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People in love are always feeling romantic. The love that a couple feels for each other makes them act in loving ways. There are also people who may not be a part of a relationship yet still have the trait of being a romantic. Here are some romantic quotes that express a person’s romanticism in every way possible.

There will come a time that you will meet and kiss a man that you cannot breathe without and then find out that there is little consequence to breathing.

You will realize that reality is much better than your dreams when you do not want to fall asleep because you are in love.


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True love never requires a time or place; it can happen anywhere, whether accidentally or just in a flash of light.

I never why I love you, or where this feeling came from.

The love we have for each other knows no boundaries; it is just like when I sleep and your eyes close.


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Just promise me that you will never forget me, but if you do not, I would never leave.

I would rather believe that time and space does not exist than believe that love is not eternal.

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Romantic Quotes

Home is not only a place for the two of us, it is a single person that is why we can say that we are now home.

You cannot miss me more than I am missing you right now.


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The ordinary life is spiced up by romance like dust turned into golden grains.

Even the entire universe united just for me to find you, and for that I love you.

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This is a difficult journey and we have to carry the burden everyday yet I still want to do it because I want you badly.

Even if love is lost, it is still love yet when it weakens it opens the door of memories that you can hold forever.

The only word that could liberate us from all the pain and burdens of life is love.

Romantic Love Quotes

When you are in love, you are also searching for the missing puzzle pieces in your life.

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Romantic Love Quotes

Thinking about your special someone could make you sad because you are stepping back into a place of memories.

Love is not always seen just like the wind; you can only feel it.

Loving could make you vulnerable, so you have to lock it up where it cannot be broken, only become unbreakable.

I could create a garden if every thought of you becomes a flower.

An incomplete heart sings an incomplete song that reaches completion when another heart whispers the song back.

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When you are kissing a beautiful girl yet still able to drive carefully then you are not paying attention to the kiss.

Love is not about beautiful clothes or dashing cars; it is about singing a song only your beloved could hear.

Love finds its victims through the mind and not with the eyes, and thus Cupid is manifested as a blind.

The way I fell in love with you is like falling asleep; slowly at first and then all together.


Romantic Quotes

If not for the whole universe which conspired for me to find you I would have no one to love right now.

Love and fear motivates us to live and let go, to open up or pull away.

The most beautiful thing in the world is two people who are in love and removed from the whole world.

In loving, one should not also forget his own significance.

Your laughter is the only question that I want to answer for my whole life.

I fought against the feeling but you cannot stop me anymore; I have to express my love and admiration of you.


The sole purpose of a soul mate is to shake up your entire life enough for you to want to transform it.

You will know that your man is a real lover if he can excite you with just a kiss on your forehead or a smile.

A person in love with you says your name differently; you can feel that your name is secured in their mouth.

When you entered my dark life, everything burst into light, but when you disappeared I was forever blinded by the light you left.

Loving and parting is nearly impossible; you will only wish that it is true.

I just want to know if you die, would you leave a hole inside my heart that could never be filled?


The moment I saw you, it was love at first sight and for every sight of you until my last sight.

Love is nothing like talking for hours or even for years; it is in the connection of silence where you can still feel the love between the two of you.

I risked everything for you so we can have a future that is worth waiting for.

There is nothing more beautiful than finding your soul mate; more wonderful than finding someone you love.

Love is not just a feeling; it is a decision with basis for the promises you give.

The way I love you is like a man loving a woman that he has never touched but only sends letters to.

Whenever you are around I feel like melting, and burning, and falling all at once.

The most dangerous feeling is love because it is a madness that erupts suddenly and then subsides.

Love is not all about excitement, promises, or desire; it should be something that has rooted enough between the two of you.

Do not expect too much from love; only expect that you have to give everything.

If every sign of youth is robbed away from you, I will still love you more and more because I was a witness of everything.

You will know that you are loved when someone gives you whatever you need without you asking for it.

I started to know how to worship when I learned how to love.

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Even when we are not together, I know that we are as one because we cast a single shadow when we are with each other.

If ever someone likes me, I want them to do so because they have seen the real me, not just what they think of me.

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I love her more and more every day, more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

Whenever we love deeply, that someone becomes a part of us.

Fingerprints are like marriages which are unique and beautifully different.

There is no growth in the shade so you must never suffocate each other.

Love is a matter of a circle, not of a heart because hearts could break but a circle goes on forever.

The best way to fall in love is by keeping your eyes closed.

Being in love is like stretching a rubber band. If one lets go, the rubber band would hurt the other.

Words are never enough to express what I am feeling for you but I do love you.

You cannot always come upon that emotion that says you want to be with a certain person forever.

So many people could catch your eyes, but there is a certain person that could only catch your heart.

Romantic quotes for her

Persons who are in love cannot blame gravity for falling.

Look at the sky and see the stars spell out your name.

There is just one word that I have never learned how to pronounce, and that is love.

Now that you are inside my heart, it is all perfect.

We have to meet the wrong people first before we can find the right one so we would know how to avoid the same mistakes we made.

You will know that it is love when you can love an imperfect person perfectly.

I am not everything that you want, but I am everything that you need.

It will be hard for me if I cannot feel your skin next to mine.

A person who is in love with you would do anything for you without asking for anything in return.

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Love is inside of us, not outside of our being. You cannot lose it and it can never leave you.

I fell in love with him when he showed me how perfect he is. But when he showed me his flaws, I came to love him even more.

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In love, partners know how to bring the best out of each other because they know that together, they are stronger.

There is always a person you will meet that you would want to smile for you forever.

You would not meet the person meant for you if you would not let go of the wrong one.

Loving someone feels like being attached to that person, no matter how far you are from each other.

When you love somebody, you do not only commit your heart. You are making a decision and a promise.

I miss him for every moment of my life, for everything that I do he is always on my mind.

A sign of true love is even when you are not with each other, you stay true and loyal.

Life does not run forever, so love while you can, cherish everything. Things would not stay where they are for infinity.

The bravest thing one can do is to love without expecting something in return.

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There is nothing wrong with being full of emotions. It just shows that you have a heart with a great capacity to love.

There are too many emotions that I am hiding so you would not be able to see them.

What the eye could not see could be seen by the heart.

I am crazy for the person I am texting; it is not that I am addicted to texting.

Just one smile from you also makes me smile the more.

I know you cannot live without me, look at your ECG it is on flat line.

I do not know where and when I started loving you. I just love you all the way.