Top 80 I Need You Quotes


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The need for love, care, affection, attention, and support can only be felt with a true companion. I Need You Quotes are here for you because it is one of the most beautiful feeling that can be expected.
There is no limit for love and care.
Here are few need you quotes gathered to express the need for someone, whether it is to share the message or to shower the feelings, make use of these.

It is only through your love and the magical tickle there seems be a meaning in life.


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To make everything right in my life, I need you!

Just like salt to the sea, I need you at all times.

To laugh, to smile and to enjoy life, all I need is you.

I need you to get the feeling of completeness and contentment.

When others say I love you because I need you. I would love to say – I need you because I love you.

You are not a want for me, but a need.

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Mistakes helped me understand what I need in my life- And that’s YOU!

Even if everything around me looks fine, I still need you, to feel content.

It’s not the looks or talks that attracts me, be yourself and I love to accept you as you are.


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To have ever-growing smile in my life, all I need is you!

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That moment when nothing around you looks right, all you need is the presence of someone very special.

You are my strength and weakness, a fire that burns always to give me light.

To complete my life with a perfect soul mate, your presence is enough.

Letting you go is tougher than pushing a camel through a needle’s eye.

Birthday quotes for boyfriend

You are the purpose of my life, the shine of my future endeavors.

I like to be frank by saying I need you instead of saying I Love you.

Though there are tons of reasons why I need you, none of them can be express through words.


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Happiness and luck turns to my side when you are beside me.

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Best way to tell someone when you miss him or her is with these need you quotes because they are perfect for this kind of feelings expression.

From drinking everyday morning coffee to signing off good night wishes to the stars, I need you and your presence.

Even if the whole world around me tries to make me happy, my eyes will still hunt for you. Need you.

Just a look or a smile of yours is all I need to survive through this day!

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Need you quotes

I need you beside me every night when my thoughts fade to a dream.

When my life was just black and white, it is you who brought colors and shines.

Every time I push you, I need you to pull me back closer to your heart.

Though I know I don’t deserve to have you in my life, I still wish for a miracle.

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Yes, everything looks beautiful and exciting, but without you I still feel incomplete.

It’s not always about your presence, just your voice can make my day.

Live your life with someone who needs you! Not with the one who wants you.

You are the music from my guitar, lyrics for my songs!

All the words in the world are not enough to let you know how much I need you!

Medicines can just heal the wounds on my skin, for heart to be healed your presence is needed.


Today I realized, I need you more than I need myself.

Though I need you, my heart will be at peace only when you are in need of me.

If only one more day is left in my life, I choose to spend the entire day with just you!

Peep at the moon through your windows and it will say how much am in need of you.


I feel content every minute you are with me.

It is not for the looks, talks and attention I need you, it’s to feel content.

I regret every second for letting you go, I can’t keep pretending any more.

You are my own, take my hand and go for a walk that never ends.

Love is more than just your name, need you to be beside me always to let you know what you mean to me.

All I want is to give my life only to you, I can’t survive anymore with just dreams.

Say a yes, and see how beautiful your life will turn to be.

Don’t want to let you go as life has been better since the day I know you.

I wish you were here now to share the ups and downs of my life.


I will have the strength to stand against the world, if you are beside me.

I need your hands to fill the gaps in between my fingers.

The looks from your eyes make me feel I need you for the rest of my life.

The spark in your eye is the reason for my life!

The more scared I’m to express my love, the more I need you in my life.

If you want to see me happy, let go of everything and come with me.

There is no need to tell anyone who we are, for they don’t know what we mean to each other.

I don’t know if I deserve to have you, but the desire makes me skip my heartbeat every second.


Out of all the place I wanted to be, your arms are the best.

To have never met you is easier than letting you go!

I need you in my life quotes

I can’t survive by losing you from my life, I need you to give a meaning for my life.

I need you in my life quotes

With you I have always been happy, and want to be the same forever.

I need you in my life so I can be complete.

For a lifetime and beyond that, I want to hold your hand in life’s journey.

I know you deserve the best, give me a chance to show you what is best.

Every time I yearned for your love and touch, you were always there for me. Will this stay for life long!

My life looks lovely when I make you laugh.

Is that the spark in your eyes or the sweetness in your voice that makes me feel you are mine.

Forever is long, a very long time, and that’s the reason I want to be with you.

If you feel like crying, take my shoulders. Though I can’t make you laugh but I can cry along with you.

Want to run away from everything? Let’s do it together for I need you, no matter what life is going to be.

Will you be there for me just as I am there at every call?

I will forget you if you can find me at least one good person like you!

Though am not the best, I promise to love you with my whole heart.

I need you to be with me as I can’t love myself like you do.

Our fingers fits so well together just like it’s made for each other.


Though I love you is the best lie you have told till date, I wish if it will turn true.

I need you beside me at all times, in struggling and prosperity I promise to protect you.

Just hug me tight and say I love you- I need nothing more.

My interest towards being alone vanished the minute you walked into my life.

Every moment with you is saved in my life diary to let the next generation know that it’s for you I lived.

I can live with or without you, but if I have to leave this world with contentment, I need you.

As my morning sunshine and moonlight twinkle I need you around me every single day.

There is no word in English, that can help me express my love towards you.

Here is my promise- I will never let you go alone, even during the worst time in our life.

Am scared to hurt you because you mean a lot more than anyone else to me.

If you wish to see me happy, stay with me.

Am craving for a hug, a hug just from YOU!

All the stress can melt away if you can spare sometime just for us.

Not sure what happened in our life that is making me feel I need you for the rest.

I don’t need a perfect future; all I want to craft is our life together in the future.

Give me a chance to create memories for us to share with our kids.

I love to accept you with all your strengths and weaknesses and make them mine too.

That magical smile of yours will bring colors to my life instantly.

With you if life takes a pause, I will love to stay the same forever.

All I need is just love from a person who knows the true meaning of it.

I want to make your life better every now and then, to make myself happy.

I don’t need you quotes

I don’t need you, well this is a big lie.

I don't need you quotes

I don’t promise to change your life completely but I promise to accept you completely as who you are.

I promise to say ‘I love you’ every night and will prove it every day.

Without you, every piece of me aches.

Finally I have realized that I don’t need you.

Every time I picture myself happy, you are there in it as a magical star.

All your flaws, mistakes, jokes, giggles and sarcasm are mine too from now until forever.

True love doesn’t need to be told, it is felt every moment spent with that special person.

No matter how you behave because of mood swing, it is your character that attracts me, not your looks or talks.

I don’t want someone who will brake my heart, that is why I don’t need you.

don't need you quotes

At all needs and in every situation, I promise to hold your hands tight until my last breath.

Come back to me, I need your love no matter what situation life puts us to.

Life is good to give us people who we need, not who we want. We deserve nothing but the best.

It doesn’t matter what we both talk, just talking with you gives a lot of relief.

I need you a lot more than you can ever think of.

It is you who taught me to ‘love people’ and ‘use things’ instead of ‘using people’ and loving things’.