Category: Sad WhatsApp Status

We have prepared huge collection of Sad WhatsApp Status that you can use whe these sad times come. You need to remeber that after the rain comes the sun again and that is the reason you should use and share these sad quotes for Whatsapp in order to help you and others, by knowing you are not alone.


80 Unique Sad Lines About Love, Life and Pain

When sadness overcomes every other emotion and makes it harder to live, we can only do one thing, and that is expressing that sadness in some way. Some express it through songs, some write poetry, and some write quotes about it. Following are some lines, quotes, and messages about sadness.


80 Feeling Lonely Quotes For Her or Him

Sometimes loneliness could be difficult because we are social beings. However, for some people, loneliness is the possibility for creative work and getting to know themselves more. Being lonely could be scary, and we present you some quotes about loneliness.


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