Quotes About Letting Go and Moving Forward


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Letting go of a relationship is never easy, but sometimes it’s the best thing to do.
The theme is to be strong but treat yourself gently. Here are some quotes about letting go after a breakup.

Let go of the relationship gently, there is no need to force the pace of recovery.

Let go of anger towards your ex-partner, you can’t forget him/her when you’re angry.

Let go of the dreams you dreamed together. Gradually start to see the world as it is again.

Let go of blaming your partner; the time of healing will be shorter.

Let go of the need to rush into something new; enjoy the healing solitude.

Let go of disappointment with life. Become aware of the beauty all around you.


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Don’t let one bad relationship define you. Live well and love life.

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Let go of the fear that you will never be loved again. You don’t know what will happen next.

Let go of self-recrimination. Replace it with self-nurturing.

Let go of sadness and remember the moments of joy.

Let go of blaming yourself. It takes two to tango.

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Don’t be afraid to feel vulnerable; it’s a sign that your heart is not closed.

Let go of the need to cling or grasp onto your ex. Love is always around us.


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Let go of some of the sadness every day. Learn to let joy in again.

Let go of Yesterday. You can start again each and every day of your life.

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Try to see your past relationship as a time of learning. You may remember it with less chagrin.

Letting go of what wasn’t working can make you stronger, even if you don’t believe that yet.

Let go of the idea you were not good enough for him/her. What’s inside you is always good enough.


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Letting go quotes

Let go of all your complaints and misgivings. Counting your blessings works!

Try not to envy others’ relationships, realize the uniqueness of your own adventure.

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Letting go quotes

Let go of passively hurting. Go out and learn to dance again.

Don’t let a breakup hold you back. Turn forward eagerly to find a great future.

Let go of dislike and hate. These sticky emotions will glue the past into your life.

Heal at your own pace; only you know if you are ready to seek love again.

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Letting go quotes

Let go of the suffering. It is no better a teacher than happiness.

If you can’t let go of your old love stories, tell them with more compassion.

Let go of the familiar cloak of pain. Pain is a type of armor.

Let go of feeling powerless. You can own your power now.

Let go of feeling as if you want to give up altogether. Take a break and then move forward again.

Let go of being timid with new people. Not everyone is out to hurt you.

Let go of playing Villain and Victim. Neither of these roles is rewarding.


Let go of the astrology of romance. It may not be a good guide.

Let go of loving your ex too much. Grow up and love yourself.

Let go of needing to be happy at his time. Sadness is OK, as long as you don’t wallow in it.

Let go of past relationships, but remember the love you shared.

Let go of the feeling that you have failed. Relationships are not always easy.

Let go of the fear of being unlovable. Everyone is lovable.

Let go of the need to take revenge. Revenge is like a boomerang that comes back to you.

Let go of resentment, before life loses its sweetness.

Keep trying to get over the breakup. Let go of everything but your own passion for life.

Let go of the need to be realistic about your chances. Be imaginative, be wild, and crazy.

Let go of the need to look back. Try to keep looking forward.

Quotes about letting go

Let go of not believing any more. Keep believing that something good will happen.

Let go of thinking that you know enough about life and love. There is always more to learn.

Quotes about letting go

Let go of feeling guilty. Sometimes it’s OK to eat too much ice-cream, when you’re breaking up.

Let go of impatience to fall in love again. Keep smiling and feeling good about yourself.

Let go of a feeling that all is lost. Some beautiful memories always stay with you.

Let go of the way you were judged. It was just another opinion.

Let go of the fear of being hurt again. You must feel to be alive.

Let go of your fear of being the bad guy. When you have to leave, you have to leave.

Let go of expectations. This time of renewal can be precious.

Let go of hopelessness. There is always hope.

Let go of waiting for the right moment. Trust yourself when you’re ready to make a move.

Let go of your fears about how old you are. Old age is beautiful.

Let go of the idea that you will be disliked if you say NO to a possible new love.

Let go of your fear of moving somewhere new at this time. It may be just what you need.

Let go of self-criticism and try to learn to like yourself more each day.

Move on in your life until you know your ex is missing out on something special – You.

You may have to let go of the life you had together, but it’s OK, because you still have the life that’s yours – acknowledge that.

You don’t have to dislike the person you broke up with to move on. You can still love them.

When you are ready, move forward by thinking about the reasons why you broke up. See if they make more or less sense to you now.

Keeping a journal can help you to move on. You will be able to see your process of healing in a journal.

Let go of feeling ashamed if you need some help to move on. Seeking therapy is a positive decision.

To make the process of moving on easier, remove your ex’s name and photo from your social media pages.

Being near the ocean, or in the wild helps your emotions to flow. Nature can also help you to feel at peace.

Moving on from a breakup means knowing that you have changed. You can’t go back and be who you once were.

As you keep moving on from your ex, re-affirm that you have made a good decision.

As you keep moving on remind yourself that you have grown a little bit more, because you’ve survived a breakup.

Let go of the feeling that it wasn’t worth to be in love because it probably was worth it and more.

Don’t be afraid to grieve deeply. Read poetry, play music, and talk to your soul. Let go of restraint.

If you are angry in the early stages of a breakup – enjoy the rage.

Move on by keeping the breakup clean. Don’t even think of getting in touch.

Don’t forget that a breakup is not just an ending. It can be the beginning of a better life.

As you start to feel braver after the break up is over, you’ll start to think about love again. Yes!

Moving forward quotes

While you are moving on, remember the lower you have felt, the higher you will feel again.

As you move forward, you may discover that the breakup was a gift you gave yourself.

Moving forward quotes

Remember to keep empowering yourself through every step of moving on.

Letting go of a relationship is your chance to try something different. Isn’t there a secret something you’ve always wanted to do?

Now that you are finding more to value in yourself, buy yourself something special to mark the occasion.

As you move on, try to remember what you’ve learned about your own style of loving.

Remember the songs that you sang as you moved on from the breakup.

As you keep moving on, realize each morning that you have whole beautiful day to live through.

As you let go of your ex and start to move on, remind yourself that you are doing well.

As you move on and let go of the sadness, realize that all of life is a process. There are no real endings.

As you gradually move on, without rushing it, remember some of the good things about your ex.

As you let go of sorrow, remember the value of your tears.

As you move on realize the breakup may have been good for both of you.

As you move forward, ask yourself if you now know what makes a relationship work.

As you let go of your ex, never, ever give in to hate.

As you let go of your ex, you may miss the good things, but know that you can’t go back.

No matter how low you feel after the breakup, remember how great it is to be in love.

Try to live for happiness even after a breakup. This is what will bring happiness back to you.

Remember that a breakup is not the end of the world, even if that’s what it feels like.

Remain determined to get through the breakup with a little something extra to show for your trouble.

As you move on & let go, don’t turn the past into a shrine. Let the past be what it was.

Quotes about letting go of the past

As you let go of your ex, you realize now know how to make yourself happy.

Quotes about letting go of the past

Living each day is a good enough therapy, even after a breakup.

When you have cried all your tears after the breakup, then you will be able to see exactly what is left in your heart.

As you moved on did you realize that breakups can help you to find your own wisdom?

Breakups can help you to find more self-respect.

Even after a breakup, we find self-acceptance by realizing that life goes on.

As you moved on, did you realize he/she was not who you thought they were anyway?

Letting go is never easy, but it becomes a way to change your whole life as you continue.

Letting go and moving on will make your heart feel lighter.

Realize that moving on after a breakup is a kind of self-liberation.

Even the Buddha has a quote about letting go, which says that learning to let go is the key to happiness.