70+ Cute Thinking of You Quotes For Him and Her


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Love is the most beautiful feeling ever. It is the connection of souls. When we are in love, we think of that person all the time. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we relate each and every moment to them. Thinking of You Quotes are here because it is the most wonderful feeling and to live by, just thinking about them will make our life wonderful and amazing.

When I think of you, I don’t want to think about anything else.

My heart beats 100 times faster when I hugged you and when I think of that moment, it beats 100 times more.


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When I think of our love, it is like a perfect circle which has no end.

I love it when we think of our fights and laugh it off.

That lovely moment when you and I message each other and recall the moments spent just 3 hours ago.


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The toughest thing to do is to not think of you.

When we hold each other’s hand and think of never letting it go.

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Thinking of You Quotes

Whenever I think of you, I feel safe.

When I think of you, I feel like crying, not because I am sad, but because I cannot believe that I have found you.


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When I think of our love, it is equal to eating a strawberry dipped in Nutella. Sweet like no other.

Wish that, even if we go apart, our love shouldn’t.

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Thinking of You Quotes

I think of that moment when there was no one but us, a little laughter and some kisses to share.

It’s seven in the morning and I think of receiving your message even before opening my eyes.

I contemplate that life is nothing when it doesn’t starts with you and ends with you.

That time, when you held on to me, even when I wanted to go away from you.

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When you are going through a rough time, all I want you to know is that I am thinking of you, not matter what.

When life is giving us a lemon, let us think of crushing that lemon with our love.

I would have become a billionaire if I was paid to think about you.

I would seriously fail in the subject not thinking about your love.

I think of our love in the simplest of things and in simplest of moments.

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I think of our love when the sun shines and when the moon glows.

I want to be lost in your thoughts and never be found.

I love that moment when you made silly stories, just to make me laugh.

When I am thinking of you, my nose can still remind me of your scent, my hands can still remind me of your touch and my forehead can remind me of your kiss.

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I can be lonely for an entire day by just thinking of you because I never feel alone when I am thinking about you.

Not thinking about you is equal to not having an enter key in the keyboard.

To not think of you is equal to not having an Equal to sign in the equation.

I would get the highest marks on the subject Thinking about you.

I have sneakily taken some of your belongings so that, I can strengthen my thoughts while thinking about you.

Can I get an extra thinking of you cup? because my cup is already full.


I am sorry if you got hiccups all day because I was thinking about you all the time.

Unknowingly, that childish smile you make when you think of him.

The best feeling ever is to see your photo every day and think about you.

I don’t want to live in the world where thinking about you is not allowed.

If I had given a room to fill up the thoughts about you then I would definitely need the whole house and not just a room as a proof that i’ve always been thinking of you .

My thoughts about you are equal to a freshly baked cake, always fresh and sweet every minute.


My whole love includes 100% loving you and 100% thinking about you.

Time automatically slows down whenever I think about you.

Whenever I feel scared in the night or in the dark, I think about you and the fear automatically go away.

When I’ll meet you, I want you to know that all this time I have been thinking about you.

Those moments when we didn’t speak but our expressions did.

I wish I could show you how much I love thinking about you.

I wish I could relive those precious moments by just thinking about it.

If I could paint by just thinking about you, the painting would have been a masterpiece.

I wish I could express how immensely and emotionally I felt when I thought of you.

If I had to write whenever I am thinking about you, I might run out of ink and paper, that’s how I’ve been thinking of you.

When asked whom I’ve been thinking of? Thinking about you and only you.

I am at my best when I’m thinking of you.

When love started fading away, thinking about you started to brighten it again.

I feel and think of you in the freshness of an apple, in the early morning dew, in a child’s laughter and in the rainbow.

When asked whom I’ve been missing so much? Thinking about you and only you.

My friends call me silly to keep thinking about you all the time but they don’t know that I don’t mind wasting my time while thinking of you.

To think of you is like to plant a sapling each second and then, I would have a garden full of roses.

I feel like my soul is connecting to yours when I think of you.

Everybody ask me what I think about you and a smile wide enough answers the question.

Reasons why I think of you: It makes me love you more, want you more and makes me crazy about you more.

Whenever I think of you, I get scared of that day when I’ll lose you.

I think about you even when my life is abrupt.

I feel like you are standing right in front of me whenever I think about you.

I love that feeling when you tell me ; All the time, I think about you too.

Sometimes I don’t want to sleep the entire night because all I want to do is think of you.

Even my brain has got so used to thinking of you that it does not disturb me with other thoughts.

Thinking about you is like lighting a light in the midst of darkness.

My brain said that it will only work when I think of you, so I am bound to think about you.

The feeling of being excited is synonymous or equivalent to the feeling of thinking about you.

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When I think about you, I think of us sitting on grass and staring at the stars above the sky which light us, I think of us sitting in a boat and there is nothing but waves around us and among all the natural beauties, there will be you and me to share moments of wonder.

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This world sometimes gives you stuff to make you think.

Somebody asked me, what is the best feeling in the world? I said the best feeling is to think about your loved one and to never get tired of it.

The antidote to my pain is thinking about you.

A long distance relationship will make you yearn and think about them, which will strengthen the love even more.

Thinking about you is like petrichor, a pleasant thought after a long stressful day.

I don’t know how many years went by, by just thinking of you.

The reason why love conquers is because our thoughts never let us wander away from our love.

Even in my sleep, I dream that I am thinking about you.

If someone would ask me ,what thinking about your loved one feels like, I would say that it is like a flash which comes in your mind and steals away your smile.

My thoughts about you are similar to a child who eats a chocolate for the very first time.

I can never ever fight with you because all I think is being in love with you.

When I think of you, I think of us as Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose, til death do us part.

Can anyone get me another brain because my brain is full with your thoughts and I want to fill up the other brain with your thoughts too.

I think about your eyes which are so innocent and clear, which say a lot of words, which try to hold tears and which makes me love you more and more.

I think about that time when you will kneel before me and also the time when we will say :I do.

I think about those sleepless nights which we spent by just talking to each other, like two best friends meeting with each other after a very long time.

I love thinking that time when we act like little children and start speaking or messaging each other in a childish way.

I think of those long fights and smile away, the reason is that it’s because of those long fights that we have strengthened our bond so much.

I think of that precious moment when we held on to our gut and said I Love You to each other.

Thinking of you quotes for him

That moment when we weren’t scared anymore to think about each other and express our feelings to one another.

I always think of thanking my better half because he has made me believe in myself so much and has made me a better person.

I think that love can never be lost because it is in the deepest portion of our minds.

I think about you because you make the threads of my heart weave faster.

Thinking about you made me grow more, not only towards you but also towards myself.

I’d still think about you, if I had to count stars in exchange.

Thinking of you feels like a blessing rather than a recalling of memory.

Thoughts about you makes my heart sink deep in the ocean of love.