60+ Inspiring Quotes About Change, Love and Growing Up


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Change is what life is.
We have heard this so many times that we have practically started associating change with what life is essential.
We all face change or witness change on a regular basis.
But what is it exactly? Is it just restricted to the changes we go through physically? Let’s find out what it is in the quotes about change below:

No progress can take place without change.

Universality is a change of thoughts.

Change is inevitable and the reason there is life.


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Change is always here to stay.

Negativity resulting in despair isn’t changing.

Change could be for better or worse.It’s your choice to make.


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Change only happens in the presence of initiative or natural forces.

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Change always paves way for new things.

Without change, there is no great future waiting for us.


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Change must be an effort solely of your own.

Change to become better than what you are.

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Change is always aspiring someone to be better and stronger .

Change is like a river in a life full of rocks.

Change is about how our own reality shapes and changes us.

Change is synonymous with constant.

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There is nothing more powerful than change.

Change is a struggle that leads to progress.

Change yourself as you would like to change the world.

You can either change something you don’t like or you can change the way you feel about it.

Change is a by-product of competition.

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Spiritual change is not always everlasting but it does leave an everlasting impression.

The greatest satisfaction is getting better after going through painful change.

Great people have proven that change improves the quality of life.

Change does not discriminate. Everyone goes through it.

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Change is the most dynamic aspect of life.

Humans are capable of withstanding immense amount of change.

Change comes and goes. What really matter is how you deal with it.

Change cannot be predicted all the time. Unpredictable change is what makes memories.

There is no greater satisfaction than overcoming change and getting used to it.

Negativity must be eradicated by change.

Mental change which makes you feel superior is the greatest change.


A man can change someone else’s life but will not allow someone else to change him.

Only you can bring about change to yourself.

Change without commitment is no change at all.

Change is valuable and one must not pass up opportunities to change which will make them better.

Change is easily distinguishable.

Adapting to uncomfortable change is what survival is all about.

The only law of life is change and it must be sought after in the past, present and future.


You cannot hope to get better in what you do if you do not like change.

Initiative change is the change that impacts you the most.

Changes that we do not control help us make stronger decisions about changes that we can control.

Always welcome all types of change with open arms.It will help you to come out from your comfort zone.

The greatest fundamentals to change are acceptance and commitment.

Without acceptance, you cannot change.

Change cannot be faked.

A faking change means that you are lying to yourself.

Change does not have a prize or a destination.It is faith built.

Change is a journey that never ends.

Change pushes someone to be better.

Only the brave can accept change. Only the strong can adapt to it.

To change, you must be willing to understand that you are wrong.

If you think you are perfect, you can never change.

Change has to be conscious. You cannot blame others for it.

Change affects everyone and even the best of us succumb to it.

Do not discourage if you are not able to adapt to change at the first try. It only means that you have a stronger chance to the second time you try.

Change never led to any harm.

Change is essential for existence.

The greatest person to tell your story is you. Don’t let anyone change that.

A wise person will never tell you how to change yourself. They will show you only how to start changing yourself.

The best person to guide you on the road to change is your inner voice.

Don’t change to be someone else. Change to be an improvement of yourself.

Change is what got us here. Without change, we will never progress.

As a human, we just need to learn how to be flexible to be adaptable to change.

You do not need anyone’s approval to change yourself.

Changing ourselves is one of the toughest things to do.

A person with the willingness to change has already won half the battle.

Do not lose to the pressure of change. Diamonds are made by pressurizing coal.

Your life changes for good when you’ve accepted the fact that you need to change to be perfect and then realizing that even that change wasn’t perfect.

The greatest thing you can do for others is making them appreciate themselves by your willpower to change yourselves.

Change always reveals the best and the worst in you.

Change does not happen in a day or even a year. Change is like a river with constant flow.

Sometimes you must say no to change and be who you are at that moment for a while.

The best kind of feeling you can get is when you are appreciated a little in what you have changed yourself into.

No one ever went through a painful struggle of change and came out a weaker person.

The best part about change is that it will never lie to you.

Natural change is the most brutally honest change there is.

To change, you must learn to adapt to who you are transferring into.

Change can make or break us.

Everyone changes. Not everyone acknowledges it.

Change happens from experience.

You cannot change just sitting in a locked room. Change takes place when you face the world.

Change and agreement never go hand in hand.

To change something, you must first defy it.

Attempts to change have always been looked down upon. But their fruits shape the course of the world you see.

Wars change nations, relationships change people but only knowledge of right and wrong changes the soul.

If you need something material to help you change, then it is not a change worth making.

Change happens when you question yourselves.

Self-doubt is the root of all types of change.

No battle has ever been won without instant changes made to the battle plan.

The human mind must be able to recognize change where required in an inevitable situation.

The only thing that separates us from animals is the power of self-doubt; the power of conscious change.

Change has led to all the greatest things being invented.

You don’t need money to change the world. All that is required is the determination and the hard work.

A poor man can be changed into a hard working person. The hard work will get him money. What this means is that change never leads to success directly. It is the root of success.

You cannot hope to be true to yourself if you are trying to change into somebody you don’t like to be.

The greatest thing with the most power to change is the spoken word.

Change is difficult and must be understood clearly before you undergo it. Many have lost their lives on the road to change.

Change completes a person’s life.

Change provides a challenge which keeps us young.

A true man will change himself into what he would want his son to be.

The best way to see a change in this world is by changing yourself first and infecting others to change their lives too.

Only the strong at heart can travel a long distance on the road to change.

A personal change means shedding the cocoon which you thought was perfect into and coming out as something beautiful.

Change can hurt everyone around you but as long as it gives you happiness, go for it.

Wise men never wait for the opportunity to change. They create it.

Change is not like how you see it in films. It is the complete opposite.

Death of a loved one changes a person the most.

Change has always been classified as good and bad. Change is neither. It is the society that classifies it.

Change is a universal truth that cannot be bound by the laws of men.

God is change.

Change what you love and love what you change for the better.

Change cannot be contained. Once someone decides to change, his ideas affect everyone around him.

Change is a rewarding journey.

Change comes from the heart.

The most powerful weapon we have is the ability to think and change our thoughts.

No two people can change themselves in the same way.

Change has to be selfish. Personal change is one place where you don’t have to listen to others.

Only your opinion matters in personal change.

The greater the change, the greater the impact.

To change something you love is the hardest decision ever.

You win everything and lose nothing while changing.

There has to be sacrifice where there is potential for impactful change.

The journey where you change yourself for better makes for a hell of a story.

Change is great as long as you think it is.

No one can change with ego in their hearts.

Change must have no other motive other than spiritual enlightenment.

Change must not be rushed. It must be a slow and steady improvement.

Sometimes you have to take changes easily because as a human we need time to adjust to new things.

An injury takes it’s time to heal because it is showing us that we can bear the pain for as long as necessary.

Healing is change.

Change is the white, healing ball of light that touches our soul and cleanses our conscience.

Change pinpoints the people who truly care about you and casts away those who don’t.

Change transcends all laws of materiality.

Change has the power to do both, create and destroy.

Change has been the cause for all the things in the world.

God made us rational so that we can change his beautiful blank world into a glorious painting.