Top 60 Integrity Quotes


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Integrity is one of the greatest quality a person can possess.
Following are some of the integrity quotes to remind everyone how great it is to be honest, loyal and true to yourself and to others as well.

Honor of a man makes him a man. Because without that he’s just an animal without any morals.

Being loyal can make your life hard sometimes but that does not mean you should lose your integrity. Because hardships are the sign ups of integrity and loyalty.

You should also pay the cost of integrity, even if it means losing a friend.


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A person with integrity can never live a fake life. This only implies that fake people do not have integrity in their system.

A person with integrity will always do the right thing no matter if someone is watching or not.

If you want people to respect you, do what you say you’ll do. Because actions speak louder than the words.


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If you ever want to see who is capable of keeping your friendship, just focus on their words and their actions. Because words will tell you about how right he is and actions will tell if those words have sincerity.

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Being honest with others will always help you. People will recognize you as a man with integrity.

It is never okay to let your integrity go for a selfish reason.


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Lying is so much work if you ask me. first, you need a good memory to remember all the lies you have told, secondly it is just useless because truth comes out eventually, one way or another.

You can lie all you want but being honest and telling the truth will always lighten your heart. No matter how hard the truth is.

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A wise man knows that there is nothing more important than keeping your integrity intact. Because nothing is more important than a man’s integrity.

Integrity can help you built an image. People know that you are not going to lie no matter what, so they trust you. And earning trust is the greatest of achievements.

It is better to be a poor man with integrity than to be a rich man full of lies.

When you tell someone something about yourself or give him the power, just let yourself know if that person will use it against you or not.

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If you want to check someone’s integrity, check them when they are wrong and lost the argument.

If everyone is doing something wrong, it doesn’t make it right to just go with the flow and ride with them. Always be honest whatever it takes.

Do not find an easy way to do something, find a right one.

Integrity means having the power but still doing the right thing.

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Your integrity is the best thing you have. Because when you live with the rules of it, people will not believe anything wrong or hearsay about you.

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No one is cheap or rich, only integrity of a person can determine that. Richest of people can be cheap and cheapest of people can be rich just because of integrity.

Do not change personalities when you are alone and when you are surrounded by the people. Be true, be same, have integrity.

A man’s character can be determined by how he treats someone when other person can do nothing for him.

When you have power to do bad and that bad can do you right and you still choose not to do it that mean you are the one with integrity.

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We can be delusional sometimes and can get away from the path but that does not mean we are lost forever. We can always get back on the path; we can always save our integrity.

Looks do not matter if you have integrity and honor because these are the most beautiful and charming thing ever.

Do not do things which you will be ashamed of doing in front of others. Because things can never stay hidden, no matter how hard you try to hide them.

When you do something right just so people can see that and praise you, it is not integrity, it is just a show off.

Never let opportunity and greed control you. If you let them then there is something seriously wrong with your character.

A true leader will never betray his followers. Do not confuse a leader with a ruler or a boss.


If your priority is you in every matter, you have lost your integrity somewhere in the way. Try to find it before it is too late.

The most beautiful people are not the one with the good looks but one with the good character.

Find yourself a person with integrity and honesty. That person will make your life so much better and simple.

Never trust a person who says something and does something totally different.

How can you trust someone who cannot even stand for his words? A person with no honor, no integrity and no morals?

Be a person with morals. A person without them is just an animal in human body.

Respect is only for those who earn it, who deserve it and who care for it.


An honest person’s life is much more peaceful and simple than a dishonest person. Because an honest person does not have to worry about the frauds and lies he has told to others at all.

Most of the people do not care about how you look or how you do not fit in the society but care about how you do right by your friends and every other person in this world.

Maybe we should stop caring about our looks and start worrying about integrity and character.

What can lie ever bring to you other than the shame and disrespect?

Being honest, truthful and loyal is so much more attractive than a jaw line or pretty eyes or pretty hair.

Trust: once broken can never be fixed again. Same is with integrity.

Do not do things you do not want others to find out about. Because eventually they will find out and then there will be even no explanation for them to give.

You know you are a righteous person when you do good by habit not by force.

If you want people to remember you when you are gone, make your character remarkable. Be nice, loyal and honest with people. Have integrity.

You should treat others the way you want to be treated, and I think no one wants to be treated badly or disrespectfully.

Do not try so hard to be what you are not. But try to make your true self better. No one can be perfect but your morals can be and your integrity can make you more than perfect.

If you ever get a chance to revenge your enemy, think about it first. Do you want to be just like them and do the same what they did to you or do you want to be better and forgive them?

I am not the one to decide whether you should be treated nicely or not. You are the one to decide that for yourself. Because I will treat you just the way you treat me.

Being nice is not a crime but it is becoming one. People who are nice to others are mostly the ones who get hurt. Where has our integrity gone?

Lying can hurt people so can truth. But truth will always hurt less than a lie, even if it is a comforting lie. Because comforting lies get caught and when they do, it hurts more.

When lie becomes a habit and integrity is gone, other’s trust on you goes with it. And the next moment, you are nothing but a lonely man.

When you are a person with integrity, honesty and loyalty you do not have to prove that to others. Your character, personality and actions speaks for you.

There is nothing you can do to change a person but show him how to be a better person by being one.

Be kind to strangers, it will not help them for long term but it will definitely help you in building your character.

Going down while doing good is better than to live after doing something wrong.

It can be hard being honest and truthful all the time. It can take a lot from you. Sometimes it can weaken you and sometimes it will let you meet your biggest fears. But if all that can keep your integrity intact and safe, do it.

Never let yourself and others who has trust in you, put you down. Be brave and fearful and never doubt yourself even once while doing the right thing.

Someday, life will try to convince you to break, to give in, to think about just yourself and no one else. It will make you tired and maybe you will think about doing that, but just know that being selfish will never help you, it never has. Be proud of your integrity and keep it the way it is.

It is hard to love someone truly without integrity and honesty. Because relationships can never be made on a lie. This is the reason why honest people have long term relationships.

You can betray others and lie to them, but you can never lie to yourself.

You cannot run away from all the lies because you always know that you have told a lie and you have deceived someone. And it will slowly kill you from the inside.

Being kind and honest can be difficult sometimes. Because some truths can be harsh and being honest can never be described as a lie, not even a comforting lie.

A good face can please an eye but a good character can please a heart.

It is better to lose someone you love by telling them the truth than to have them by telling a lie.

Your character should be your identification. And that identification should be the one, people could never forget.

Sometimes little acts of kindness can do a better good for others. Be kind and true to others and be there for people in need. That way they will never forget you, because you were there for them when no other person was.

When your integrity becomes your identification, life gets easier for you and people start trusting you. In other words your reputation preceded you.