The 70 Religious Love Quotes and Religious Quotes about Love With Pictures


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We all go through difficult times in our lives. God is in the midst of the trials and the difficulties but sometimes, we cannot see his love. Bere Torres, an excellent writer describes poetically, the inspiring, creative and profound truths about God, prayer, and love. Enjoy, reflect and share these amazing Religious Love Quotes.

 I bless what I want, I bless your life.

 God was so detailed to put your name in my prayers.


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 Something has to die in you so that God can live within you.

 The formula of love is that God loved us first.

 God can use something natural to do something supernatural.


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 Even if I’m not present with you, I will always take care of you.

 The difference with Jesus and religion is that only Jesus can love.

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Religious Love Quotes

 Only God can repair your broken heart, your life, and your dreams.

 Your name still shines in my prayers.


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  God surprises me by giving me more than I deserve.

  My hero died on a cross and rose again after three days.

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 Pray for what you love.

 Before me, I love God.

 God will always give the best, not necessarily what you ask, but what you need.

 Loneliness is life without the Love of God.

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 Sometimes God is silent but never absent.

 Only God, I have called, My faithful friend.

 Loving yourself is the truest form of love. If you love yourself, loving another is a piece of cake.

Religious quotes about love

 I pray for you is worth a thousand I love you.

 It is so true when they say that love is the death of duty. But it doesn’t have to be. Duty can be the motivation one gets from love. It is just how you look at things.

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religious quotes about love

 It is by Thy grace and forgiveness that we can be called instruments of your love.

 Despite my confusion, my sorrows, my anxieties; nevertheless, God is still the reason for all my smiles.

 I like to be so in love with you that I am almost a part of you.

 No one shall separate you from me, for no one loves you like me.

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 You wait on God; it is never a waste of time.

 Loving someone else is the most selfless act in the world and if you love someone else unconditionally, you can’t be all that bad.

 You watched me as I took shape in secret.

 God loved me since he saw me in the womb; and to this day, I do not know a more perfect definition of love at first sight.

 I do not need any holy power as a mediator between God and me. There is one God and one mediator between God and men, Jesus Christ.

 If you know love, you’ll know what to expect.


 Trust God together. To love God together, pray together and stay together.

 Arise, sigh, smile, and move on.

 Mourning is the most beautiful of acts when you do it in the presence of God.

 Pray and let God do the rest.

 You could forget everything you’ve ever dreamed of and give it up but God does not forget the sighs of your heart and they will come true one day. You only have to trust!

 We all want the delight of hearing God but few want the responsibility to obey his voice.


 I took his hand and that’s when I knew I did not want to ever let him go.

 Even a decade after you’ve been gone, I can still sometimes feel your breath on my face. If that is not love, I don’t know what is!

 When we approach God in prayer, we should not worry if we have the right words but should worry if we have the right heart.

 In every prayer, I embrace.

 Forgiving is not to say that hurting me was right. To forgive is saying that you know that God is just and he will do what is right.

 Repentance is not when you cry, it is when you change.

 When I look into your eyes, I can see your heart shining there in all its glory.

 Those tests that pass without anyone knowing … God will honor your silence!

 The beautiful thing is to continue finding you there, in each of my prayers.

 Take risks by God. He already risked everything for you.

 Worship divorced from obedience is mere hypocrisy.

 You taught me not only to wait for God but to delight in him.

 Although God never actually gave us anything, yet we owe him everything.

 Not all men are equal. The man who loves God can love a woman.

 Sometimes God’s blessings are not just what he gives. It is also what he takes away.

 Let’s say nice words and begin to say true words.

 Talking to you everyday makes my day. You are the best part of my life.

 Despite my confusion, my sorrows, my anxieties; Nonetheless! God is still the reason for my smiles.

 Love stories in movies cannot be compared to the story that God has for you in real.

 I have not stopped, nor ceased to pray for you.

 God’s will is the safest place when the world collapses. His will is an impenetrable bunker.

 There is something that resounds in my head … everything works for the good.

 Unintentionally, I wait. Inadvertently, I love.

 I admit, I’m weak, very weak … But I serve a mighty God.

 Memories are made of water and sometimes come through the eyes.

 Sometimes I like to hug him so hard instead of saying the right words.

 In our worst times … God is our best company.

 Sometimes I like to hug him so hard instead of saying the right words.

 Keep your beautiful smile.

 Loving others makes us happy but Loving God makes us complete.

 Jesus was man enough to understand that God is enough to save us.

 Those prayers you did when your tears fell, God does not forget.

 A new day, a new mercy!

 I want a smile when everything goes wrong. I want your trust in the storm.

 Christ is my favorite tweeters; each verse in the Bible is a tweet that dedicates me without being direct but in an indirect way to the heart.

 A new day, a new mercy!

 You, I’ll always want.

 I’m Vintage … I still enjoy this ancient pleasure of writing letters. If you have received one of mine, know that you are someone special to me.

 And here you have me, missing you more than ever.

 Wait! Be patient … God knows what he is doing.

 Sometimes to know what one is made of; we must let them break us.

 So absent in my life, but so present in my heart!

 It is God’s love that keeps me standing.

 Dancing in the rain, waiting for my rainbow!

 The beauty of a woman is in the fear of God because the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

 A love greater than any problem is stronger than any distance.

Madly love God. It is the sanest thing we can do.

Just as she dropped all hopes … he appeared to collect them.

 I want to keep laughing and keep crying with you.

 The hotter the fire you’re going through, the more unwavering your faith will be.

 I love you and for once, I do not mind not knowing why.

 The truest worship is your way of living.

 God knows what he does, even the inexplicable.

 For all to make sense, God must be at the center of your heart.

 I love you and for once, I do not mind not knowing why.

 My God and his specialty convert broken pieces into a masterpiece.

 Pain changes people. Love too.

 Our words can never define God. God alone defines God!

 It is that love that God has planted that not even distance can break.

 God’s love has no expiration date and so it is said: With eternal love, I have loved you.

 Consider yourself weak and only trust in God. Not that we have low self-esteem, but we have a high esteem of God.

 I never get tired to love as long as you’re the one I love.

 To be able to love someone you must learn first to love yourself despite it’s flaws and imperfections.

 The relationship with God is the most natural thing. It is not unnatural to have a relationship with God.

 Love does not cling. Love does not surrender.

 The beauty of music does not come from the instrument. It comes from the abundance of the heart.

 And I could not face it because I’m out, covered with grace, justice and forgiveness.

 When faith fails us, love sustains us.

 The little voice notes, still shake my soul.

 Words will never tell you how much I love you.

 Undoubtedly, my prayers will be present. Never faint, nor ever give up.

 Even with the sun today, there is no smile like yours, love.

 If you see me on my knees, it is not because I have surrendered, no! It’s because I have just started my battle.

 The best poem by a poet should be in three words: God is love.

 My eternal love is the smile that you have.

 She who always flourishes and grows stronger for every tears sees the real love of God.

 Faith is having the courage to let God take control.

 God does so much for us. We deserve so little and wish so much.

 God loves you. Rather than being a nice phrase, it is a reality.

 Those gaps that only God’s love can fill!

 God is the definition of love.

 Whatever the question, God is the answer.

 Only in your hands does my heart beat.

 I like those people who know how to respect your silence, to decrypt and watch your eyes.