80 Silence Quotes and Sayings about Silence, Truth and Hurt


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Silence is what makes you feel every emotion a little deeper.
When we are sad, heartbroken we love to sit in silence, when we are extremely happy, we enjoy the silence even to plan our future and get a hold on our life we sit in silence and observe what we are doing. There are so many things that we are unable to express with our words, such things are only expressed by our silence and only our closed one are able to understand the language of silence. So I am sharing some silence quotes to you.

Powerful Silence Quotes

Silence is a power that hold our deep emotions. It saves our energy and has a high impact on others.  Silence holds a great power to show your emotion and to understand yourself. When you are in pain its silence which can keep you calm. I am sharing some powerful silence quotes which shows how powerful silence is.


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Sometimes when a person is silent that means there is a crashing thunder going on inside him.

My silence hold more power than my words can.

When you choose to stay silent in front of stupid people, you actually show your smartness.

Silence means saving your energy and spending it to a more meaningful actions.

Those who work hard in silence, are those who always succeed.

Don’t try to underestimate the silent type of people they are the one having the silent kind of powers.

Never underestimate the power of silence.

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Stay silent, stay calm.

Sometimes one just have to stay silent and enjoy the show called life.

Silence has its own power which can change you forever.


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What inside you is your self respect, stay silent and flaunt your confidence and don’t let anyone to make you feel down.

A silent person is the one who has the capability to do everything but they choose to remain silent.

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In the end what matters the most is your silence.

Silence is like a friend who is always by your side and gives you the peace of mind.

If you want to find God, find Silence. God always love peace.

Silence is one of the best weapon to show your anger.

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Silence is a source of mental peace and great strength.

Silence can give you all the answers that you want to hear.

Silence is an ultimate weapon, which can kill your loved one internally.

I love talking but when I found silence, I love to be me and just talk with my soul.


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Observe yourself in silence and see what your life is and what next you want in your life.

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Great people always choose silence as their answer to dumb people.

Nothing can give you the mental peace that silence can give you.

When you are silent you start observing things better.

The people who carries a lot of loads inside them are mostly silent. Better help them.

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Never underestimate the power of silence, it has the power to change everything.


Silence can make you the weakest or the strongest, it only depends on your interpretation about it.

Sometimes the meaning of silence is so deep that we fail to understand it.


Silence Quotes for Heartbreak

No one can better understand the importance of silence than a person with broken heart. A person with broken heart always looks for silence to get over from their pain or heartbreak. Heartbreak and silence is a great combination will always make you feel better despite of your overwhelming distress. Silence become their best friend. I am sharing some silence heartbreak quotes for you.

Heartbreak creates no sound but it pain a lot.

I love to sit in silence and remember all those moments I spent with you.

I love silence because it makes me realize, how painful it is in real.

My silence defines my feelings, my silence defines me.

I love spending time in silence and feel your sound around me.


My heart is silent because it is broken and no one can repair it and make it smile again.

When you are heartbroken even the most noisy place is silent for you. you’re all alone.

My words can’t express what I am feeling right now, the pain and heartaches… that’s why I am silent.

You silently enters in my life, filled up my life with colors and suddenly left me and make my life dull and silent again.

My life has become more silent than it was before I met you.

You are the music of my life and without you, I am silent and the world has no meaning.

My life without you is a silent book that no one can read.

A girl loudest scream is her silence, so when she is silent, know she’s hurt.


When you are in love. The silence of your partner is the greatest torture.

Sometimes silence of someone can break us the way no one can.

Now a days I define myself with silence.

After heartbreak, silence becomes your best friend.

I had sealed so many secrets in my silent heart.

In the silence of night I only wished for a few words of love from him.

When two people are in love they enjoy their company but when they get apart they enjoy their silence.

Sometimes there is no space for words, the silence between two people are as wide as ocean.

When I am silent just know you have done something wrong which has broken me.

Sometimes a silence can save a relationship or break a relationship.

Silence Quotes for Everyone

Everyone had enjoyed the silence once in their lifetime. It doesn’t matter what their situation is, company of silence is best in your bad mood. Sitting in silence and realizing what you have done in life and what you need to do next is the time when a person makes himself. Sitting in silence is often helpful to let go those people who are not worth to stay in your life. So I am sharing some silence quotes for everyone.

Silence of your parents is the most dangerous thing in the world. Be ready.

When someone is silent, there’s a deep hurt and pain inside him that no one can read.

Sometimes a person just need a silence atmosphere to express his love and feelings.

Sometimes all you need is alone time in silence.

Silence has its own special music that can only be heard by the person who is in love.

When life is messed up, just stay silent and let him do his work. Trust me it will be best for you.

Silence is not just absence of noise, it’s a special music that gives you mental peace.

You know what hurts most, when the person you love is silent and you want to hear something from him.

When life seems to be meaningless just sit in silence and try to find the meanings of your life.

I love to sit in silence, it’s so peaceful and can bring true happiness.

No one can make me comfortable than silence.

Sometimes silence disturbs us more than noise.

Silence has its own story which can only be heard when you spend enough time with it.

Silence of some people means they know they are wrong and you are right.

People can be silent but not their mind.

A day spent with silence can make you realize about your life and your dreams.

Sometimes all we need is silence and time for ourself to think our future or what we want to do next.

When your words are not understandable, you would remain silent.

Have you ever observed the silence after a storm ends, it’s so peaceful and make us believe that the ending are beautiful.

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I want to built my own walls of silence and stay there forever.

Sometimes silent taught us those things that words are unable to make us understand.

All I want is silence around myself and stay alone.

Silence of heavy rain is not empty.


When God answers your prayer with silence just know, He has planned something better for you.

I love to sit in silence, it makes me realize my worth.

People who are comfortable with each other can sit in silence together.

Sometimes to remain silent is to lie.

I love the silence which comes along with the heavy rain. Giving me hope that there is sunshine after every rain.

In silence and movement you can show the reflection of people.

People who think that silence will save them, it won’t save you.

The silence of justice when it mattered most, made it possible for evil to win.

Learn to get in touch with silence within yourself, just know everything in life has a purpose.

Being silent is fine, most people don’t listen anyways.

When you know you are angry, you should reply with your silence to everyone.

The silence does not always means Yes sometimes, it means, I am tired of explaining myself, I can’t do it anymore.

Sometimes the most beautiful things are found in silence.

Silence is a sign of helplessness and not knowing what to do.

Silence can show you the real meaning of life.

Never be silent because someone wants you to be that way.

Sometimes I won’t tell people about my feelings, just to know if they can understand my silence or not.

I am silent because you don’t deserve my words.


Sometimes to remain silent is the best thing to do for two people who don’t understand each other.

The deepest feelings of your heart can only be understood in silence.

I observe everything but choose to remain silent because I hate to argue with stupid people.

There are times when you regret your silence.

Silence does not mean to be quiet, it is to observe more and learn more.

Most of the precious moment of our life can be felt only in silence.

A person who does not know how to be silent will never know how to speak and when to speak.

To sit in silence is to rest your mind.

A person with calm mind always know how to remain silent.

Sometimes silence is more musical than any song.

Silence is best when you are unable to think of a good answer.