The 40 New Love Quotes


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New love can be exhilarating and romantic. Yet, new love can end in tragedy and pain. Here is a list of new love quotes that covers all feelings, emotions, and obstacles that a person associates with new found love.

There is no greater moment for a mother than the love of her newborn baby looking at her with unconditional love.

New love is exciting but frail, it typically doesn’t last for very long.

Falling in love is a rush of adrenaline that cannot be matched.


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There is a person that was made for each of us, to be that one, true love.

When love begins, you will never cry tears of sorrow, only tears of joy.


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I would rather be dead, then to have to live without you.

If you only have loved the first person you fell in love with your whole life. Then you have found your soul mate.

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Loving you always and forever isn’t long enough.

It is easy to initially fall in love, it is hard to turn that new love into everlasting love.


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I wish you still loved me like you did when our love was new.

The beginning of love is full of romance and lust. The end of love will cause you nothing but pain and misery.

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If only all love felt like puppy love does, sweet and simple.

Your first love is like a drug, you will always keep searching for that high but, you will never be able to feel that way again.

When we first kissed, I knew I fell in love. When we first fought, I knew how tragically we would end.

Every new love is special, you need to learn to make one of those love’s last.

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I long for that warm, fuzzy feeling and butterflies in my stomach. The way I felt the first time you said that you loved me.

Perfection does not exist. That does not mean that there is not a person perfect for you.

A new relationship is exciting and full of wonder until you get to know that person and then it all begins to change.

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Every person wishes their relationship was still as amazing as when it first began.

Every time you fall in love, it is like a new adventure is beginning.



The joy of love is a feeling that you never want to end.

Falling in love over and over again is not worth all the heartache you will make yourself endure.

New love is always amazing until you discover the person’s true self.

Every new love destroys yet another piece of her soul.

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That rush, that longing for their touch, to be held so close you can hear the beating of their heart. That is the feeling of new love, do not let it slip away.

Those moments you experience when love is new and fresh are the moments you wish would last forever.

Quotes about new love

From the moment they met, they knew this love would be forever.

There is a different song to describe every person you have loved and every relationship you have been in.

If you find that one true love, hold on and do not let go. No love will ever compare.

Every time he falls in love, another girl ends up having a broken heart and crying herself to sleep.

Any new love will never compare to that one unforgettable that happened to get away.

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All the new and exciting loves that you experience will not be able to erase the memory of your one true love.

When a new relationship does not change with time then you have finally found the person who was meant for you.

How many times must you fall in love and get hurt to find the right love for you?

New love is an awkward phase of getting to know one another for the people you really are.

Love is a force that cannot be stopped no matter how hard you may try.

If you keep falling in love, you will find love that is meant to be.

When one love goes away, it hurts, but you will be alright. You will make it through the pain. You will love again and again.


Each child you have is another new love that will never fade away.

A new love can easily be replaced.

New love is more lust that deep, meaningful feelings.

Every time you fall in love with a new person, you hurt the person that you left behind.

A new found love can take you heart places that you never even dreamed of.

When you start a new relationship and have that love that is new. Reality does not matter, all you see is that other person.

Puppy love, new love, old love, or lost love. It does not matter what kind of love. All that matters is that your heart got to experience and feel what it’s like to love.

A new star will begin to brightly shine in the sky for every new love that is found.

Do not worry when your relationship comes to an end. As time passes, you will start anew and learn to love again.

The feeling you have when you start loving someone new, cannot be replicated.

Love cannot be labeled. It is different for every single person.

The start of something new does not mean you will be able to let go of past loves and forget the ones who got away.

Once you have had your heart broken, it is hard to fall in love with someone new. You will not trust your heart to anyone until that new love feels right.

Have you ever looked back on a relationship and wondered why you thought you were in love? It was nothing at all compared to the love that you now have.

No matter how many times you will fall in love. Nothing or no one will ever compare to that first true love.

Every time you fall in love, it is a new and exciting feeling that you have never felt before.

The emotions you feel when your love is new often hides the truth of what is actually happening.

You pray that your new love will hopefully be the last. Your heart can not handle much more.

When you start all over, you hope that your new love is not like the last love. Though we seem to attract the same type of people over and over.

To make our relationship last, we have to love one another as we did when our love was fresh and new.

Each new love left another scar on her heart.

I want you to look at me with nothing but pure love and intensity like the moment when we found one another. When our love was in the beginning stages of the relationship.

That love had gotten old and was finally over. She needs to feel that brand new love feeling. She needed to feel something, anything.

You may wish for each love to last forever but, it will not happen until you have found that one.

You make love often when you are young and the love is new. Trust me, it will fade and become less and less often with time.

Life gets in the way of love except when love is new.

Do not ever leave me, I do not want to have to find a new love again.

A girl can only endure so many heartaches yet she will search for a new love and it will happen again.

She has been hurt so many times that her heart is broken. A new love will come along and put the pieces of her heart together again.

Nothing comes even close in comparison to that feeling of falling in love with someone new.

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Men pride themselves on how many women fall in love with them. It is when a woman finally breaks their heart that they will never want a new love again.

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My new love found him, when least expected it.

You must not compare a new love to an old love that you are trying to forget.

New love is like going on a vacation to a place you have never been to before.

It is a great gift to find new love when you thought you would never be able to love again.

New love is special. Each love is unique, you can never love the same way twice.

New love or old love, as we grow older, the way we love grows too.

If your relationship doesn’t seem right, it is possible to love the same person just in a new way.

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Our love changed me, you were a new lesson that I had to be taught and I learned from our relationship.

New love will never replace the old loves that we regret giving up.

Most times you fall in love, it turns out to be nothing but a bad mistake.

It does not matter who you are, every person compares a new love to that one true love that got away.

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Do not let past relationships ruin new relationships, it could be the person that you have been longing for.

When people fall in love with their best friend, you have always loved the person but now you love them in a new way.

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New love happens with the people that we least expect it too.

You do not have to like me in order to fall in love with me.

You have to be careful when falling in love, you need to be certain that the other person cares for you enough to not intentionally break your heart.

You can’t help it if you fall in love with someone who loves someone else. Just be aware that you aren’t going to win their heart and they are not going to love you back.

If you do not fall in love at least once, then there is no meaning in your life.

Sometimes we look back on past relationships and wonder why we were even in that relationship. That wasn’t love, the person you are with now is love.

When she wished on a star and he said you don’t have to wish for it, I will love you forever. She thought that they would always be together. She was completely wrong. New love masks the truth of the situation.