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Words are powerful things. Words have the ability to transform lives, to mend broken hearts, to encourage and inspire, to bring light and love and peace where none existed before. Below are some beautiful heart touching quotes to touch the heart and make it smile.

Being loved intensely by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage.

When we touched hands, it felt like our hearts touched.

Your task is not to search out love; your task is to seek out the barriers inside of yourself that you have constructed to fight it.

Love is real when you can’t fall asleep at night because reality is so much better than your dreams could ever be.

A soul mate is not your perfect fit, as everyone seems to want. A true soul mate is your mirror, the one who allows you to see everything that holds you back; your soul mate is the person who calls you to your own attention so you can make the changes you need to make in your life.

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human heart afire with love.


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Life is filled with beauty. You must only look to see it. Notice honey bees, happy children, smiling faces. Breathe in the scent of the fresh rain, feel the breezes. Live to your fullest potential, and always actively pursue your dreams.

People are as happy as they set their minds to be.

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If you want to make others happy, be compassionate. If you want to make yourself happy, be compassionate.

Because of my love for you, I am able to express my love for the entire universe, all of humanity, and all living creatures. In living with you, I am able to to experience love for all species. By succeeding in loving you, I succeed in loving everyone and every species on this planet. This is the true meaning of love.

Real love is not about finding the right person, it is about building the right relationship. It has nothing to do with how much love you have at the beginning, but rather how much love you have created at the end.


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Love is a desire that sets the heart aflame. Love is being with you, hearing you say ‘I love you’ too. Love is your perfect kiss, a sweet thing I never want to miss. Love is you and me, Love is all I need.

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Being near you takes my breath away. Everything I want to say finds no voice. Silently, I can only hope, my eyes will speak what my heart feels.

Love me with no fear; Trust me with no questions; Need me with no demands; Desire me with no restriction; Accept me with no change; Desire me with no limits; A love this free will never be lost.

The sound of your voice causes me to tremble inside. Your smile invites my imagination to go wild.

A part of what is you has grown inside me. You see, then, it truly is you and me. Together for all time, never apart~per chance in distance, but never in heart.

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My feet dance more swiftly because of you. My lips smile more readily because of you. My heart beats stronger because of you. My eyes see more beauty because of you. My life is infinitely better because of you. I love you.


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Two souls meet, find that they were not meant to be, and they part. However, unconditional love is found when those same two spirits meet again, and readily become friends.

No one should be satisfied with mere physical pleasure. It does not begin to approach bliss if one’s soul still cries out for the true love it craves.

It is the personality and the soul that make a person beautiful, not the physical appearance.

Heart touching love quotes

Love is two souls intertwined in a manner that makes it impossible to find their meeting place, nor can they be torn apart. Love is one embodiment of joy and sorrow.

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My love, I know that we are miles and miles from one another, but I as long as our souls are connected, the fires of our love will burn forever. Physical connection is meaningless; it is only our souls that can resist death.

The soul speaks through the eyes, kisses with a gaze.

I am always amaze how with a single glance you can sweep me off my feet, and with the same glance you can set my feet firmly on the ground. I may only imagine what you could do were you to gaze deep into my very soul.

Every time that I’m with you, my soul reveals itself through the look in my eyes.

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If the moon never glowed and the stars never danced, it would be a forlorn world. This is as the heart and soul would be without love.

Soul mates are joined at the heart, their names inscribed in the heavens, destined to find one another when the moment is perfect.

As the concept of lost and found pertains to love, when a soul is lost, it cries to be found. But when that soul at last finds what it has been seeking, it desires only to become lost in that soul.

Love reminds us of our reason for staying alive and it gives a glimpse of heaven to our mortal souls.

She gazed into my eyes and discovered my heart, then she kissed me and set my soul afire.

We laugh, smile, and cry our tears; we argue, fight and confide our fears. You hold all the secrets of my soul, you lighten it’s darkness and make me whole.


Let my words become actions which plant seed in your heart. I will water your soul, as this is the place where true love starts.

Love is the unconditional acceptance of someone whom your heart and soul have accepted and welcomed as part of your life.

Life without love is like a body without it’s soul.

Love is an indefinable mix of emotions, passions, and fire that captures the body, mind, heart and soul and weaves them together perfectly.

What more wondrous thing can there be than for two souls than to join together to strengthen one another in all situations, to console one another in all sorrows, to rejoice with one another in all happiness, to build with one another a lifetime of memories.

To love only for beauty is to see with only the eyes, but to love with the soul is to see with the heart.


When the mind and the heart are of one accord, and the soul has been set aflame. This is called love.

I’ve written your name on the center of my heart. I’ve seen the reflection of your face in the mirrors of my soul. I have displayed you in the windows of my eyes. You are my one true love.

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I chased love, but it ran away from me. I looked for my soul, but this I could not see. Ah, but when I sought her, it was then that I found all three.

When you have seen into someone’s soul, you become attached forever.

Each time I feel her heart beat, it is a sweet reminder of the precious soul that dwells within.

Whatever it is that souls are made of, hers and mine are made of the same.

Finding our soul mate is what we each aspire to, it is what we think of as perfection, an endless blessing of love to our own being.

What if the feeling we have when we are in love is in fact a normal state of being, showing the person that we should be?

Love is love. Love knows no gender. It sets no boundaries. It is limitless and it conquers all. Love does not fail.

Love finds those who yet hold onto hope although they’ve been hurt, to those who yet have faith even after they have been betrayed. Such is the nature of love.

Love itself does not make the world go round, but it definitely makes the ride worthwhile!

Forever is a long time, but it is still not long enough if I am spending it by your side.

I love you with no understanding of how, when, why, or from where the feeling comes. I love you with no difficulties and no pride. I love because I simply know no other way to survive.

It is impossible to live unaffected by love. We are meant to be at our most vital, our most ‘alive’ when we find it, at our most downtrodden when we lose it, at our most forlorn when we give up on it, at our most heartless when we betray it, and at our most relentless when we pursue it.

Even though I may be busy, this does not mean that I don’t love you with my whole heart.

The greatest treasures in life are those unseen by the eye yet felt by the heart.

Love is many things, and not a single one of them logical.

Remind me that what matters most in the end is the love that I carried within my heart and that which I gave freely throughout my life.

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When I saw him walking in my life, I knew that he and me will be one.

True love is not a thing made up of romance, candlelight dinners, walks on the beach, physical encounters. True love is built on respect, concern, trust, honesty, and compromise.

Along the path of love there are the roses and the azure skies; the roses speak of our love, and the azure heavens umbrella it’s blessings.

Love adds an untold vision to the eyes.

Isn’t it amazing how we can fall in love with a person whom we didn’t even notice upon our first meeting?

If a hug could show how much I love you, you would find yourself wrapped in my arms forever.

Cinderella trod upon broken glass. Aurora allowed a lifetime to pass. Belle found love with a frightening beast. Jasmine wed a common thief. Ariel gave up the sea for love. Snow White ate poisoned fruit. Indeed, love means facing your greatest fears.

Your love is that which only you can give. It is a smile that only your lips can bestow. It is a look that can only be reflected in your eyes, and seen in my life which only you can complete.

Would you believe me if I tell you how much I love you? Honestly, I would prefer it if you didn’t. Then I can spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you.

I never believed there was such a thing as magic until I saw your eyes and felt your touch. Then I knew magic was real because you are the only thing on earth that could transform my world into into paradise.