The 60 Love Hurts Quotes


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There are so many times when we, as individuals, fall in love with someone only to have our hearts either broken or shattered.
Every person goes through this type of thing, and experiences that harsh feelings that love can make us feel.
These emotions are incredibly strong and they aren’t feelings that we can escape.
Therefore, we have to face them head on and hope that with time our heart will heal from all the bitter pain.

Love doesn’t hurt, it burns

 It was unfortunate that I had fallen for the wrong person that I should not have fallen for. These feelings must end here and now.

 The saying goes that if you love something to let it go, but letting go is the hardest action to take when you love something so much.


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 The feelings that I have are a mixture of love and hate. I am still in love with you, but I desperately hate you for making me have to live without you.

 I don’t understand how my heart is able to continue beating with the pain that it is enduring. I don’t understand how I can feel this badly, and not die from it.

 The day will come when you remember all the feelings we had for each other, and you are going to forever regret that you ever let me go.


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 These emotions are so overwhelming that they feel like waves that keep crashing against me, and I can feel myself drowning.

 I know that you have told me that you love me, however, you do not love me in the same way that I love you.

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Love Hurts Quotes

 I will dream of the day that you can understand just how much it was that you hurt me, and how much you crushed my heart into a thousand pieces.

 The only thing that is helping me to pull through the hurt, is knowing that some day you will be the one longing for my heart and my love so you will understand.


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 It doesn’t matter how much you want someone to want and love you, there isn’t anything that you can actually do to make that happen.

 It is the type of love between two individuals that goes through the hardest and the most difficult issues and survives through it, is the love that truly matters and is real.

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 Just because you have told me that you and I cannot be together, that will never stop me from loving you as hard and as much as I do.

 If you decide to make someone the absolute center of your entire world, then you need to be sure that it will end in disaster and leave you broken.

 The moment that you feel your heart shatter into a thousand pieces, is the moment that it is the loudest quiet sound that you will ever experience.

 Love is supposed to make you feel whole, it is to make you heal, it is supposed to be your escape from misery, and it is supposed to make living worthwhile.

Falling in Love Quotes


 I did so much searching for the right individual that would make my heart happy, and you were the one that disappeared and forgot.

 Love is incredibly hard to find, it is so difficult to keep it, and it is something that can never be forgotten.

 How are you able to try to get the one person in your life that you need comfort from the most, when they are the one person who causes you the most pain?

Quotes about hurting someone you love

 I don’t understand the feeling of wanting him to wrap his arms so tightly around me, yet wanting him to leave me alone at the same time.

 When someone dies it leaves a huge heartache that no one is able to heal, but when love leaves, it ends up leaving a memory that nobody in this life is able to steal.

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 Why must I feel desperately trapped and bound, while you are running around free?

 Why am I in love with a man who doesn’t love me, a man who is breaking my heart?

Love Hurts Quotes

Love Hurts, sadly I know.

I wore our everlasting promise around my finger for so many years, and now that you are gone, I will wear your name on my heart for an eternity.

 I feel as if I was only meant to fall in love with all of the individuals who do not love me the same way back.

Heartbroken Quotes

Love Hurts Quotes

 At the end of the day, grief is the initial price that we pay for love.

 There are only two types of people who have the ability to drain your energy and they are those people that you love and those people that you fear.

 These days when you are trying to find your prince charming, you could very easily kiss a frog and turn him into a toad.

 My feelings have always remained the exactly the same for you, however, you are the one who walked away.

 When you betray your heart you will continue to suffer from it for the rest of your life, and that is why it is so important to always and forever remain entirely true to your heart.

 Love is something that is very deep, and is to be the worst kind of pain.


 It doesn’t matter how strongly that we may differ, if the love that is given is not given back in return, then it will end up expiring.

 There is so much that needs to be sad when it comes to love, and so much that is never said.

 It doesn’t matter who it is that decides to end love or to leave it, goodbye is never an easy thing to do.

 True love can only come once in a lifetime, and if you find true love a second time, it is only the medicine that is going to help you get through your first true love.

 A relationship doesn’t push forward on its own. It can only go as far as the two individuals, who are involved in it, want it to.

Love hurt quotes

 If you were to ask me at this moment how my heart and soul were at the moment, I would tell you that they were in pieces.

love hurt quotes

 There are so many times when you meet that person that has entered into your life to relieve all of your pain, however, they are the ones that add even more pain.

 It isn’t the love itself that hurt me so much, it was the future memories that I had dreamed of with you.

 When an individual tries to tell you that life is too short, then they have obviously never been looking and dreaming for someone.

 The moment that they walk out of your life, is the exact moment when you feel that death is possible to end the pain inside of your heart.

 When you have found that you are ready to feel extreme pain and you are ready to cry a lot, then this is the moment when you are ready to fall in love.

 I found myself actually falling in love, then everything came crashing down and my heart was ripped from my chest.

 The quiet feelings that consume you daily over and over again, and make you feel so hurt, is the quiet feeling of love.

 I will never understand why so many people look diligently for those painful feelings called love.

 When you are having to stand there and watch the one whom you love so very much walk away from you that is when you will be able to experience time literally standing still.

love doesn t hurt quotes

 Whenever you are experiencing the bitter feelings of hurt, is the true meaning that you are finally experiencing love for the first time.

 Love has the ability to uplift you, it is encouraging and full of kindness, and it heals, and if you are not surrounded by all of these things in your relationship, you are forever trapped in lies.

 If you are not feeling like you are in complete torment, then you are not experiencing true love.

 The only type of pain that cannot be fixed or relieved with any type of medicine, is a broken heart.

 It is never good or smart to try and hold onto something too strongly that is slipping right through your fingers.

 I told you that I hated to see you, hated to be around you I turned around and walked away to hide that I hated saying every single one of those words to you.

 He hurt me more than I deserved, and I loved him even more than what he deserved.

 Even though you hurt me so much, I will forever be in love with you.

 When you left I became silent, and this is the main word that describes my pain inside.

Quotes about hurting someone you love

 Hurting because of love is one of the best ways to find your inner strength.

 You must not be selfish and be careful not to be hurting someone you love.

Quotes about hurting someone you love

 Love has the ability to keep a half dead heart alive, but the pain of that half is incredibly intense and painful.

 You will never be able to remain friends with the person that you feel love so strongly for.

 The fact that love holds hearts, is the reason why love hurts.

 You will never find anything else more fragile than love.

 When it comes to love triangles, you should always be prepared to cheat.

 Loving someone is risky, confusing, and painful. If I had a choice to do it all over again…I would.

 If I had known how bitter and disappointing love was, then I would have chosen never to take a part in it.

 For all of those individuals who want to know exactly what love is, it is the thing that ruins you.

 If you are hungry enough for love and you continue to crave it, then even the poisonous ones out there will taste good.

 If you have to beg and plead someone to be in your life and to love you, then they don’t belong in your life to begin with.