Top 60 Pain Quotes


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Nobody goes through life without undergoing pain. Even though happiness is an important part of human experience, pain is of similar importance as well. Without pain how can we grow? Phrases, like time, helps in relieving pain, the following are Pain Quotes to aide you in your lifetime journey.

Someone who truly understands you will perceive your pain behind the mask you wear daily.

Apart from experience, Pain is the second greatest teacher. Pain is the chisel which etches the greatest of lesson within a broken heart.


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Through pain people learn to grow, to keep going and hoping for a better tomorrow.

An incredible life is not one without pain.

Pain is part of a healthy relationship. This is one of the aspects that boost relationship but it shouldn’t be the one that dominates over everything else.


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You will understand that you truly loved somebody when his goodbye leaves a pain like nothing else.

When you love somebody, you have two choices; first is to risk telling her what you feel. Two is to forever suffer the pain of hiding every love you had for her. There is nothing painful like when you are haunted by this – what ifs.

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Pain Quotes

In the end, some of our biggest pain becomes our biggest strengths.

I would rather be with someone who shares my pain with me than being with someone who solely stays by me during the good times.


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Pleasure and pain are significant factors that turn someone strong and wise.

The sweetest joy in life is solely experienced after pain.

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Problems and Pains are part of life. It’s through struggle that casts the heart stronger and tanned.

Life will not be as fascinating without a dash of pain. It is vital to remember that pain isn’t a bad thing at all. How can you be grateful to life without wounds which reminds you of the wars you have won over?

The ability of causing pain is that which must be handled with care.

When it pains, it’s a sign of growth and maturity.

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Believe it or not, pain is one of the life’s precious gifts. Minus pain, how will we learn?

When I began this voyage, I was a piece of block set to be engraved by the world and turned into a masterpiece. My victory, my achievement and my joy gave me color, but it was the pain and battles that shaped me into who I am now; a life’s masterpiece.

Pain is what makes people human. That is the prettiness of it.

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When we are blanketed in our defenses, pain is the wind which passes through our paper like blanket. The cold seeps into our bones as we drift off into a dreamless sleep.

How can we appreciate the wonders of life without pain?

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Pain has changed our hearts into steel. Nothing can damage us, nothing can steer our affections, or so we thought.

If not for you, pain, my buddy, I would not have challenged myself to get to this finished line.

There is one question, one anonymous, which loiters within the bowels of my cognizance. Why do some people opt to end their lives? Is death the only way to solve hard issues like pain?

I was a stranger to death until one night, I was overwhelmed with pain. It was my friend for several days, whispering me poems laced from tears. Is this what they have to fight with day by day? I can only bare a lot.

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Pain is not permanent. It may take a minute, hour, day or years… but at some point in time it will diminish and another thing will take its place. Don’t ever think of giving up, it won’t last forever.

We carry pain, like how we carry a precious locket with us every time. It has been a precious part of us, our dose of truth which reminds us of our vulnerability and our humanity.

Scars from pains in life are reminders of how much we have been conquered.

It is through pain that people have learned about the undisclosed pieces of themselves.

At times, it is difficult to endure pain, to move on and let it go but eventually we just have to…


Pain is the anchor which has pinned us the ground for as long as we can remember. Will we ever find solace from pain?

To feel pain is to respire, an important part of being human.

Our ability to react to pain is a reflection of how we will become successful in the succeeding chapters of our lives.

A person who decided to rise up against pain is a person who will win life.

Folks who hold deeply to hate and anger are folks who are terrified of encountering the aftermaths of pain.

It’s indeed a real friendship if you can share not only your glare and bows in the table, but your pain as well as sufferings.


Oh! Pain, you are the only footprints I have abandoned for her.

Real friendship is tolerating the truth from your friend regardless of how much it hurts.

Now that you have abandoned me with pain and a gaping scar so big, I wonder how many sews I will need to get better.

When you came into my life, with bright eyes lingering in the dark like fireflies, pain is the ultimate thing in my mind because I know that I can’t have you.

Strength is nothing compared to how you mask the pain.

After this storm of pain, I do not know if I will ever get back to myself.

I cherish folks who smile despite bearing a mammoth amount of pain.

It’s only through the fire of pain from which I can become stronger and sharper.

It’s not until your retching pain, you will notice those happy days, long for them and treasure them within your heart. Learn to appreciate life.

I am born with pain. Pain goes hand in hand with happiness.

Pain is the yellow within the stoplight. It warns us to slow down, appreciate what we own, before we go hastily to the Warfield again.

Not only did pain teach us some of the important lessons of our life, pain also has bent us into a better shape than we were before.

It’s only through pain that we realize our mistakes. Oh, how she must have wailed herself to slumber. I should have held her close when she needed me the most, cherished her massive triumphs and danced her below the twilight. No it is too late. I can only bear the regret forever.

The biggest pain of all is one that leaves you dumbfounded in the middle of the journey.

People who are shaped by pain are permanently broken, untrusting and cruel or resolute but courageous, strong and wiser.

Triumphant folks are shaped by pain, overflowing with determination as well as eagerness to challenge themselves.

If you think over it, all the superheroes we know were once struck with pain before they emerge who they are. Captain America dealt with rejection, while Batman dealt with loss of his parents. If you think over it, everyone becomes a superhero after surviving pain.

If you can find joy in everything, regardless of pain, then you can shine against anything or everything.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

The least you can do is to avoid inflicting pain on the innocent being.

In facing the trials and challenges that life brings, one should know hot to heal the pain and fix a broken heart.

If I can only relieve the pain and cure the scars of my love, I will.

Let go of the pain, hold on to the memories.

The mark of mellowness is the capability of walking with pain and realizes its beauty.

The biggest realization I had in my life is the truth that I am alone. That is the most painful and yet, the most redemptive reality I had ever faced.

The society is blinded by the quest of joy alone, changing a blind eye to the result of pain.

Pain is the acrimony in your coffee, the sour in the lemon and the heat within the flame.

What gives my life marvelous meaning is the ability to comfort other folk’s pain.

Life is too short to focus it on pain.

Immediately when someone takes the first breathe of life, he or she is given the whiff of pain and joy, you have to feel the pain not only joy, that’s the reality of life.

To love without reward and to embrace the pain are the bravest of accomplishment.

The magic of music is to get back the pain all over again without even laying a hand on you.

Never be afraid to stumble over, to hit the ground. It’s only through pain that you will learn how to be steadfast, wise and brave.

True Love means you don’t want your loved ones to feel the severe pain you feel for yourself.

Forgiveness is noble act, accepting peace to the person who inflicted you pain.

Empathy is the summation of pain, knowing and love. Only through empathy we can offer others comfort as well as peace.

Pain is not taught in learning centers. No one can actually educate you about pain. Only through experiencing it yourself, you can truly understand it.

Pain will either change you into a monster or soldier.

The complement of pain is peace. When you are disturbed, hurt, and angry the only way to heal is to seek asylum in tranquility and get peace.

Pain is a gift handed down to all human. How can one know fear and pity without it? If there is no pain, we can never appreciate what we have.

Pain is healthy. It is part of being human. It does not is the reality of what it’s like to live in this harsh world.

You are lying down, drenched in your tears. The pain is blooming in your chest like blossoms in the spring. But with such pain cradling in your chest, your eyes have opened to the prettiness of being human. Human is an amazing creature capable of feeling such an angry series of emotions.