The 75 I Miss You Quotes To Say Missing You With Images


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Sometimes, someone fills the empty gap in our hands in such a manner that no one fits in it other than that special someone. I Miss You Quotes for life without that someone becomes hell and our heart and soul constantly call for that someone. Here are some I Miss You Quotes to ponder.

Dying would have been quite easier instead of missing you each and every single second.

My heart faces difficulty in beating without you, my nose faces difficulty in breathing without you, and I face difficulty in living without you.


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My heart keeps remembering you and my mind keeps on blaming my heart for loving you.

I keep on crying missing you badly, but I stop remembering one thing that no matter how much far we are, as long as we share the same sky, the same sun and the same moon the wind will always keep us connected.

The wind still blows but the charm is missing, the sun still glows but the shine is missing.


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The stars are still twinkling but the brightness is missing, I am still living but without you the happiness is missing.

People keep on asking me as to why I miss you when you don’t even care.

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I smile and answer them that it is impossible for a bird to fly without wings and it’s impossible for me to live without you.

I miss you each and every single day, I miss you each and every single hour, I miss you each and every single second and I keep on missing and waiting for you. My eyes wants to rest, my heart wants to beat, my life wants to live and I want myself to stop missing you. The rain seems to be dry without you, the sky seems to be dry without you, the roads seem to be empty without you and I am completely incomplete without you.


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When I get up I miss you, When I work I miss you, When I go to sleep I still miss you, I miss you so much that now I have been habituated of missing you.

The sun does not glow and my life has become slow, I want to go really fast but missing you takes me slowly to the past.

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Everything is same here, the people, the roads, the building, the thing which has changed is me because you are not here to complete me.

If some would have asked me what is the most difficult and painful thing for me I would have definitely replied: The most painful thing in this world is missing someone and living with his old memories.

You taught me how to smile,

You taught me how to live happily but you forgot to teach me to live happily without missing you.

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Missing you quotes

Missing you quotes for those days when you just can’t help thinking about him or her, to help you get through the day.

If you really want to know how much I miss you then start counting the stars in the sky because I miss you hundred times more the number of stars in the sky.

Missing you quotes

I am missing you so much, that I don’t know when I dream and when it’s real.

If you have really want to know that how much difficult it is for me to live without missing you then try to collect air in your palms and you will know it.

Death is something which happens once in our life whereas missing someone is something which happens forever and kills you each and every single second.

Missing you quotes

I miss you more than a bird misses to fly, I miss you more than a player misses a game, I miss you more than a moon misses the stars and I miss you more than a heart misses to beat.

My body misses the vibrations of your presence, my soul misses the feeling of your presence.



My heart misses to beat fast in your presence and I miss my soul, my body and my heart.

To be with you is my wish, to smile with you is my happiness.

To love you is my habit, and to miss you is all what I got.

I miss you more than the moon misses the stars, I miss you more that the sun misses the heat, I miss you more than a shore misses the sea, and I miss you more than a person misses to breathe.

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My heart calls for your heart to come, my soul calls for yours to come, my life calls for yours to complete, And I call for you to miss me.

The bird is chirping and people murmuring, the wind is blowing and insects humming, the environment is usual and cooling, everything is changing but I am still missing and missing. The things between you and me were never wrong, the love between you and me was never gone, and then what made you to go so far, I call for you but we are still far apart.

Without you my life became slow, I try to smile but face never glow, I cry without you loud but make it low, so please come back and end my pain, So that I may protect my life from going in vain.

The flowers in my life are no more blossoms, without you my life is no more awesome, I miss you badly and cry for your presence, so please come and make life blossom.

The wind blows but the noise is missing, my heart beats but the feeling is missing, I smile but the happiness is missing, and all these are missing because you are missing.

The gaps between my finger now remains empty, the love of my heart now remains thirsty, I try to live happy but, without you my life us no more worthy.


You made me precious, you made me smile, you made me happy, and you made me divine, But now you are not there and I miss you badly, My preciousness is gone and I am no more happy.

You made me to find the real me, you made me to discover the real me, I found myself within you but now I am lost again, come back and please help me to find myself again.

My phone flashes but you never ping, I keep on waiting but you never ring, I miss you very much and want to talk, please talk to me and don’t be a rock.

You will go so far I never thought, you will give this pain I never want, I miss you every second and need you very much, end this distance and make things sort.

miss you quotes

I run behind memories in search of you, I keep on looking but find no clue, I have lost the patience and need you now, please come back and make my life wow.

You made my life beautiful, but your absence has made it once again sorrowful, my life needs you and I miss you, please come soon I just want to be with you.

I miss you quotes for him

I miss you, those are the words that I want to tell him.

I miss you quotes for him

I feel very empty nowadays, my heart goes crazy nowadays, it misses a someone very much, but that someone don’t care nowadays.

The raindrops are falling from the sky, everyone is loud but I am a bit shy.

Even I want to be loud but without him I can’t, I miss him very much, please come and make me calm.

I keep on watching the door but you never enter, I keep on looking and have become a vendor, Even the door keeps on missing you, End the patience and come back soon.

I am filled with memories of you, they make me feel as if I am around you, but the reality is that we are far apart, my life is incomplete as you are its part.

I wake up daily with a wish to see you, I sleep daily with a hope to see you, I live my life also just to see you, and all this is happening because I so much miss you.

I want to fly high but without you I can’t, I want to live happily but without you I can’t, I want to walk miles but without you I can’t, Come and make me alive once again because without you I can’t.

I don’t know why I miss you very much when even you don’t care, maybe because you are my breath and important part of my share.

The leaves seem to be less green and the world seems to be less clean, one thing seems to me the most, that is I miss you and you are my host.

The sun used to complain because I used to see you first every morning than him, But now he laughs at me because he sees me before anything, I without any choice had to accept its greeting.

I miss you, I miss you, and I miss you very much, I need you so, please don’t act as such.

I keep on thinking the entire night about you because I daily have a common dream of meeting you.

People keep wandering happily around, I try to be away and never surround.

I miss you quotes for her

Miss you baby, send these words to her.

I miss you quotes for her

I just wanted to be wrapped within her, I miss her very much and she has no clue.

My life has become suffocating because you took its breath, my heart has become useless because you took its beat, you took everything but why not me, I am still waiting and just keep on missing you.

Missing is a pain which no one should go through, But you as a memory didn’t make me suffer and my pain has just flown.

Even my mirror has started missing you very much now because, nowadays I hardly check myself because of the fact that you are not there to see me.

Don’t make me miss you, please make me love you.

The distance has broken my heart, end this distance and never go apart.

Although everyone laughs at me for missing you but they don’t know that is the reason for smile on my face.

I don’t miss you to cry, but I miss you to be surrounded by your presence. I wish you would have been inside my mirror so that I would have seen you every time I see myself.

The pain is not that I miss you so much but the pain is that you don’t care.