Keep Your Head Up Quotes


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No matter what happens keep your head up and tell them that you are not afraid.
No matter what situation you are in, never look vulnerable, it is just going to make people’s agenda easy for them to complete.
Difficult time must end and we must be hopeful that this time will be here soon.
I have collection of quotes, saying and messages about keeping your head up which I would like to share with you. I hope you like and enjoy them.

When time is wrong and everything seems shattering, never give up and keep your head up. It is because being vulnerable will only make the pain grow faster.

Giving up is not what you should be thinking about, no matter what it is, it can be fixed by having hope and keeping your head high.


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We all have one of those days when all we want to do is quit and give up, but those who want to conquer the world never go on that path, they keep their head high and keep moving.

Keep your head up, because then you can look into the eyes on your enemies and tell them that you are not afraid of them and you can be as cruel as them but you chose not to be because you are a better person than they are.

Giving up is for losers, and no one should be a loser. You should be a conquer and you should be the one to look into their eyes and let them know that you are not that easy to break.


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Keep your head up and try not to drown, because there are people around you who cares and depends on you. If they are not giving up on you then why are you?

Successful people are always the passionate ones. They always keep their head up and face every single one of their problem and never let their problems break them.

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Be a survivor because then you will have a good story to tell to your grandchildren.

Giving up is not the style of successful people, but being strong, keeping your head up and forgiving others is. Now it is up to you what you want to be and what you are going to be.


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Sometimes we do not realize that we have much more potential than we know, and sometimes all you have to do is keep your head up and let things hit you, because that is the only way to move forward.

A coward can be identified by his actions. The main characteristic he has is that he accepts defeat without even trying. Always try not have this characteristic and always keep your head up.

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It is indeed our choice whether we should give up or keep our head up to face our challenges in life. And your choice will determine what kind of person you are.

Keep your head up and never let anyone put you down, Because those who do not swim, drowns.

Giving up is a choice but keeping your head up will always be an option.

People sometimes can hurt you without it, simply because it is not always easy for them to understand you, because every single one of us is unique and different. Never let your hopes go and keep your head up in these difficult times and everything will be just fine.

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It is best to face your fears. It can surely give you a difficult time but just remember that this is temporary, and if you will keep your head up, you will be free of this fear in no time and don’t we all want that?

I know there are times in a person’s life, when we let darkness and make us believe that there is no light at the end of the tunnel and everything is going to be dark forever. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel, you might not be able to see it right now, but it is there and the only way to see it is by not giving up and keeping your head up.

The time might be difficult right now, but I know it will not stay forever and I know I can survive it by a simple formula, and that is keeping your head up and being as hard as titanium.

Do not be defeated by trials and challenges, have faith, keep your head up and move forward.

Time is not our enemy but it is the opposite. It keeps up moving forward even if we do not want to. So keep your head up and follow it.

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I know fake smiles are not the smiles anyone should wear on their faces, but the thing is that these smiles can hurt your enemies more than anything else in this world.

You might be going through a rough patch of your life, but it is just a chapter of your book, it is not the whole story and I know you have the most beautiful happy ending waiting for you. So keep your head up and keep on smiling.

Do not mop around and mourn about your problems, get up, keep your head up and do what you have to do to make things better for you. You cannot let this difficult time be your whole life. Let it pass and start a new.

Having faith that every challenges can be overcome through determination and keeping your head up.

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We all are living in our very own timelines, where everything is different for everyone. Sometimes these timelines collide and that is when we see the pain of others and realize that our pain was nothing but a luxury in front of that.

We do not know what other people are going through and we should be thankful for our lives and always keep our heads up and be strong.

No matter how difficult the situation is, always look at the bright side of everything and keep your head up.

Time heals, time hurts, time can leave you in past, time can be hard to pass by sometimes, and you know what it is all up to you what you want time to do with you. It is all about perspectives, so always have a positive and always keep your head up.

Situation, whatever it is, is made by us and our choices. But never to regret those choices, because somehow you have learned something from it, so keep your head up and be strong.

Even if you are not feeling strong right now, just keep your head up because others will be happy to know that you are weak.

I am going to tell you to heal yourself up, or let go of sorrow you have right now, because everyone heals at their own pace, Be positive and keep your head up. No matter how much hurt you are or whatever the situation is, a positive mind can always beat that.


Never let the situation or people tell you what you can be and what you cannot be. Be who you want to be. If you want to be sad, be sad, if you want to be happy, be happy. But just remember that when you do anything, own it up afterwards and walk with your head up.

It is never our situation that lead us to make hard choices, everything we do is our choice and after making that we all should keep our head up and be strong.

Keep your head up, because keeping it down will not let you see all the wonderful opportunities which are right in front of you.

Sometimes it is all in our heads and all these problems are made up by our brain. Shake your head, rub your eyes, keep your head up and wake up. Start fresh!! And it will all be just fine.

Keep your head up, because if you won’t, you will not be able to find your way to your success.

Wanting to change your situation is one thing and actually changing is another. Wanting will not make anything better but doing something about it will.

Keep your head up and your hopes high and do whatever it is to make things better, and never blame situation for anything. It is you who made this situation and now you are going to be the one to make it right.


My favorite kind of people are those who keep their head up in every situation and let everyone know who is the boss by their actions, not words.

Success is not necessary, happiness is, because happiness is the real success. So if your goals seem far away, just focus on your happiness, there are many things which can make you happy chase them but keep working for your main goal as well, slowly in the background.

Keep your head up because that is the only way you can see the beauty of life, because looking down at dust will not take you anywhere and definitely will not show you anyway out of your situation.

Keep your head up and never let this temporary bad time waste you. You are much more than you think you are.

Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do a certain thing. If they do not believe in you, let them say whatever they want to say, block them out and keep your head up.

Believe in yourself and prove everybody that they are wrong of not believing in you, there is nothing more satisfying than that.

Do not let other’s discouragement pull you down instead make it as a challenge, prove them wrong and keep your head up.