The 55 Best Quotes about Life and Love


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Life can teach you so many lessons.
I have some quotes about life and love which I would like to share with you.
Some of these life and love quotes will make you motivational, some will make you happy and some can also make you sad.
But remember these are all part of life.

Life is the only thing standing between you and death. Learn to value it.

Life is too short, so do not wait up. Try to live is at its full because you will never get it again.

Love can make your life worth living. You just need a right person by your side.


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If you have life by your side, no one can defeat you. EVER!

Life can be difficult sometimes but that does not mean you should give up because someday someone will come in your life and make it worth living. That person will show you how much you worth. Be patient for it to happen.

You gave me the life I deserved and the life I could not have without you.


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Life teaches you so many lessons but the biggest lesson life teaches you is the concept of ending. It teaches you that everything is temporary and everything is going to end, no matter what.

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why worry about things which are never even going to matter someday. Live your life before it expires.

Bad days do not interpret bad life.


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Life never waits for anyone and you should also do the same.

Life can get thousand times better when you have someone to spend it with.

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Death of an opportunity can be the start of a new life. So never lose hope when things go down.

Do not blame life for anything. Life only goes where you point it at.

Love is the only way life should be lived. Without emotions we are just robots with limited life span and hunger.

My life gets thousand times better when you smile and I am the reason behind it.

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Is it okay to call you my life? Because I do not think my life will be worth living without you.

Live life as yourself. Let me elaborate it. Live your life the way you want to live it. BE YOURSELF. You will never get this life again, so be yourself and live your own life.

Love can play an important part in living a peaceful and worthy life.

Love is not the only way to live a wonderful life. Life can be made wonderful by many different ways. Chasing your dream and chasing your passion are some ways to make your life wonderful and fruitful.

Life for sure is temporary, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy it. Sometimes the most temporary things are the most enjoyable.

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Life is not permanent. It has to end at some point, no matter what you do. And you have not been guaranteed any tomorrow. So do not limit yourself, live life, find love and live like everyday is your last.

If I could go back and change the life I have lived, I would not. Because my life had taught me so many lessons and I do not want to do anything to undo that.

Look back at your life. Are you satisfied? If yes, then congratulations! You have lived your life like you should have and if not, start again before it’s too late.

Let the life go on. Do not stop for anyone. One bad day does not mean you should stop waiting for the next one.

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When you cannot find yourself, create yourself. After all life is all about that.

A life without you is a worthless life that I do not want to live.

I hope to live all my life beside you, in your arms, feeling your breath against me, watching you smile while I crack a joke. It is the best kind of life ever.

Life is short, go wild, break rules, kiss the person you want to kiss for so long now, turn up the music and dance like nobody’s watching, scream, run, and do whatever makes you happy. But know that hurting others for your happiness will never makes you truly happy.

I loved my life till you were in it, now I hate it. But the thing is I still want it, just in case you decide to come back.

Sometimes, you do not need any other person but your own self to complete what is missing in your life and live it the way it should be lived.

So many people come and go in your life, but only few matters.


Life does not wait for anyone, it just passes away and it is passing every single day, every single moment. So do not stop living it. Love yourself and live your life at its full.

Love and life are connected with each other. One cannot survive without another.

I can never tell if people are living life or passing it. Only the one who owns it knows.

Never let your fears stop you, and do not even think about what others has to say about you. It is your life and you are in charge of it.

Before giving in, just ask yourself. Are you going to get any other chances? Are you going to regret it for the rest of your life? Did you give it your best? If you are satisfied with the answers then fine, but if you are not, you are not done yet.

Love sometimes can live without a life but a life can never survive without love.


In the life span of 30 years I have came to realize that life is an everlasting thing unless you die. But you don’t know when will you die, so if you leave that part out, life is everlasting. Go enjoy this eternity. Because some infinities are larger than other infinities.

I have spent all my life shutting away myself from people, knocking down the opportunities and repelling away the love. But that all gave me nothing but regret. If I could go back and change it, I would. But there is something I CAN do. And that is to tell you that do not make the same mistake, learn from mines and live your life.

Love can make your life like a movie. You laugh on those romantic movies you once thought are too cheesy for a reality but once you experience it, you will then realize that it is a wonderful feeling.

Running away from reality will not make it go away. What’s real will always come after you. And all you can do is face it. And that so, try to do it as early as possible. This is a life’s advice for you.

Life and love are the most beautiful gift of all. Value them because sometimes you don’t get them twice.

Love is a wonderful feeling. Do not try to conceal it.

Robots might have an eternal life, but they do not have feelings so what is the point of that eternity when you can’t even feel anything?

Don’t wish for eternity but wish for a good intermittent life filled with love and the people you admire.

Don’t waste your life doing the things others want you to do, instead do what you want to do and be who you want to be. This is your life, so take control.

You only get life once; it is up to you to make it worth something. Because others are busy in making theirs.

Sometimes good part of your life is so good that even the slightest pain can hurt a lot. So in that case do not fall for the trap. Bear the pain and let it go, do not hold on to it.

Being happy and positive while your life goes through the worst time is the bravest of acts.

Do not let others know what you are going through because most of the people will not care and others will be happy to know that you are suffering. Only the people who love you will care and you have to sort them out.

Life can disappoint you even love can disappoint you. But ironically the same life and same love can make you the happiest person in the world as well.

Try to find happiness in little things and ignore even the biggest dilemmas.

We will only live once, enjoy life, experience love and make memories.

Life seems easy until you start to realize how this world works. Life also seems difficult until you find the one to share it with.

Do not try so hard to find love, it will find you even if you are not ready to be found yet.

Life can teach you so many lesson. Pass that knowledge of lessons to others so others can take advantage of you. This is the only way you can live on forever.

Do not limit yourself. Be out there and try to enjoy life. Living your life in shadows will not bring you any light.

Living in the dark can only be great if you are the brightness in that dark.

Things will change. It might not seem like it but they will change. If there’s anything I have learned from my experience is that time always moves on. It does not wait for anyone and also does not stays the same.

Love can change your life. Because when you love someone it is not just the feeling of love you will experience. There is jealousy, hurt, sadness and sometimes emptiness involved as well. So if you love someone, be patient with all the feelings because you cannot ruin your whole life with just one stupid mistake.

Life can get so much easier when you are surrounded by the people you love. So when you make friends try to be selective.

Try to be with the people of heart. People of mind can be dangerous sometimes. I have learned it the hard way, be smart and learn from my life lesson.

Love can make so many of your worries seem unimportant. So if you see an opportunity of getting love don’t seize it.

When your own life seems unimportant in front of someone else’s, you have found the true love for yourself.