70 One Sided Love Quotes For Him With Images


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Feeling morose, crestfallen or heart-broken? Have you been jilted in love, feeding your miseries or simply looking for a way out of your problems? Look no further, for below can be found some interesting and pivotal wisdom of One Sided Love Quotes to guide you through this rough course of life.

I hate myself for loving you but I hate it more to know you don’t love me as much as I love you.

I threaten to leave you, it’s not because leaving you is no big deal, it’s because I expect you to stop me every single time. And when you won’t stop me, there will be no point of staying.


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I am living a lie, I want you but I can’t have you and I am pretending like everything is fine.

It hurts when he means everything to you and you mean nothing to him.

Never waste your feeling on the people who don’t value them.

Why did you leave me when you promised to hold my hand forever?

I thought we were a jolly good team until you decided to play alone.

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I emptied my vessel of love to you only to stand bereft and robbed now.

You made me a live spectacle of ignominy. Well, here’s news for you baby, show is over.

With each of your refusal came a stinging blow impairing me by the minute.


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Together we held hands and embarked on a journey. Now our paths have diverged and I lay confounded by the barrenness.

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There is nothing more disappointing than the consciousness of being alone in this world with no one there by your side.

Everyday like a skilled craftsman I tried to make things better until I realized that the clefts were too deep to be caulked.

The same arms that held me now hold another’s, the same lips that kissed me now kiss another’s. Oh! How I wish I had been senseless to this ever growing consciousness of pain and treachery.

Now I have to live alone and suffer, for all the love I gave unto you it makes me wonder what did I do to deserve this.

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It is not the separation that is unsettling but the stigma of being left alone.

All your love and promises are fabricated lies; just below the lighted candle darkness pervades.


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I wish I hadn’t been so blinded in love and listened to my mind instead of my heart.

After you abandoned me I felt like tripping over a shard of glass, slashing my wrists and falling off the edge of the roof. It is not dying that terrified me but the thought of not loving in return and dying alone.

What can be more saddening than when the one you love doesn’t return your feelings.

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I felt crestfallen, a part of my ego subsided in grief when you said you don’t love me.

When we met I envisioned a future together with you, little did I think that you would forsake me.

It is better to be out of love than to be miserable in a one-sided love.

You never realize how selfish you have been in love until the person you love ignores you.

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There is no retreat or returning in love either you sink or you swim. And I was drowning in pain realizing you can’t love me back.

True love is never set on condition but not with your love because loving you always have conditions.

When you wronged me in love, I tried to hate you for some time, but soon my love overpowered hate. It hurts so much to be in love alone in this relationship.

Love makes you a better person, and rejection by the one you love makes you a broken person.

Love that breaks upon the slightest provocation was never love at all.

I try to hurt myself to benumb the pain you left me with.


How can I forget you when you are all that I ever had but it hurts so much who you don’t love me so well.

Please love me back and take me in your arms once again my love, the melancholy of life is too hard to bear.

When I found out that you don’t love me, I wish I had my heart made of iron and not fine bone china.

Love me so that I forget all fears; hate me so that I come to tears but don’t be indifferent towards me.

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I am so tired of hearing about one sided love you give to others, like you gave it to me.

There is nothing more disheartening than being spurned in love.

quotes about one sided love

I thought I would grow old with you with children by our side, little did I know then that it was a fool’s paradise.


What we lost was pure; what we gained was corrupt.

Wisdom comes in all guises even the fact of you not loving me.

I wish I hadn’t known you; I wish we hadn’t met; I wish I hadn’t fall in love with you.

I cannot live without you they say; but that is better than living with you and cannot love me back.

Spurned in love, I drink the bitter gall of life.

However distant you may grow, however further you may go, remember that someone is waiting for you always.

Why can’t you perceive the love I have for you?

I smile through my tears; I lament in solitude; if only you can see how much I love you.

You promised never to leave me alone and now I languish in despair.

You broke my heart and it broke my will; I can never be the same person I was again.

In course of loving you, I neglected everyone else who really cared about me only to know that the one I love doesn’t even care at all.

After all the wooing and courtship, you are dumped one day.

Realizing you don’t love me, I feel jilted; I feel exploited; I feel lost.

We met; we bonded and now you sever all ties. What I have done to deserve this?

I have arrived at the end of my tether; I don’t know whether to run or die.

All my life I believed a lie; a lie that you loved me.

Was I a mere plaything to you which you used and threw one day?

You made a circus show of my love. I was always made to walk the tightrope as you clapped in amusement.

Falling for a jerk who doesn’t love me back is like a bad investment in life; either pull out or prepare to get ruined.

Why is it that you get hurt most by someone you love the most?

This relationship of ours will not last because love can only subsist upon mutual concessions and reciprocation.

Know that it takes two to plunge the oars in a love boat.

Upon recollection that it was indeed a one-sided love, I was better off without you.

I like the idea of flashbacks, however, the ones I spent with you gives me horror.

I fancy going into the past and reversing all the actions that I had done with you.

I thought what we had was forever. Didn’t know you had other plans.

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How could I be so stupid in love so as not to see through the trickery of those dreamy little eyes.

One Sided Love Quotes

Those brown eyes were bewitching. Had I not looked then and invited peril.


I jumped into a delusion of you loving me without giving much thought; only later did I realize it was oasis in a wide desert.


I tried my best to make it work by loving you, as you tried to sabotage it by not loving me in return.

I cringe at the sight of you with someone else.

You so badly want the fairytale to work, to be loved by someone special in your life, it is upsetting when it doesn’t.

I love surprises, but the one you gave incapacitated and tore my heart, to know you don’t love me in the first place.

I favored you over everybody else because I thought you love me. That was my mistake and only to realize now you’re not worth it.

The sight of you pains me. I loved you more than ever and you hurt me more than ever.

I stand aloof in a corner waiting for that one glance. The wait is endless.

It is heart-breaking when someone who said he loved you ditches you for someone else.

You meant the whole world to me. Then how come my world was taken away from me.

Your betrayal and lies prick like a shrapnel wound.

At first, you were so careworn and now you ignore me as if I’m nothing.

People would be jealous of me at one time now they take pity on me.

Looks are deceiving only emotions are real like in a one-sided love.

How complacent I was in your company that I didn’t even look out for the nearest dangers.

It rips my heart to think that someone else owns your heart and not me.

Those lovely eyes that once waited for me now wait for someone else.


Knowing you don’t love me, like a shattered glass, I collect all the pieces of my heart and prepare to leave with whatever pride I am left with.

Being cheated in love, I try to cover up my face. But everywhere I go people seem to jeer at me.

How I wanted you to stay but you decided to not love me back and move on.

If you only knew, how much I need you to love me and hold me close to your arms.

Love can coexist with differences but love cannot coexist with deception.

Like a fool I believed in the words of a scorpion. It habitually stung me.

When you are in love, Eventhough you know it’s a lie, you desperately want to believe in the fairytale.

It was always you in the relationship and not us.

It is suffocating when your lover doesn’t pay heed to your emotions.

I gave my whole unto you and you did not even think I am worthy of a part.

I failed to think where did I go wrong to deserve this fate, not loving me back by someone I love.

I am left to endure this cruel joke of life, you not loving me.

The biggest blow I could receive from you was your saying that I was the biggest mistake of your life.

Like the tricky chameleon you showed your true colors.

My heart sinks at the thought of separation from you.

Each day I wake up to the birds chirping, sunlight gleaming, everything is the same around me except that they now seem to mock me. Your absence has left a void space in my heart.

Loving you was like making a pact with the enemy. Had to pay the price.