The 60 Awesome Love Quotes


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Love could make a dull life exciting and full of surprises. With your loved one by your side, you feel that you could conquer anything. Such is the function of people; we are born to love and be loved. Share these love quotes with your special someone and feel the love ignite once again between you.

Because you stole my heart, I would steal a kiss from you in return.

Being with you enables me to live, to love, and to laugh.

Everything became good in my life because of you, because you are my inspiration.


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Heaven delivered to me the most gorgeous angel so someone must be looking out for me up there.

If you kiss, hug, and love me, I’ll make sure that those sweet things would be returned to you.

The only thing that can surpass the gratitude I feel for meeting you is the amazement I feel at the happiness you gave me.


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Being sweet together with you makes me melt like honey whenever you love me.

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Before I met you, I already envisioned you as my dream girl just the way you are now.

Only a thin thread lies between us, that is why we walk so close to each other because our hearts are tied.


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I will hand over my heart to you because I’m afraid that I might lose it or give it to someone else.

Love quotes for couples

Those days that I am alone are far gone because you are now ticking inside my heart and I only breathe you.

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No one can separate two hearts that have recognized each other’s love no matter where they go.

With all the breath I take, with all the tears that I shed, and with all the smiles I give, I love you.

I will forever be by your side because we have an unbreakable bond that can make us face the world.

You are the most beautiful woman in my life and we took everything from each other, so let us stay together.

Falling in Love Quotes


Every morning when I wake up I think of you, and before I go to sleep I still have you in my mind.

Nothing is more important than our love because we measure it in our own heartbeats.

I want to feel your love, so take my hand and bring me to where your heart is.

Love quotes for emotional girl

I always smile while looking at you for no reason and that is only after I met you.

I want to make sure that I still live in your heart so I make it a point to always knock and check.

Emotional Quotes


I look at you and see you as a little kitten wanting love from me in this chilly world.

Every morning I wake up full of excitement because I would be meeting you later.

There are no limits to my love for you because you are the reason for every good in my life.

I wish that you will know my feelings for you which words could not express.

Love Quotes For Her


Ever since I met you I forgot how being alone felt because my days are now worth living.

The memories of the past, our present love, and the future’s goals are all because of you.

I fell in love with you the moment I saw you, and you knew because you smiled.

I loved you not because of your physical appearance but just for the person you are.

Whenever I catch you looking at me I get tickles all over.

Even the most trivial moment with you mean a lot to me because I love you.


I would never trade being with you for all the riches in the world.

I am willing to give you my heart intentionally because I know my life would be great with you.

I thought I will never be happy again, but that was before I met you.

You are the source of all my happiness because you shine your light upon me.

Short love quotes

Even the littlest things you do bring warmth to my heart because my joy came from you.

Whenever I am sad, you take it away and you give me hope in all my problems.

short love quotes

I do not want to experience the pain of not having you in my life.

I always smile when I see you, and even more if you return the smile back.

I always thank you for making my day great just by being by my side.

During the day you brighten my life with your love and at night the stars shine upon you.

Even if the world is full of change, you always keep me constant because I feel lost without you.

The darkest night could not beat the light of your love that guides me through the night.

I love you even more with every heartbeat. You keep me steady because you are my rhythm.

I may not give you treasures but I promise to be with you every step of the way.

I do not mind being drenched in sweat, tears, and even blood just as long as you are my reward.

I am not the type of man who wants to settle down, but you changed that when you came along.

I want to build you a kingdom on the clouds and let me fly you there with the wings that your love gave me.

You are the queen of my life and I promise to treat you like one because you reign all over my heart.

I am very lucky because I can call you mine because no one can compare to you.

I am not a believer of forever but when you came, I realized it is not enough to spend with you.

Heaven mourned after you were sent to love me here on earth.

You are the most wonderful blessing I have ever received in my life.

Each day becomes better because you are with me, you perfect woman.

I always pray that sleep would come and go fast so I can wake up right next to you.

Love quotes for him

He is the giver of happiness to my heart and the bearer of peace to my edgy soul.

He has the ability to comfort my soul whenever I think of him.

The brightest light that shines upon my path is you my love.

Love quotes for him

I would rather choose one minute of being with him than an entire day full of sunshine.

Knowing you can make people love you, but for me I consider it as a great blessing.

I have no knowledge about love before you came and it is more than I have ever imagined.

You inspire any poet that speaks about love in the classics.

Every day of my life is well spent because of you.

Your eyes may glow like a thousand stars and your heart may beat a thousand beats but there is only one love for me.

My heart beats wonderfully for you, and you would know this if you touch it.

You are more than what I deserve and you bring completeness to my broken life.

The day is brightened by the sun and the night is brightened by the moon, but you bring brightness to my life.

You are worth the wait the moment my heart told me that you are the one.

My life gained completeness when you entered it.

Even in far away loneliness, my soul could hear the wonderful music that your heart plays.

One small yet wonderful compass leads me to love and that is you.

My dream is for me to wake up next to you someday and now that it is fulfilled I am more than contented.

Even though you do not say a word, I am thankful that I could still feel your love for me.

Because of your touch, your sweet kiss, and your tight embrace, I love you deeper and deeper.

The tenderness I let you feel always has meaning; just put my love into your heart.

No matter how many times you utter I love you, I would not get tired of hearing it.

Love quotes for her

My heart is burning with an everlasting love that is only meant for her.

I would call and call for her to give her love to me all through the night.

The fishes may have the sea and the birds may have the sky, but I her and that is more than enough.

Nothing can ever measure the depth of my love for her, my beautiful girlfriend.

Love quotes for her

I hope and pray that she will love me as much as I love her.

You filled my life with rainbows and sunshine and I love you so much for that.

Just look inside my heart and you will know how deep my love is for you.

Before I die, I want my last words to be how much you mean to me and pass away in your arms with peace.

I could run in a track and field with the way my heart beats fast for you.

I love you not because of who you are but because of who I become when I am with you.

There is no need for words between us; with only silence we can already hear our hearts speak.

No matter how strong the typhoon or how hot the climate is, we would conquer them together.

I may not be able to catch the sun and the moon for you, but I will make sure that I could light your way brighter.

I pray for the day to pass faster so that I could lie next to you at night.

One of the most treasured possessions a man can have is the heart of a woman.