80 Inspirational Happiness Quotes


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What makes you happy? There many keys that unlock doors of inspiration and upliftment. Looking for inspiration we have written these uplifting happiness quotes that will spread words of happiness. When we see other people can accomplish wonderful things or overcome adversity, listening to inspirational words of wisdom from them, and even just the sheer beauty around us in nature remind us how lucky we are breathing and alive. We all need an inspirational boost from time to time .

Never place the key of your happiness into a pocket of another.

Happiness temporarily escapes into the wilderness sometimes, but it returns to fill your soul.


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The inner soul indulges in your true happiness. Feed it.

Don’t analyze happiness. Let it flow without analyzing the rationality of it.

Most people chose to be certain that they are in a miserable state, rather than leaping into the risk of being happy.


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A way to spark of your soul journey into happiness is sparking light into another’s happiness.

We should quit trying to be happy, we missing out on the good times!

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Happiness sparks off once one has mind settled but then sparks all over in random spurts.

Not many wish to share in your misery, but all indulge in your happiness.


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Happiness cannot be commanded from a life program, just delete unhappy brands blocking access paths.

Laughing without cause are passionate expressions of true happiness.

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Tune into happiness with that life song on happy melodies.

You do not have to be officially certified and graduated to earn happiness.

Count your troubles away and delve into countless joys.

Do not start to be aware of what a wonderful life you had in the past tense. Awaken to it in the present.

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Happiness is not miles away; it is right by your side, clinging to you to grasp it.

The moment of exploring in anticipation is a clinch of happiness beyond the final cave of it.

Differing self-fulfillment paths are taken. Just because others are not on the same road, does not mean they are lost.

Questioning what brings happiness is difficult to answer. Wealth has failed. Poverty has failed. Sadness and happiness are parallel trails. Each time you pause, one of them intervene your space.

All attempt a reversal in the life puzzle, they begin by trying to build more wealth and assets to be happy. The correct path is first to find your true happiness in order to grow into abundance.

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Man strives to be happy leaving his pathway to happiness impossible.

Serve your happiness wants elegantly on yourself.

Reap and enjoy your happiness harvest.

Hold your head high and straighten up shaking depression bubbles to air away.

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Pleasure on earth comes in stray packages, waiting to be seized.

Don’t fade away precious moments making up your mind about being happy. It is about letting go!

Happiness is a realm of true courage.

It is not fit to bear burdens of great joy, seep into tranquil pleasure.

Happiness is not about finally getting something we desired, it is about appreciating what we already have.

Compassion is the key to the happiness of others and your own.


Happiness is a seed that roots into a blooming bliss.

There are moments now and again when all in the world is just so right, a gentle heavenly wave on a soul journey.

A happy childhood never expires and can be embraced at any time.

Happiness is good health with a poor memory that eliminates all the life’s failures.

Love, laughter, health, abundance and a tinge of luck – The Joy of happiness!

Happiness is the by-product of a goal.


Happiness is not a location, it is a direction.

Outward beautification needs a soul happiness expression to resonate.

The true cosmetic for beauty is happiness.

One that is happy will devour enjoyment of the scenery on a detour route.

Be one happy person. This is a true formula to stay happy.

One obstacle kerbing happiness is expecting too much of it.

Sculpt away misery engraving happiness into your golden flame of life.

Happy thoughts are seeds that sow positivity in abundance.

Happiness is an ideal of imagination and not reason.

A heart filled with joy has more worth than a pocket of coins.

Happiness is not limited in one direction and spreads to all life quarters.

A satisfaction overdose leaves you bloated in happiness.

One loses happiness when wishing for more happiness.

Avoid misery by having sufficient leisure to wonder about your state of happiness.

All have a basic right to pursue happiness, just grab it as it waits in your path. Or create the happiness you desire.

Bliss comes to those who are not on a chase for it. Chasing it will be a futile and exhausting path.

The root of unhappiness is a futile search for gaining happiness.

Being content is a blessing that is not disguised.

Happiness is a nest of love.

