50+ Inspirational Quotes About Love With Cute Images


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Love is a basic need of a human being. We can never live alone.
You should never give up on love and be hopeless. Here are some inspirational quotes about love that will make you feel strong about yourself and your feelings.

Never give up on love, God can surprise you in mysterious ways.

Only one person’s efforts can’t save a relationship. Commitment and motivations should come from both sides.

If you love her enough, don’t just sit around and do nothing, Show her. Because actions speak louder than words.


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Don’t be scared of the dark. Because every night has an end. Things might not seem okay yet but a little effort can change that.

Love can change your life but don’t let love change who you really are.

If you are not happy in a relationship, don’t drag it. Sometimes letting go is better than holding on to something that only give you hurt and pain.


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Being loved by someone gives you the courage and confidence. Keep that in mind and give someone some strength and confidence in return. Love is a give and take relationship.

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Love is a successful and happy partnership based on mutual understanding and respect.

Love is when two souls become one, living in two bodies.


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When you are in love, you fight for that. You don’t just give up. If there is a single hope left, you fight for it until your last breathe.

Objectives create determination, and when love is your objective, determination comes from within. That’s when you know it is true love.

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A love without motivation is just like friendship without trust, it is useless.

If you love her, show it to her with sincerity. Do not just say that. Love is pointless without actions.

Make up your mind for worst, it’ll hurt less. But never lose hope. Hope and assuming for worst contradicts, but that’s how you fight.

I will never let my mind play games with it. Don’t believe in rumors. If you love someone believe in them, it is always the best approach.

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Love is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Those who think love is a waste of time, try living without it.

At some point in life, you feel things you never felt before. Those feelings can scare the hell out of you. Because you have never ever wanted someone like that before, but now you do. So stay strong and be motivated and work for it to make it last.

Pain caused by love can make you feel paralyzed, but you can get over it. Take it some time and you’ll be fine again. Life must go on no matter how painful it is. Never be in despair, someone out there is really meant for you.

Lust is temporary but love is permanent. Lust ends up a lot faster than you think but pain caused by love can haunt you for a very long time.

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When you are in love, you make thousands of scenarios about how you are going to be the person you love forever. But that won’t make it happen. Go talk to them. Follow your heart and have some courage.

When in love, a person’s heart and mind work differently than normal. And it’s the indication that the feelings they have for them are true and pure.

Don’t mope around and complain for your feelings, it doesn’t work like that. ACT!!

I smile a lot. And you might not be the reason behind every smile but you are of course my number one reason to smile.

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You have to be ready before having a relationship. In love, you have to be prepared on whatever it takes.

Relationships can be difficult sometimes. Ups and downs are the part of it. But you don’t just lose hope and give up the second things go wrong. You must stand up and try to make it right.

I love you. And that is the only truth I know right now.

I am not the one to blame, because I know I loved you and I loved you a lot, and the worst part is I still do. Because my love for you will never die.

Don’t promise something that you know you are not capable to fulfill. Betrayal is the worst thing you can do to someone.

I will not think, even once not to sacrifice anything for you. Because you are my everything and nothing else matters.


Life is worth living when you have someone special to share it with.

There are 0% chance of her saying yes if you won’t go and talk to her but if you do, there is 50% chance of her saying yes. There is always a ray of hope in everything and according to my calculations 50 is better than 0!! Whatever happens at least you’ve tried.

You are not my other half, it is because I am not half in the first place.I am whole as long as I’m with you.

I see people whining about how they love someone and are not able to get them. You need to talk to them in order for that to happen. Have some courage and confident and express your feelings. She aint mind reader.

Sometimes being loved by someone can make you feel complete, confident and really special.

Relationships are tend to get hard sometimes. But we need to understand that it is the part of every relationship, and you fight through it.


Understanding each other and accepting each other’s flaws can make a relationship last longer and make it healthier as well.

Falling in love is an easy part, surviving that love is the real struggle. But if the love that you have for each other is strong enough then both of you can win in the name of love.

Pain will always try to convince you to give up. But this pain is nothing in front of all the joy and happiness you’ll get if you survive it.

If things seems wrong at the moment, don’t lose hope, there is always a way, there is always an open door. You just have to search for it.

Love is a feeling that everyone experiences, but it’s not always conceivable by everyone.

I am not saying that I am an expert in love, but I know one thing. You cannot force love, it can only happen naturally.

Love WILL last forever, but only if you want it to.

Love can hurt but only if you’ll give power to it. Don’t forget, you are the one who is in charge here.

Sometimes, it is better to expect nothing, you’ll be happier and more independent.

We wander in the search of love, but the thing is you can’t find love unless love finds you.

It is never too late to fall in love with a same person all over again. That’s the power of love.

If someone has hurt you, don’t hurt them in return. Wait for karma to act and it always does.

Being brave is to love someone, expecting nothing in return.

If you have tried your best and it’s still not happening, there is a reason, don’t force it, it will happen in its perfect time. Be patient.

Love and respect are interconnected with each other, one cannot survive without the other.

Have you ever wonder why such a great number of marriages and relationships end so quickly? It is because of the decisions that were made in the intensity of the moment.

Being deeply in love can make you sane or it can make you insane.

If you are in love with the right person you are fortunate, otherwise you are doomed.

Love can be a difficult emotion to handle. Not everyone can be in love and be normal at the same time. But if you are, that is your success.

Isn’t it weird how a single person you didn’t even know about a year ago can make you feel so strange now that you fell in love and you can’t even imagine your life without him. This is terrifying but addictive.

Even the slightest doubt in a relationship can end it. So before listening to rumors you should listen to your significant other. After all this relationship is not about other people, it is about the both of you.

Is it just me or love drives you crazy? But if that’s true and it does drive people crazy, why do we like it? Why this craziness doesn’t bother me, why do I accept it with open arms? Maybe because this craziness makes you forget all the other problems you have and makes you feel and enjoy the beauty of life.

It doesn’t matter if love has a bad reputation, sometimes reputation is just an opinion of bunch of people who wants to run the society according to their imagination.

Love can be delusional and you can be hypocrite. But when you see at her it all seems worthy.

Pain is just another side order in the combo of love, but that does not mean you should stop placing an order for that. Because I am sure there are other things in this combo which are worth the pain.

You go through thousands of emotions between the span of when you fall in love until when that love turns into a memory. But for some people there is no end to that. Sometimes you can’t dictate your heart to stop loving someone. Only time can heal a broken heart.

Why do I see people calling their lust love? Love and lust are two totally contradicting theories. Sometimes love can banish lust, and that is when you know your love is real.

When it is true love, you know it’s not going to be easy, you know there are going to be so many hurdles in the way to happiness and peace and you know you’ll have to fight for it. But when you are in love you don’t even think about it.

Love is a journey and it is not the journey you are afraid of, it’s the end of the journey.

Love is a pure and wonderful feeling and If you are in love with someone, don’t waste it, don’t let it die.Treasure it because everyone deserves to at least experience the feeling of being in love .