Sweet Cute Love Quotes for Him


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Every girl always has a man behind her who is willing to support and love her all the way. Here is some of the best sweet cute love quotes for him to help you express and enjoy in your fillings. Finding someone who can love you unconditionally and truly is a rare thing, so when you find this guy, never let him go and shower him with all the love one can have. Letting him know that you love him through these quotes may not be enough, but couple them with your feelings and he would surely feel loved and cared for.

I want to become a teardrop more than anything else because I want to be in your eyes, reside on your cheeks, and end my life on your lips.

I am not able to love myself so I fell in love with you because you loved me completely.


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You may not have tried to talk to God but He will never forsake you and would never give up in winning your heart for Him.

Nothing could complete me than being next to you.

Every day is a lucky day because I am with you.


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Never let me believe that you love me if it is not true because I might believe it even when it is crazy.

Even if the world is against us, your name will always be tattooed in my heart.

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Nothing is more priceless than having a relationship where you can just remain silent yet enjoy each other’s company.

I do not want to live without you, so I wish that I could live up to 99 days if you live for a hundred.


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Whenever I am with you, I feel very happy.

I may not have any reason to love you, to want you, and to need you, but I know that you are the man I am searching for.

Love Quotes For Him


I cannot stop thinking about you sometimes no matter how hard I force myself to.

I want to keep you forever now that I have you.

I always smile whenever I hear your name. I wonder if you do when it is my name too.

I love you are just three simple words that you must mean when you say and live by.

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As long as I spend the rest of my life with you, I don’t care when I will die.

There is something that I want to tell you, and that is I love you.

Everything is enough for me whenever you are next to me.

I will always love you even until I die.

Everything is complicated because when I am drunk I feel my love for her and when I am not, I realize that she will never be mine again.



When you left me I learned to kiss with my eyes open but with my heart close.

I may get hurt for so many times, but it does not matter because it makes me stronger.

The most genuine person would not shower you with expensive gifts, but his utmost attention.

Love quotes for him

I change just for him, love you my sweet boyfriend.

The person who loves you will say sorry for his mistakes instead of hiding his lies.

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Love quotes for him

People who are in love act like magnets, wherever one goes the other one attracts him or her.

Real love may arrive even when you think it is still too early for it.

Genuine love does not brag; they do not tell anybody of their secrets.

You may hate the fact that she does not exist for you, but do not let her be hopeful of you.

I did not change, I just learned from my mistakes so I got what I deserved.

I decided to be unchangeable and leave my mark and no one can take that away from me.

Love quotes for him

You have not felt the tears that I shed. You did not feel the fear that I hid, however, you still judge me.

Sometimes I just smile over the hurt because you belong to someone else and not to me.

I cannot give you my heart because I left it to him, and if I try to take it, I might stay with him forever.

You can make her smile, but there is a difference to making her heart smile.

I want to quit this pending and distant commitment because I want something constant and worthwhile.

Do not be afraid of the girl who screams at you during fights, but be scared of the girl of only keeps silent.


You must fight for the person you want but only if it is worthwhile.

The moment you entered my life, I expected that you would never leave me ever.

Dreams really become reality the moment you became mine.

I may not be able to put into words my feelings for you, but I am full of smiles whenever you are around.

I know that what I feel for you is once in a lifetime, so I give you all that I have.

I will always love you until the stars lose their shine and the tides fail to roll.

It may be too early to say I love you but I cannot contain it anymore because I am perfectly happy.

Whatever we do, be it cuddling at home or running on an adventure, our time together is always spent well.

I may do and think about a lot of things, but you never ever left my mind.

I realized that I really love you when I started to worry less about myself and started thinking about you.

You need not change for me because you are perfect for what you are now.

Sweet quotes for him

I would lose my appetite in living if I had to leave without you.

I came to know what sweet love is because of him.

Sweet quotes for him

I loved you in the past; I love you now, and will continue to love you forever.

I really want you to know that I love you and the happiness I feel when I am with you.

God has destined me for someone and I do not need to search for him, because I have you already.

I found that I am really in love with you because reality is better than my fantasies.

You are always behind my back for all the accomplishments that I had.

Let us set a night when we would let go of our rights and wrongs and just be in each other’s arms.

I have experienced laughing at someone so stupidly when I met you dear sweetheart, and for that I love you.

You are the mirror of myself and of my soul. That is what I feel whenever I look into your eyes.

There is no need for me to look for another lover because I already have you.

As each day pass, you never fail to make me fall for you over and over again.

When kisses could tell our feelings for each other, I am sure that we would be kissing for all eternity.

I learned what love is all because of you, and for that I wish you will never leave me and stay.

Every time you say my name, my heart always skips one beat.

We may have been together for just a short span of time, but I came to see you as an amazing and wonderful person.

We could never lose if we flip coins where if it is heads, you are mine; if it is tails, I am yours.

Only you could make me feel liberated and carefree.

I want to be with you for two times only, and that is now and forever.

You lit a flame in my heart that cannot be compared to any other bright light.

Just as long as I can make you smile, I can feel the greatest joy in life.

Hold my hand for just a short time, but know that you will hold my heart forever.

Whenever I am in your arms, I feel the most peaceful, and for that I am very grateful.

The sun can never compare to the strength of our bond, just as the bird can never compare to our sweetness.

The bond that holds our love may be mysterious but would never be broken.

Short love quotes for him

Destiny has drawn us together, just as our love is written on the stars.

Short love quotes for him

There is always an eye that could see your beauty, and there is always a heart that would receive your love.

Love is when you rarely think of your happiness and always of the person you love.

There is always one person who will forever become my always, and that is you.

My heart told me that he is the one the moment I saw him.

It is not love that makes the world run; it is love that makes the journey worthy of you.

Despite the tears, and for all the smiles and in every breath, I love you.

My love for you does not grow old, or disappears, or die.

The moment you came along, you gave meaning to the word love.

Continue to play on if the food that feeds love is music.

It is up to you if you let love burn down the house or warm the fireplace of your heart.

The reason that I learned the meaning of love is you.

When you came into my life, I now cry lesser, I laugh louder, and I smile brighter.

I fell deep for you, and as an exchange I became the woman I never thought I could become.

The happiness that I feel when I am with you is only felt by the heart.

The best thing that has ever happened to me is loving you and spending the years with you.

I fell down once in my life, yet you came along and picked me up.

We share a really strong bond that no matter what happens would never be broken.