

Now I see that it was just an illusion. today, I have to suffer for you, my love. Goodbye, good luck and you have to understand how much I love you even if it means risking my own life and happiness just for you.

Maybe in that dream, I realized that you no longer love me. Now I can only say goodbye to you and feel the pain to know that now, another will make you happy.

I do not know why I gave you my heart if our love was not meant to be. Was it our mistake? My heart does not know the difference and I can only say goodbye and let you go my love.

I can’t express in words how much it hurts to see you go. My life and I will never be the same now that you’re no longer with me my love!

Welcoming a person in your life is easy! It starts getting hard when you have to say goodbye to the person and bid him farewell!

Love has no expiration date; even if a person goes far away from you, the love never dies. It always stays with you, within you, wherever you go.

Goodbyes are always hard, but they are harder when you are saying goodbye to someone you love!

It hurts a lot to be without you, staying alone and empty and knowing that everything we dreamed of was just an illusion. Goodbye, love, I know someday, my heart will forget and heal itself.