The 55 Jealousy Quotes and Sayings About Jealous People and Haters


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Jealousy is something which can either make or destroy your life.
Sometimes, being jealous motivates you to work more whereas, in many situations it can ruin your life completely by pushing away the people around you.
Jealousy can be disastrous and a reason for your failure.

Jealousy is a disease which can only be cured by happiness and faithfulness.

Jealousy is something which eat ups your life, and make it insecure.


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Jealousy actually makes you fall in life, but sometimes that fall helps you to rise back again.

Getting wet in the rain of jealousy is making falsehood to fall on yourself.

Jealousy is like a monster which will eat your friends and loved ones, and will leave you alone to cry and regret.


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Jealousy is that quality where you become happy to see others fail instead of seeing your success.

A person who has excellence in jealousy, is a person who has excelled in losing his loved ones.

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For a person who is filled with jealousy, the most important thing is to see others fail.

Jealousy is an art which teaches you to be happy in other’s sorrow.


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Jealousy is a negative feeling that when you follow becomes the enemy of your own happiness.

The king of jealousy in the end can have everything but no one to share or talk to.

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Jealousy is that kind of dirt, which starts contaminating your life, it never leaves until you were completely ruined.

Jealousy is a sea in which getting drowned seems better than swimming and sustaining.

Jealousy is a talent which only mean, selfish and cruel people can pursue.

Jealousy teaches you how to hate and fails to let you love.

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It is easy to become jealous about what others have but it is difficult to be happy for what yourself have.

A person in jealousy can never be happy, as his insecurity takes away that pride from him.

A jealous person can only be happy to see others in pain, no matter if his own life is going to be in vain.

If you’re perfectly fit in the suit of jealousy, you’ll be happy to see if other’s don’t fit well in their own respective suits.

Jealousy is a practice which makes you laugh on others but you don’t realize that your own life is laughing at you.

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Jealousy will give you a degree named as Master In Criticism.

Jealousy will give you that happiness which will continue to stay as long as you see others’ unhappiness.

Jealousy makes you a part of that ugly competition, where cheat overtakes faith and hate overtakes love.

A jealous person easily choses the wrong instead of the right, as it makes him blind and takes away the power of true judgment.

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Oh God, please save me from the spirit of jealousy I will rather prefer dying.

A jealous friend is more dangerous than a competing enemy.

Life is complicated, but when jealousy takes place it becomes disastrous.

Jealousy is like a food, which you will enjoy eating at first then suffer a dehydration later.

If you really want to learn to be happy when others are in pain, then start learning the art of jealousy.

Jealousy will help you to achieve pinnacle, but in return it will take away your peace of mind.


Climbing a mountain with the highest altitude is far more easy than getting over your habit of jealousy.

Jealousy will turn you into a monster creature that has no emotional and sensitive feelings for others.

Become jealous my boy, so it will help you in losing your loved ones.

I am not happy although I scored an A, but I am sad that my friend scored an A+ but I am not jealous.

Jealousy made me on the top of the world but when I see behind I find no one to clap for me.

Jealousy is a passion that makes you lose much more than to gain more.


The more jealous you become, the more you turn into a rock.

A jealous person is expected to cross all the limits of selfishness, cheating and distrust.

Good men always pity on jealous people, whereas the stupidity of the jealous people makes them to make fun of that pity.

Don’t become jealous my dear or else you will have to face fear.

The best way to become alone, is to be jealous and lost everyone.

A jealous person can never be happy, as he ends up comparing his wealth with others till the day he dies.

Jealousy is like a feeling which makes you sad by the presence of the stars although you are a moon.

A jealous diamond can only be happy inside the mine where it sees black and dark coal everywhere.

Always love the people who are jealous of you, as their jealousy proves that you are better than them.

Where there is love there is no place for jealousy, and where there is jealousy there is no place for love.

Jealousy is that mindset which can make you doubt the ones you trust the most.

The more you run behind jealousy, the greater is the speed of distortion that follows.

I feel pity for people who are jealous of me, as they’re waiting for me to fail but I keep on disappointing them.

If you’re hoping to see me sad because of your jealousy then let me tell you stop hoping, Your jealousy is a sign of my success and achievements.

If you don’t have people jealous of you, then your success is truly incomplete.

Earning success is much more easier than earning jealousy.

The best way to make a jealous person feel low, is by climbing more heights and giving credit to that person as well.

You laugh at me in jealousy and I laugh at you seeing your insecurity.

If there is someone who is extremely jealous of you and always find means to bring you down then be happy, because you have achieved something great which he can’t even think about.

I still wonder how a person can come up by bringing someone down, but then I remembered the word Jealousy.

If you are jealous of someone, then get over it and get rid of it but if someone is jealous because of you then be proud of it.

For a jealous person clapping for someone’s victory is the most unbelievable thing in the world.

People are jealous of you not because you are good but because you are much better than them.

The funniest thing is that a jealous person always wishes for your failure but never realizes that somehow he is the reason for it. If he would have not made you fall then you would have never get up.

Instead of being jealous you should try to be capable enough that someone else can be jealous of you.

Jealous People criticizing you makes you more confident and capable for achieving your dreams in your life.

If you are jealous of someone’s victory it will reflect in your insecurities and incapability of achieving things.

Make the world to be jealous of you, but never learn the art of jealousy.

It is a strange thing that in the fast going world where no one really has time, some idiots still find time to criticize, to gossip, and to be jealous from others.

If you really want to achieve something in life never build the foundation from jealousy. It will give you success in the beginning but will destroy your complete building of success in the end.

The biggest reason why a jealous person never wins is because winners always think of winning whereas losers always think of defeating the winners.

The best part of jealousy is that no matter how much you try to tell people about your greatness but you somehow always believe that the person you are talking all about is better than you and will be better always.

Jealousy will make you a wild animal, a rock, or a solid substance. In fact, it will make you everything except a human.

I am jealous of the people who love you because they try to show their authority on my property.

I’m jealous of the people with whom you are with instead of me, I’m jealous of people who make you laugh instead of me and I am jealous of everyone who is important in your life other than me because you are only mine and I can never share you with anyone else.

People who are jealous of others are termed as fools, whereas those who listen to these fools are termed as super fools.

The more you criticize, the more you show what you don’t have and the more you praise the more you show what you have. Hence, stop being jealous and start being happy.

Jealousy signifies how poor-ambitious, immature and incapable you are. So, if you really want to achieve something, make people to be jealous of you and stop being jealous of others.

Take care of your life and for God’s sake please stay away from mine. I don’t have space for jealous and insecure people like you.

Jealousy will take you in trouble and will always make you suffer.

Jealousy is a glass which is meant to be broken and it is a wealth which is meant to be stolen.

Instead of burning in jealousy burn in fire of desire to achieve and to excel.

Those who failed to achieve great things in life, are the ones who fall for jealousy.

Beware of jealousy, it is that moor which will never let you come out.

Jealousy is a sign of your weakness and is something which proves that you are a coward.