40 Sadness Quotes about Death, Life And Pain


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Sadness is a very profound emotion that all of us experience at some point of our life.
It is a feeling that makes you feel bad about something or maybe even guilty about something. Sometimes, there is no reason as to why you are feeling sad.
It could just be something as pain, hurt or as simple as being alone or something very difficult like the death of someone.
It affects everyone in all walks of life. So how do you define sadness?
I have stated some quotes below that will help you to relate with what sadness really is all about.

Every day won’t be a good day. There will be bad days. You will be sad sometimes but that is needed in order to know what true happiness is.

Happiness would have no meaning if there is no sadness in life.

Sadness is something one must move on from. It is a test of the strength of one’s soul. One must not sit and wallow in sadness forever, but rather get out of it and face the world.


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No man in the world is truly happy. Everyone walks around with a little sadness in themselves.

The meaning of sadness lies in acceptance. Without acceptance, you can never get out of it.

Tears clean your soul. That is why you shed them when you are happy or sad.


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If we build walls and keep sadness away from our lives, we are also blocking the only thing that allows us to feel joy.

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Anger and sadness help you get more creative which allows you to transcend those emotions.

The deepest parts of sadness always lead to the creation of the funniest of jokes.


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Never hold back if you are feeling sad. Sadness and crying are healing. Let it go.

There are never moments of success that both start and end with happiness. Without sadness and the acceptance of sadness, there can be no real success.

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Nothing is cleaner than sadness taking over and washing away all the pain at once.

Never boast about how sadness brought you victory. People will often think that you are lying.

Every great story has sadness behind it. There can be no greatness without any surmountable sadness.

Sadness is the true inspiration of any form of art. It takes a real artist to take a pound of sadness and paint a beautiful picture with it on an empty canvas.

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Never feel bad about sadness after a victory. The ability to overcome sadness is a victory in itself which leads to other greater victories.

Sadness and happiness go hand in hand. You cannot hope to block one out and think that the other will fill up both the spaces. There will be nothing left but hollowness.

Desire is the passion of sadness that one must never ever let go.

One of the many kinds of self-defense is sadness.

Humans are able to deal with great amounts of sadness. The true test of a soul is how far the limit can be. But one who overcomes such a tremendous amount of sadness is the one who finds true happiness at the end.

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The only key factor to overcome sadness is that one must never lose hope or be defeated by it.

The test of sadness is like a candle in a room of darkness. You can either make the most of it, grow out of it and light other candles or you can let the winds of despair blow it out as you surrender to complete darkness.

Sadness defines a person. No one will judge you when you are happy because you aren’t proving anything. It takes guts to emerge victorious from utter sadness and it is an attribute that is praised by many because it takes a lot of courage to accomplish such a feat.

People drown in sadness never knowing how close they were to the shores of happiness. No one in the history of the world has said ‘I Quit’ and achieved the happiness they were promised at the start of their journey.

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The greatest gift one can give themselves is accepting that they are sad or depressed and trying to work their way back up.

I often think that sadness is the best of emotions. No other emotion has the raw, horrifying power to change someone or even the world other than sadness.

Sadness if channeled correctly, can be a very constructive force. If gone astray, nothing can come in its path of despair, depression, and destruction. The flames are inextinguishable and leave marks that are permanent and the memories this force leaves behind are hard to erase.

Wars are fought in anger and happiness is brought to the winning party. But the sadness everyone feels when we are on brink of destruction of humanity is universal.

No matter how great a war you win, there’ll always be something pulling you into that sadness. That sadness was brought about by the fact that you helped destroy that one part of humanity.

Humanity must be preserved even if it goes wicked because the loss of humanity is one thing that makes us so sad that there is no coming out of it. It is the one kind of sadness that no one can heal.


Many greats have tried to explain what sadness is. Many others have tried to imitate them. The greats were successful in explaining it in depth while others were not. This is because those greats felt great pangs of sadness and was able to get out of it.

To others, sadness is just depression. Sadness is more than that. It is the universal truth and raw reality that transcends normal laws of despair and depression.

When people look at others, they see that they are happy. They have a number of complex emotions under that fragile mask of happiness. When people understand each other, that’s when they see the final layer of emotions in a person, the layer of sadness.

Sadness is painful and real. It is the most common thing hiding inside of everyone and just being disguise in a form of a fake happiness.

Sadness makes people falter. It is the cause that we rush. It is why we make mistakes. But it is also the only thing that keeps us going.

Demotivation is a form of sadness.


Others may seem sadness as dismal and of no value in one’s life but not knowing that sometimes it is the drive left in you to fight life and move on towards guaranteed success and true happiness.

Absolution is found within oneself. Sadness is also self-discovered. All of the other emotions are initiated by foreign forces.

Sometimes, you just can’t specify the cause for sadness. It is just there, taking shape in the absence of other emotions. Same goes for absolution. Some may say they originate from the same place. To truly conquer and understand sadness means achieving victory and being at peace with yourself.

The saddest part about sadness is that coming out of it is completely our choice and most of the time we don’t know how.

We waste our lives and our time waiting for someone to get us out of it that we forget that the sadness we are facing was probably caused by us and that no one else has the power to extinguish it, to take it away. It is you yourself who has to crawl and fight out of that hole.

When you overcome sadness, you emerge as a completely different person and the happiness you feel is the kind of happiness you have never felt.

Sadness can only go away if we want it to. It is a personal choice and no one can help us with it.

A relationships coming to an end is not sadness. Let yourself feel the momentary depression at first but be thankful that you were able to end it before it is too late. He is not worth of your love and affection. You deserve better.

The real sadness is that of a loving parent, who does everything in his power to give his child a better life. Real sadness strikes when in spite of all their efforts, they aren’t able to give what the child asked for.

Real sadness does not allow us to sit and cry on a chair or curse the world about how things went wrong with them and no one else. The real sadness is a drive to get to happiness. Without sadness, you can never push yourself to do better that what you can.

The greatest thing about sadness is that it never feels like the end. Depression is another thing. Sadness is a long path towards happiness.

You must keep to push yourself and never give up once sadness hit you because once you let yourself to be defeated by sadness and give up on that road of happiness, it is very difficult to get back.

If sadness strike and the faith you had for yourself is started to vanish, Always remember that you get only one chance to walk down that path and overcome that sadness. If you quit, there is nothing but despair.

As a human, sadness is part of our life but it is our choice if we will let it to prevent our right to live the kind of life we deserved.

Do not let sadness to control our life and be a prisoner of misery.

Sometimes sadness will give us the motivation to fight life and get back on our feet.

Sadness is an emotion that everyone of us never wish to experience but not knowing that this emotion let us more appreciate what we have and to taste the real happiness in the end.

Sadness can make us realize the true meaning and value of life.

A lot of people are trying so hard to avoid the feeling of sadness but sometimes, we are experiencing sadness because it has a purpose in our life…to make us braver and stronger.

When we’re hurt, sadness strike in and agony stand out that sometimes we chose to be numb to avoid the pain it brings.