108 Heartfelt True Love Quotes for Him, Husband or Boyfriend To Make Him Smile


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Love is unexplainable. Sometimes it aches, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it gives you the courage to keep going. You cannot always describe or express the feelings you have to your loved ones but following these True Love Quotes for Him will definitely help you achieve that. Don’t leave your words unsaid anymore.

If you smile every time you heard his name, you’re perfectly in love with him.

Every time I want to give up on you, there is something inside of me telling to give it another try.


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If he treats you the way you deserve, don’t ever lose him. Because you deserve better and you can’t find a better man like him.

I don’t have time to worry about things that don’t even affect me. I don’t care how many girls you’ve been with. I love you and it is all that matters.

Sometimes love can tear you apart, but when true love comes, the right person will never let that happen.


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If you have feelings for him, just tell him honestly before someone else does. The regret will never let go of you.

Every moment without him is a moment I don’t want to live.

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True Love Quotes for Him

It’s funny how I can’t describe the color of your eyes and ease in your voice or how you take over my mind and never leave.

When I look at you, this fear takes over me. You are everything I ever wanted and thought of losing you just scares the hell out of me.


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Sometimes it’s really hard to believe that you are actually mine. I’m the luckiest person alive.

Sometimes when you ignore me, it gives me a taste of how it will feels like if you will leave me and It’s horrible. I love you so much and don’t ever think of leaving me.

Love Quotes For Him


My best memory is meeting you for the first time and my best moment was kissing you for the first time.

I don’t believe in slow motion cheesy romantic love… until I met you.

There are no words in any language which can explain how I feel about you.

You know it’s true love when you always think about a future with him and only him.

Sweet Cute Love Quotes for Him


You carry so many flaws. But I can’t see them. Even if I try to, you are perfect to me and I don’t care what world has to say about that.

It takes millions of people to complete the world but it only takes you to complete me.

When you look at me, my heart skips a beat, my brain stops working and I can’t breathe anymore. In other words, you kill me with your smile and sparkling eyes.

You know feelings tend to get stronger the more you try to hide it from your one true love.

The best memory of you are not always happy, but they are the best because I am with you.

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In life, I learned that all good things are not planned, just like you.

Loving him is the best I can do. I know I don’t deserve him, but no one can’t stop me from loving him. Not even myself.

I try not to love him so much. Petrified with the thoughts…what if someday out of nowhere he leaves me? I don’t know how to live without you, my love.

I realized that I am strong and I don’t need anyone to do anything for me but sometimes I really want someone to be there for me and let me fall in their arms, and I think that person is you.

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You can build a crush on them for their good looks but you always fall in love with a soul, a habit, a gesture.

A man that reads, absolutely drives me wild and crazy.

Even after being together for this long. I still can’t help but look in the mirror and think, Why does he even love me?

And in the end, I will always choose you over anything and anyone in this world.

You left a kiss on my cheek and I watched as you leave. I’m standing here holding this kiss clinging to it because I can never let go of you in my life.

He’s not the last thing I think about at night instead he’s all I think about. He’s even in my dreams and I can call him mine.


All I do is think about you every second. I wish this was easier but I guess it will be worth it.

I can’t stand any other girl staring at you or flirting with you. Because you are just mine…only mine.

I want to grow old with you. We will sit in our backyard whole day and we won’t even have to talk. It will be just perfect, feeling the presence of each other.

If we only die once, I wanna die with you.

How can I be fine when every time you touch me I feel electrified, every time you look at me I feel paralyzed and every time you talk to me my brain stops working.

You are my only reality and I can’t think otherwise.


If you really love him don’t fight with him over minor things. Try to let them go and be patient.

When a man cries for you, he is a real man and worth loving.

Death is nothing but an end of a great story. Our story of great love and affection.

Whenever I am feeling sad or down, I think about you and everything vanishes.

I sometimes think that I am obsessed with him. All I think about all day is him, but I don’t care.

I want to keep and save every moment I spend time with you. I don’t want to forget even a single second of our time together.

True Love is when he is the only thing you want, and you are willing to sacrifice anything and everything for him.

When you see him after a while because you live 800 miles away from him, that moment cannot be described in words. I tried and still am but words are nowhere to be found. That’s how I missed you and how much I love you.

Even if I try to, I cannot measure the quantity of love I have for you. It’s not constant, it increases every second I spend time with you.

I know you are smarter than me, and no, I am not jealous of you, I am absolutely proud of you.

I don’t believe in love at first sight, until I laid my eyes on you.

I am stuck between you and my ego. I don’t know why it happened. It does not have to be this complicated but my love for you prevails and I don’t care anymore.

You are mine and you’ll always be, thanks to God that he gave you to me.

I love you even more when you make me feel like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world.

Every moment with you is like a movie scene. I hear songs and everything is in slow motion and every touch of you is magical.

When someone wants to leave you, they don’t need a perfect reason to leave you, they will do it anyway no matter what. But if someone wants to stay with you like me, they’ll stay with you forever no matter how many reasons they have to leave you and give up on you.

True love quotes for him from the heart

I am not a perfect girl, and I know I can never be. But there is something about you that makes me feel like I did something in my life that is perfectly right…and that is loving you with all my heart.

People change with time. Maybe I will change too, but there is one thing I can say with certainty. My love for you will never ever change and it’s permanent.

For this world you might be just another person, but for me you are my whole world and no one can change that and no one can even replace you in my heart.

When two people are in love, they make their own small world, in which they both complete each other. You can be the South Pole and I can be the North Pole of this world, one can’t survive without the other.

I hope your day is going to be a great day when the first thing you see in the morning is my smile that says how much I love you.

You are the only one for me I wish I am the only one for you.

Love is the most dangerous thing to fall in. It’s so deep that you cannot get out of it, not ever. But when I look at you, my mind says… you are worth falling.

There is a war going on between my heart and my brain. My heart is weak; it wants to fall in love with you but my brain is smart it won’t let my heart take over. But when my eyes see you, both my heart and my brain stops working and I end up falling in love with you every single minute.

true love quotes for him from the heart

You know you are truly in love when that person hurt you and you forgive him without questions asked and hoping everything will be alright and be back from what it is used to be. That’s how much I love you.

I will never regret the day you came into my life and the day when I started to fall in love with you. We will fight the love we have for each other no matter what.

It’s funny how I trust you blindly. It’s scary and pathetic but I chose to stay blind loving you.

When doubts are born, trust weakens and relationships die but because you are my true love, I will still trust you and If you are not faithful, the truth will come out. Not immediately but eventually.

You mean nothing to me, you are my everything, my love.

I am living a lie, pretending everything is fine without you. You are my life.

I will never waste my time and feelings without showing and saying how much I love your every single day.