Do not postpone happiness. It is not a temporary phase but interwoven with eternal blessings.

We are in no position to be in control of the world, but we can control our reactions to our life encounters. Choose happiness.

Happiness prevails in the present and revives each new day in its presence.

Happiness is a form of spiritual and harmonious spring you do not want to stop the feeling.

A good exercise is to jump for joy!

Happiness is a joyful feast even if the first course was misery that had to be gulped away.

Enjoy the sound of a centered soul in the harmonious bliss of happiness.

On the route to happiness, many get detoured in the curved direction.

Happiness is contagious; sparking it off for one will spread the glow to many.

Happiness needs to spread its wings and grow into every facet and not enclosed a clung perception of a limited enclosure.

Happiness is ordinary and everyday consciousness without a concentration on the self concern.

The greatest gift to those who love us is simply being happy.

You may not always be happy, but can always spread happiness.

Happiness is not ruined in moments of great catastrophes but a repetition of minute habits.

A twinge of happiness scatters a mass multitude of grief.

Happiness has to be produced to be consumed.

You are only as miserable as you perceive to be. Misery is created with seeds sprouted in thoughts of negativity.

Happiness is the core of wisdom.

Happiness is the task of the inner soul.

Unhappiness is aspiring on a lost cause to get unknown wants.

Be happy in the present, or happiness will cease.

Happiness has no attached price tags.

In a state of calmness and serenity, inner peace overwhelms painful outer experiences.

Happiness clustered is limited, but letting go will expand the preciousness of it.

Valuing the joy and merit of others will lead to happiness.

Without pain, you will not know happiness.

Happiness is about your thoughts, messages and actions are in order.

Happiness is not about owning, earning or consuming, it is gratitude, love and grace in a spiritual reality.

Gathering crumbs of happiness which creates a full loaf of contentment.

Happiness is harmony between men on the course of his life.

Happiness is not about having a troubled mind or a pain in the body.

What we need to make us happy is to be enthusiastic about an aspiration.

Happiness occurs naturally and seldom is a result of circumstances.

Where there is joy, pain melts away.

Unhappiness can either be unwholesome food, severe labor or erring life habits.

Many people miss out on the bliss of happiness as they did not stop to embrace and enjoy it.

Being grateful to those that harvest our garden of happiness makes our soul blossom.

For every one minute of anger, sixty seconds of happiness is lost.

Happiness is a choice that is conscious and not an automated response.

To be useful is to be happy, and all else, incidental.

Counting all the blessings is a paramount key to unlock the door of happiness.

Happiness is a soul journey.

The past is gone; the future is not yet here, so we need to embrace the present.

The best route of awareness is a realization of knowing that your problems are actually your own and there is no point in blaming them on family, the government or the pastor who prayed with you, bringing no results of springing happiness. You are in control of your destiny.

The happiest in the world are those who fully love themselves and accept the responsibility of every life aspect.

Optimism is a magnet of happiness. Staying positive will attract all the best for you.

Practicing true compassion brings immediate happiness that is long lasting.

Happiness is living each day as if it is your first honeymoon day and last vacation day.

Happiness is about choice. Most are as happy as they chose to be.

We must learn to let go of the life we carefully planned and motion with the life waiting in our pathway.

Freedom is by doing what you prefer to do, but happiness is about liking what you have chosen to do.

Spending a lifetime anticipating and preparing for a storm will seize moments to lay back and devour the sunshine.

Each day is a new beginning, a new chapter to start afresh in a new spark. Forget about what did not happen or focus on what can be.

Do not aim to be better than the other person, but aim to better yourself.

Happiness is not a piece of a lost puzzle, it is self-created.

Choose to live life as the miracle is in everything around you.

If you chase happiness it eludes you, but just like a butterfly, it will rest on your shoulder if you are not pursuing to capture it.

To be happy does not mean that all is perfect. It means that you have chosen to look beyond any imperfections.

Whether it is anger, frustration, jealousy or joy, they are all universe gifts for our enjoyment or growth.

The journey of life should be one you fall in love with and once you love this journey of life, you will always be in love with life.