75 Heartfelt Quotes on Live and Love For Him and Her


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Love comes naturally to humans, it reaches out from our inner cycle and goes beyond the expected. Love is not restricted to a particular group as it’s understood even by the newly born. Love can be felt in the stomach just like riding a horse. The heartbeat starts to beat faster than before a signal that your dream man or woman is standing right next to you. We will be looking at some Heartfelt Quotes that go a long way to affect us all positively.

My entire world turns around the moment I placed my eyes on your beautiful eyes.

Smiling for no reason became clear to me when I met you; it was a moment that I can never shy away from.


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Where have you been? I can hear my soul whispering to me the moment you are standing there alone.

I am in love with everything you stand for; look is just a little factor of my affection.

Falling in love is the best feelings have had for a long time; my whole world is in a fantasy spin.


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Each time I look at my blissful self, I always want it complete with you.

Being complete is about you been part of my life. I believe we were made to be compatible for each other; truly you are the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.

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Heartfelt Quotes

There are no words to qualify the bound I share with you, but then you are the reason for my happiness all moment of the day.

You bring back laughter to me beyond my imagination; thank you.


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You make me to go for my full potential and make me want to reach my peak each moment I spend with you.

Love is about you accepting me for who I am and not changing me into something am not or used to.

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Your heart will only be calm after going around all day by yourself and you come back home to think about that last person you who always bring smile to your face.

Love is not always vocal but love is about attitude towards your beloved.

There might be a lot of stars out there, but you are the brightest have ever seen.

Everything became right and orderly when my heart became yours.

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Loving you became easy, because missing you became my hobby, cherishing you became a job and seeing you happy became my happiness.

I love it when you smile but love it more if the reason for your smile is me.

The thought about you keeps me awake, sleeping and dreaming of you is a good night’s rest, and everything comes alive when i’m with you.

Something was lost when I was not with you but found when I met you.

I love you than you think, I can’t figure out a way to say that to you.

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I might not see you often, I might not get to cuddle you as I suppose to, but across my heart you are the one my soul keeps yearning for and I won’t let that slip away from me.

I love you for who you are, what you have passed through and what you are yet to become.

My eyes blink when you are gazing at it, my body respond to the way you say my name, my heart skip a beat when you lean against it and my life complete when we are together.

To know where your heart belongs to search where your mind wander to.

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I never stop showing affection to you, but am just limiting my approach to love towards you, because no matter how many times I tried you seem not to understand me.

We are not scared of professing our love but we are rather scared of the response from the beloved.


The moment I walk out this room I might not feel the bound we share together and it really scares me.

I would settle myself for someone I love than loving someone that doesn’t have an appeal to my heart.

Technically I’m single, but my heart is with that special someone that I can yet call mine.

I love it when we are saying hello but my heart begins to tear apart when saying our goodbyes.

My greatest regret is not been in love with you but the greatest regret is thinking you have the same feelings like mine.

My heart will always belong to you even when you ignore the wonderful feeling I have for you.

You broke my heart and sink my world but I still don’t understand why my heart keeps beating for you, it’s unexplainable.


People will tell you they love and care about you, but in a blink of an eye they are nowhere to be found, then only to find out you have been replaced.

You shattered my heart but then your love still remains between the pieces.

Loving in vain and losing all you stood for is the greatest pain of all.

Loving someone with all your heart and forgetting you also owe yourself some love; losing yourself in the process is the painful thing.

Pain is not measured by the tears we shed but the smile we give to people to show we are in control.

Love comes with memory we cherish and things we can forget, but also the pain that seems not to heal.

Loneliness is not that bad, but everything becomes worse when we are being forgotten.


The hardest, beautiful and very painful to come by as well as to lose.

Love heal the pain caused by love, the more we open our heart to love the more the pain attributed to such lost love.

The pain is not there because you have not committed yourself to love.

Our tears can say what we can’t communicate with others through our lips.

How I wish you told me earlier that you are nothing but pain to my existence.

For once I want to feel the whole universe is not against me and my heart is not yet failing me, let me hold you once again and never let you slip off my arms.

Not all scars disappear and not all our wounds heal, so the pain we felt is not seen by all.

If you let go because of the pain of the moment, then all the love you claim is nothing but a game.

Our love becomes pure when we understand the pain each one carry.

Forget the past things that haunt you but don’t forget the things learnt.

The extent of your pain gives you the strength to survive what the world brings your way.

You get stronger with pains, braver with each fear you have experience and wiser with each heartbreak you have gone through.

How do I pretend everything is okay, when my world is falling apart from within.

You can ignore whatever you wish not to see, but can’t ignore the feelings that come to your heart, everything becomes unreasonable when somebody who was close to you yesterday is drifted far away from you today.

The end of your relationship should not be the end of the entire feelings, give it time, it might come back to you.

A broken heart can be healed, no matter how difficult the situation might be, there will always be a sunrise to give us hope.

After rain comes the rainbow, a hope to all, after the pain comes strength a signal of love.

A love that surpasses pain is what is required to continue the journey of life.

Relationship is not all it seems to be, a beautiful relationship is one which have gone through a lot of hardship and challenges and both parties came out to be stronger.

What you are passing through now is for the moment, greater joy stays ahead of you through love.

When the storm is very heavy, stick together under same umbrella and never drift away from each other, together you will make it through.

It hurts to see yourself in a very low esteem, who says you can’t break your barrier and become that person you wish to be.

Love is worth fighting for when you finally realize you are doing it for the greater benefit of the other.

I found myself attached to you as a result of you not giving up on me when I could not even love myself.

You won’t face that challenge alone, we will sit down and think about how to fix it.

Love becomes practicable when we learn from our yesterday and make a better decision about our future.

It’s worth waiting for your love because I can’t think about anybody else except you.

Love is what we are yet to see and what we don’t know will eventually happen but it’s worth holding onto.

We learn to love and with time we accept each other for what we represent.

There are many letters in the alphabet so don’t worry yourself about the plan A there are many better options left.

It takes a real man to continue to love a person, to continue to hurt you and eventually brings out the best in you.

Go out to have fun, make mistakes, it’s okay if you are scared, but most importantly don’t forget to love as each day unfolds.

Love indeed is a magic when the right person stands by you and take you to the future you both dream of.