70+ Lying Quotes and Sayings about Lies and Hurting For Him In Relationship


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Lying is considered to be the most evil of all sins.
There is nothing worse than lying to a person who has complete faith in us.
But sometimes the human tendency is to lie either to save ourselves from something bad or to save others.
So why do we lie? Here are some lying quotes that may help you understand:

The worst thing about a lie is that you lose the trust in that person.

Lying about how old you are won’t turn back the clock.

A lie can be brilliant but there is always someone who will see through it.


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Everything bad stems from lies.

A lie is contagious. It spreads until it has affected all the good in you.

Lying about the unrealistic isn’t a lie. It is paranoia.


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Integrity gets destroyed by lies.

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Lying can get you in more troubles than saying the truth.

A man who constantly lies is a man who is not at peace with himself.


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Lies are like seeds. The growth is slow but steady.

Every reason you have to lie cannot be better than telling the truth.

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Lying while teaching is the worst kind of lying.

To forcefully impose a lie on someone is to destroy innocence.

The eyes have a natural habit of always telling the truth.

Everything has its foundation in faith. One lie can shatter the entire foundation.

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The truth is generally always more bearable than a lie in the long run.

Someone who lies constantly can’t tell what is true anymore.

Lying is like cancer. It spreads very fast and if not contained, can be incurable.

A lie and an excuse go hand in hand. An excuse is just a lie waiting to develop.

Lying to yourself is the biggest kind of lie a certain person can do.

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A relationship broken by a lie can never be rebuilt.

The lion will never be truthful to the lamb. The lamb will never lie to the lion.

Only the drunk and the innocent are truthful.

Lying is in everybody’s nature.

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There is no such thing as a good lie.

A lie is always destructive. If not to others, it destroys our soul.

The only person that is responsible for your lie is yourself.

Life gets better each time we say the truth. It brings us closer to salvation. A lie does exactly the opposite.

Lying to oneself is dangerous. A man who lies to himself must not and cannot expect truth from others.

And if you constantly lie, never believe in yourself.


In life, there are only two forms of statements – true statements and false statements.

If you can’t be true to yourself, you can’t be true to others.

If you are being true, be true to your intentions about the truth. A true statement with bad intentions is worse than some lies.

Lying gets you one step further away from humanity. It makes you lose that spark in your soul.

Lying is the universal sin hated by people of all castes, creeds and colors.

A lie that creates something beautiful is not a lie. It is a work of art.


The greatest feats in human history were all ultimately achieved by the truth.

No one remembers the liar. All they remember is the lie.

Wars are fought on the basis of anger and lies but come to a resolution only when both the parties involved perish or come to terms with the truth.

The best part about being true is that you will always be appreciated, no matter what the mistake committed.

Innocence sprouts from the truth and dies in lies.

The good have a reputation for being truthful. The bad are known for lying. No one will accept opposites from either one.

The more you lie, the more you hide, is the more you isolate yourself from the world.

A lie can be small, can be beneficial but can never bring peace to yourself.

Great people are often stressed on the importance of not lying, but the greatest people have always lied and corrected themselves later with the truth.

The most important thing about being human is being faithful. Faith goes away when you lie.

Lies arise out of bad intentions. If your intentions are good, you will never lie.

Lies will make you a fake person and everyone will be started to hate you.

The urge to lie can be overwhelming sometimes but that is the true test of a person’s soul.

A lie, if not controlled, can become like a noose around your neck which cuts off your ability to speak.

A person is not born a liar. It is what he chooses to be.

The only thing that any God or religious segment has ever preached is lying.

Lying is a complete and huge test how deep is your faith.

Telling a lie has become so common that it is now considered an art.

A person who can lie well can slip by life and the pages of history quite easily.

If life is a tree, then the truth is the root and lie is the dried leaves, it gives nothing but sadness and misery.

A liar is called a genius while a truthful person is called dumb.

Lying raises and kills you in your own eyes. Rises at that point and kills later.

Everything that has been a product of a lie is a guilty possession.

The only virtue of a liar is that he enjoys the ultimate solitude.

A teacher who preaches the truth and follows that path is called an egoistic.

The truth is so hard to find now that people have started going on quests for it.

Universal truth is different than other forms of truth. It cannot begin in lies.

Lies are important too. Only with lies that we can appreciate the value of truth.

Lies are not to be admired. They are to be looked down upon.

A foolish person will never lie. Lying is the attribute of the wise.

A number of brain cells you kill while thinking of a lie shortens your power to think significantly.

Lying is different from deception. A lie is a lie while deception is only fragments of the truth to mask a lie. Deception is the ultimate tool of destruction.

No commitment is stronger than committing yourself to lying.

One who lies often forgets how to tell the truth.

Things held together with lies fall apart very easily.

Lie and deception are the worst things to hit humanity. Anything in their replacement is better.

A master at lying is also a master of loneliness.

Many will accompany you on a path of lies, but no one will see the whole journey through with you.

Sometimes a broken-hearted person is hiding in the mountain of lies, pretending everything is fine.

Lies and deceit define how a man will be looked upon by the society.

The greatest gift that mankind has given itself is the ability to differentiate lies from the truth.

Truth makes life a whole lot simpler.

You can lie about climbing a mountain but deep inside you know that you never could. How could you be trustworthy if you couldn’t even climb your former self to be a better person.

Lying can demolish a hundred truths but a hundred truths can’t make up for one single lie.

Cunningness and lying are the siblings of each other.

Each time you lie, a black spot appears on your heart, a liar has a black heart.

A person, who lies, cannot even trust himself.

Say the truth even when you’re lying.

The person, who lies, never lives happily (peacefully).

A real person will always hate a liar.

The worst a person suffers who has lied too is that he thinks that he did not deserve the truth.

You can always comfort someone with a lie, it’s better to stab them with a truth.

You can still talk to the person whom you lied too, but make sure he won’t believe you again.

The best way to turn the person closest to you is by lying to them.

A lie is a lie, whether big or small.

A masqueraded truth can be considered as a lie.

Whatever be the reason you lied for, if you lied, you’re still a liar.

You shouldn’t be using a lie as a weapon when you’re fighting for the truth.

A liar has to face disgrace sooner or later.

The truth you hide can hurt them for a while, but the lie you shredded will leave a scar forever.

A lie can never be hidden, truth always comes out, maybe not on your preferred time but in God’s perfect time.

The only time you are allowed to lie is when you are planning a surprise.

There is darkness and anxiety in the world of lies.

You should normally keep shut if all you have to do is lie.

A lie knows no bounds; it can keep on going forever with a gulp of guilt.

You know you are done, when you fall in love with a lie.

Be fearless, or you’re pushed to lie.

The people who get upset with a truth are the one who were living a lie.

A Truth may cost you something, but the lie might cost you everything.

If he lied to you, he just simply wants to lie with you.

You can never wear a smile when you’re lying, you can never stay happy.

The one who can lie while looking in the eye bears less courage than the one who is stating the truth.

You can imagine the trust like an eraser; it gets smaller every time you lie.

One doesn’t lie by chance, one lies by choice.

You cannot trust a person who lies to you, and you cannot lie to a person who keeps his trust on you.

Not getting caught in a lie is not as rewarding as saying the truth.

You are not truly sorry when you’re just caught lying.

Real eyes take time to realize the real lies.

You lost, at the moment, you threw a lie.

Keeping a promise you cannot keep, is as good as lying, it doesn’t do any good to either.

The life of a liar is very straightforward. The end is straightforward too. It is always dark and lonely.