80+ Sweet Love Messages For Husband And Romantic Things To Say To Your Husband


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We all as little girls have grown up seeing fairy tales, wondering how our Prince Charming would be like and thinking when will I meet him riding in his shiny white horse. But when we finally met Him our life starts appearing, no less than a fairy tale. Read on, these love messages for your husband, to express and convey your love to him. As, the way we want them to answer our questions like “How much they love us?”. They also deserve to know “How much we love them.” with these beautiful Love Messages For Husband.

I don’t like to call you my Husband because Honey suits you more. You are my sweet love, the sweetener of my life.

I never knew what love is. Until my ring finger, was adorned by you.


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I want to confess something. Usually, many brides slowly walk down the aisle but I felt like running towards you, on our wedding. I didn’t felt like wasting even a single minute, which could delay our union.

I must have had done really good deeds, in my last life. Which is why, I am blessed with a husband like you.

My Dear Husband, I love the way you caress me. I love the way you see me. I love your surprises. I love your morning kisses. But above all, I love you.


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When the very first time I met you, you didn’t look like a stranger to me, at all. As it seemed like we have known each other in another life, in another existence.

When I used to get bored, I loved scribbling my name on paper out of boredom but now, I love scribbling your last name around it, out of love.

Birthday Quotes for Boyfriend

Love Messages For Husband

I love my wedding day, more than my birthday.

You know what my girlfriends say seeing you, Wish! I had a husband like this.


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Together we turn into a full-moon, shining bright at the darkness of night skies. And I want my every night to be a full-moon night.

The day you went down on your knees with that ring on your hand, you also made me feel weak in my knees.

Love Quotes For Her


Marriages are made indeed, in heaven. That day, I felt even the angels from heaven above have come down the earth, to bring us together. Because, when I’m with you I feel heavenly blessed.

You know what they say, when they look at us Two crazy lovers, named Husband and Wife. But, when I see you, I always feel like chanting I love you. I love you.

I have a box full of jewelry. Still, none of them makes me feel special except the wedding ring that you my husband gave me. I love you to the moon and back.

I have started to love you more and more, with every passing day. It has been like this, since the day you stepped into my life.

Love Quotes For Him


I won’t mind even if you forget our anniversary date. But, don’t you dare forget to say that you love me; everyday.

The most romantic thing I’ve ever read till now, is not any best-selling romantic novel, it is our wedding card.

You know what, you are my superhero. You always protect me, even when you are away from me. Wonder how? When a guy tries to hit on me, I show him my ring finger.

Since, the day I entered your place. I am not being able to miss my maiden home, at all. Should I feel guilty or happy about it?

I chose you as my husband, because I’m in insatiable love with you. Which only a lifetime bond could fulfill.

Sweet Cute Love Quotes for Him


I must say that my ability to make decisions is really commendable. Don’t you think so? because I chose you, as my husband.

Since the day I took your last name, everything relating to love reminds me of you. I can picture you in every love song, love story, love poem and everything which speaks of love.

I’m no more afraid of the word wedlock. All the credit goes to you.

The day, I got married to you. My life started writing a book of romance on me and you. It said that, I will love you from preface till epilogue of our book.

New Relationship Quotes


You ignited the fire of love in my heart, the day we got married. I’m afraid there’s no fire extinguisher in this world that could cool down this loving fire inside me.

I am glad that I turned the Most Eligible Bachelor into my husband, which makes me the Most Luckiest Wife.

I remember very well that in our wedding party, gifts were piling up like a big mound of shiny papers. But, for me the most magnificent gift I got on my wedding is you.

Even when we fight, I can’t stay mad at you for a long time and you know this, very well. So how can I even imagine a life without you in it?

Though my jewelry box is full of jewels. It doesn’t shine at all, because it is deprived of my wedding ring.

Love is not just a word for me, it’s my world; I don’t see love as an emotion. I see love in a person named Husband. I see love in you. You have changed its meaning for me, from an adjective to a noun, from an abstract feeling to an actual person.


Every bride gets nervous on her wedding day, I was nervous too. But, the moment I saw you standing impatiently, smiling right at me. My nervousness evaporated like water, when I realized that it was just an illusion and my reality was in front of me.

I have started a partnership firm named I Love You Hubby, registered under the Act of Marriage.

I love it when, you make me a breakfast. I love it when, you do the dishes. But, I love you the most, when you love me.

You want to know why I married you? It’s because I wanted to spend the rest of my life, in love and being loved.

Words like lifetime, permanent, and forever intimidated me, until I met you.

I found only marriage to be the ideal way for telling you, that I love you.


Earlier, I used to think that marrying someone is nothing but stamping a guy’s last name, after a girl first name. But, I now love that stamp you thumped on me. I don’t think it to be a stamp anymore. I now find it, to be one of my belongings.

Small little things can do wonders. Don’t believe me; remember my little wedding band that made you my husband.

My union with you made me feel complete. Complete, as if you were the only puzzle piece I needed to solve the jigsaw puzzle of my life that was lying all scattered and shattered.

My relationship goals says that I didn’t want to be just Married; I just wanted to be Happily Married. I didn’t want to be your Wife. I’ve always wanted to be known as your Life. And you’ve just won my soul, by fulfilling many of my relationship goals.

I can’t live my life without saying I love you to you, with every beginning and end of each day.

Some lovely memories are meant to be photo-framed, like the time when we were taking vows on our wedding.

I love you so much. That if you leave this world before me, I want my grave to be by your side as this fragile heart won’t be able to stay alive for long, without you.

When I sat on the Wedding Train with you, I knew that Id end up loving you more than myself.

From Day 1 of our journey together, you’ve been ornamenting my life with the gems of your love and kisses. I don’t feel like saying anything except that I Love You My Husband.

Nothing mattered to me on our wedding day, surprisingly not even my long-thought, carefully chosen wedding dress. Only thing that mattered to me was you.

I want to thank God for pairing me up with the rightest person on earth.

You have seized my heart by the thick vines of your love, which keeps on gaining a strong grip over my heart, with each passing day. Its effect is so strong on me, that my heart has grown into a wilderness full of your love-vines.

In my visual memory, the color Red before marrying you; reminded me of blood and paint. But, now it reminds me of hearts and cherries.

I have found a husband, who loves me madly. I have found a husband, whom I love endlessly. I have found a husband who loves me entirely; I have found a husband whom I love wildly.

Cupid is more than lucky, you know why? Because if he would have had aimed at a man other than you, for me. I would’ve hated him more than anyone in this world.

The very first day I met you, I experienced a peculiar kind of vibe. I sensed, a magnetic field arisen between the two of us. I guess that’s why I succeeded in attracting that wedding ring lying on the opposite side of the pole; hiding inside your pocket.

The merriest moment of my life, is my marriage. As, I knew if I marry you, you would keep me merry for ages.

I believe that my encounter with you was not any coincidence, it was our pure destiny. Even, the Universe secretly wanted us together for eternity.

I loved the mere idea of sharing my life with you. You have no clue, how crazily happy I was, when you asked me to marry you. It’s like a dream come true.

I want to tell you a secret, ever since we had an eye contact; you have romanticized my life in unstoppable ways. I can’t and I won’t stop you. I just wanted you to know that I have also fallen in love with you in uncontrollable ways.

For me the word married is not just a relationship status. It’s an indicator of having found someone whom you love unconditionally. I guess, now you know why I married you.

I thought myself to be the happiest girl alive on earth, when I married you.

My husband lives at the hub of my heart.