The 60 New Relationship Quotes For Him and Her


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Life is meant to be lived with the one you love by your side in relationship. People who find the one they love can live at ease and contentedly, and despite adversities they always manage to hold on to each other. These new relationship quotes speak of the love of every couple in the world and how they manage to stay in each other’s arms.

I had no idea how to smile without any reason, but that was before I met you.

Our new relationship proves that we are perfect together.

We could fall hard to the ground because a new love can only last so long.


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Never let your heart be intercepted by the one that do not love you.

You would not always see someone that has the magic to make you fall in love so be contented with the one you have now.

It was destiny for me to start new relationship, and it was meant to be with you, my love.

There is no perfect relationship; all I want is an honest and trustworthy one.


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I do not want to believe in you saying that you love me; so do not say it if you do not mean it.

I need someone who can understand that some things are not meant to be instead of one who promises.

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I do not want someone who sugarcoats his words, but one who is able to put me in my place.

Going five hours without talking but still enjoying the company is what love really means.


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Whenever I am with you, I strive to become a much better person.

Our goal to grow together makes us bond even stronger.

New Love Quotes


You can let yourself heal with a new love, but it can never make you forget.

Starting over does not need to be scary because it can rebuild a whole new you.

You might never expect being in a relationship, but it will turn out great.

You can never compare an old flame to your new love.

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There is a big difference between being in a relationship and in being just together.

Let us abandon our loneliness and melt in each other’s arms for a new love to be born.

When people leave you, it does not mean it’s the end of your story. It is the end of their part in your life.

I feel addicted to you because you are like a drug that keeps me high.

I would not promise you a perfect relationship but I can promise you that I would always stay.

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People are all explorers when it comes to a new city and a new love.

When I found a new love, I knew that I have never known it before.

Music sets a friendship that turns into love.

I wish that you would give me the most precious gift you can give, and that is your attention.

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Our disguises are taken off by love even if we thought that we could not live without it or live within it.

Passion must always be present in a love that exists now.

Despite being scared of getting hurt, still you would be when you are in love.

It feels so strange that we have separated yet you know all my secrets, all my family members, and all my flaws.

It never matters whether you are perfect or not as long as you are showing the real you.

If there is love that exists, then love hard, because there is always one person who is perfect for you.


I do not know how and I don’t know when but I love you without any hesitations or pride.

Some people show their love through choosing a woman and marrying her but it is the opposite.

You do not need to touch or to talk just to feel the love. The feeling would just pass between you two.

Love the distance between the two of you so you can grow together even if you are apart.

Love never fades just because of a natural death but because it was never refilled.

I love being told that I am loved and I love to feel loved.


Love is the opposite of all things that hinder you from happiness.

The thing that is not given enough and not received enough is love.

The whole world might be suspicious of you but know that I am in love with your bravery and self respect.

Being in love means not wanting to fall asleep because the real world is better than your fantasies.

Love and friendship enables us t envision that we are not alone.

Treat your girl in meaningful ways because that is what loving means.

Always remember that however much love you take that would be equal to the love you should take.

I hope my heart would stop beating really fast whenever you pass by because I don’t want to like you.

Love a person’s personality and you would come to love everything about them.

When you love someone you would smile when she laughs and feel butterflies when she talks.

When I fell in love with you I see you in people I meet and I think of you very often.

There is something in you that made my heart choose you but my mind has not noticed it.

I can say a lot about you but too many words become meaningless, so let me describe you as the most amazing person of all.

Whenever I think of you I could not suppress a smile.

We have been together for so many years yet I am still so much into you.

I wish I could get inside your head so I would know what you are thinking when you talk to me.

If I would be given a chance to live again, I would still find you so I could love you again longer.

You only have been in my mind once because when you went inside you never ever left.

When you are in love you would notice that the love songs are singing about your love.

Two persons can start as friends and eventually fall in love; maybe at the wrong time or just temporarily, or forever.

Never force someone out of your mind because maybe they are meant to be there.

I wish that there is someone who would hold me and make me stay forever.

I do not care if there are many people, but I would kiss you as you deserved to be kissed.

I wish Google could get into your head so I can search whatever you are thinking.

If you treat someone like they are just ordinary then you are not in love with her.

Simply having a conversation with you could really make my entire day.

If you have the courage to ask for something then God would give it to you.

I am not perfect and I have a lot of flaws yet I could still not get you out of my mind.

What brought us together is attraction, but I wish love would keep us closer forever.

You were once a hot girl for me, but now that I am in love with you, you are the most beautiful woman in the world.

Once I was afraid of commitments, but when you came I became addicted to love.

A person is really in love when he stops seeing her prettiness and start noticing her inner beauty.

Others need air, water, and food, while all I need are your hugs, kisses, and smiles.

I would describe you as mine and I would describe us as forever.

Whenever I fight life’s battles I only use the armor of love that you give.

Your love and a pebble dropped into the water are the same because both could cause ripples through me.

Instagram would never be complete without its hues just as I would never be complete without you.

All of life’s troubles are tuned out by the silence of the love you give to me.

Cuddling with you is one of the most precious memories I have with you.

I could tolerate all of life’s problems just as long as I see you smile.

I do not need a perfect life; just a happy one with you would do.

The only thing that I want is your happiness, and I would become selfish just for you to achieve that.

No one can compare to how you look, and no one could also compare to how I love you.

No matter what photo we take as long as it has you in it is enough to make me go crazy.

As we get to know each other deeper I realize how amazing you really are.

I almost could not hear the things you are saying because of the intensity of how my heart beats for you.

I knew that I am in love when I could feel the expression that is on your face.

I do not want to call you my girlfriend because you are not just a girl but an angel.

The only thing that I need to survive is your love.

You are the Aphrodite, Cleopatra, and the queen of my life.

My life is perfect because of you, just as the sun is perfect because of its amazing hues.

February is my least favorite month because it has fewer days when I could hug and kiss you.

I am glad to be inside love’s bubble with you.

If a million miles is between us, I would never walk across it because I would not let you out of my sight ever.

Some girls may make their boyfriends’ worlds go around but you make my world stand still.

I do not know how long I will wait for you because I do not know how long forever is.