The 60 Unrequited Love Quotes


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Love is just a word but with different meanings. Sometimes it gives you strength, sometimes it breaks you. In worst cases, love can hurt you a lot… most especially if the one you love can’t love you in return.
There is no more painful than being not loved by the one you love or unreturned feelings. The primary reason of your existence. If this happens, it is not easy to stay strong. Below are the Quotes about unrequited love that can sympathize on the pain that you feel inside.

Free love, are you kidding me? Love is never free it is slavery by its definition.

Death is not when you die… Death is when you love but you cannot fulfill it. It hurts more than disappearing because everything in you is dying and staying alive.


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Forgive me once that I loved in vain and touched your heart so innocent and pure despite the fact that you can’t love me back..

When a man experienced an unrequited love, his soul first goes away and never wanted to come back.

Why do we close our eyes when we cry? when we are in pain? Because we know that the most painful things we cannot see with our eyes, we can only feel them with our hearts and that is an unrequited love.


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Forget the rain and summer without her, all the dark thoughts in your head and heart goes terribly sad, which invented the unrequited love.

How I wish and pray that you let me into your world, maybe I’m a perfect fit if you will just give me a chance to love you and to be loved by you.

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As time goes by, I believe more and more that the happy ending and unrequited love is invented by Hollywood filmmakers to show us how life is miserable.

Success is nothing if your love is unreciprocated by the one you love.


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Maybe all I want from you is to love me so that I can see the beauty of life.

Quotes about unrequited love

No matter how painful it is, you cannot hate someone if he can’t love you back.

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Unrequited Love Quotes

Sometimes I just watch her passing by and holding the hand of another one while my heart is being crashed into pieces.

Some words are staying, never to be said. Sometimes we are saying more with silence.

Sadness and misery is staying and travel through life for those people looking for love and to be loved in return.

I keep on praying and hoping that one day I will wake up and my feelings for you are gone. I wish forgetting you is easy as that.

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Once you got a heartache by not being love by someone, you will think twice if love do really exist.

After every fall I get up, I will never give up, I’m just getting stronger, staying until the end just to win your heart.

And then you realize that real love exists only in fairy tales when someone broke your heart.

I just only need thirty seconds of an SMS that will make me the happiest person in the world. Just one SMS coming from you, Please give me a chance to love you.

Look at me, please, you never noticed me and never even realized that I exist.

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Sometimes I’m just imagining that finally, you will notice me tomorrow just to pass and survive the day.

Let me just watch you if I cannot love you.

I wonder sometimes it is painful to dream alone, I’m trying so hard but I cannot let you go.

I wish it is easy to teach your heart to love me and not to love someone else.

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It’s easy when someone does not love you, then only the dark side of the heart hurts. It’s hard when you love somebody, but for her, you become a grain of salt, it is hard when someone is not answering to love.

There is no more me in your prayers, no more reasons for following through. The night threatens me, midnight dark and deserted place are eating me alive. You don’t love me anymore. When I come home you are not awake, you are not burning anymore. You fell down, my shiny, beautiful star.

I’m just being honest by revealing my true feelings, don’t worry about me, I will survive after finding out that you love someone else.

I’ve been there. Battling with unreciprocated love, you have to bear the unbearable, endure the unendurable.

If you love someone, love her slowly, everything that goes fast, goes awry. Love that has fast flare fast goes out, and love that runs quietly is adorned with eternal life.

Be honest and show your feelings , Love someone as if that someone would die tomorrow.

When you love someone only for his virtue that is not a true thing. Keep someone with all his flaws that is the real love.

I’m going and I will not stop! I will not stop ever until I win your heart.

The worst way to miss someone is to sit next to you, and you know that you’ll never have him.

Do not get angry as a rose bush bears thorns, but rejoice that thorns bush bears roses.

It is not enough to love the plant, you must water it frequently.

Too many people are looking for the right person instead of trying to become the right person.

Go back to your old love is like reading a book you’ve already read – the story is interesting, but you already know what to expect.

For love is truly worth fighting for, it pays to be brave it pays to take a chance. The problem is when you don’t risk anything. In that case, you risk a lot more.

The last thing I want is to miss you like this because it is the worst feeling ever.

Love is a secret and gives you pain, try to love me back so I don’t live in vain.

No, I didn’t tell you everything. I just couldn’t do it.

Maybe it’s crazy to love you, you might humbly pray for love, but one day when you realize my words, you’ll realize that you’ve lost something that was supposed to be only yours.

I wanted to be alone, I wanted to go into the world of happiness and contentment. I would like to go to the future, but all of this is a wasteland…without you… I still miss you.

Sometimes I just want to hear your voice, to break everything between us, and to tell you to shout strongly, I love you…but I know it’s impossible. You never loved me and not even care. I miss you.

Last night I dreamed of an angel kissing my lips in the rain, the night I saw you in the arms away from me. Unfortunately, in my battle of trying to forget you, I can’t help but to miss you a lot.

Do not ever look for me because now it’s too late for everything, and when you tear goes down your face, do not think of me… Forget about me.

When your love ships sail away and come into the Gulf of memories, where you’ll find a withered rose. Do not touch it because the sting hurts just like it did.

I wish I never met you so I won’t be suffering this much.

Since you’ve been gone I cannot dream. And every day turns into years. And just to be with you I will give everything I have. It is heavy and I’m so angry with myself because even when you don’t love me, I still love you.

I hate myself! no matter how hard I tried, I kept on loving you.

I will die one night slowly and quietly, while nature sleeps and you won’t see anybody. And no one will know that I love you more than you and no one will know that I am dying for you.

It is a sad night, the sad night when you are waiting for someone who will not come. I wonder if he’s better than me.

Life is so cruel when you finally met the love of your life and it was a mistake for he love someone else.

You love law is punishment, do something else please. Disappear! I wished I never met you.

Today I will not cry, tears are not a drug case, even remembers these words: I’ll love you forever! Today I will lie to myself that I’m fine without you, but the heart is saying the secret is revealed.

If you ever see me with another man, do not look at him a rival, but a man with no luck because he found a woman who will never love him!

The worst thing is not to be noticed by person you adored no matter how much you’ve tried to be perfect for him .

How can I go from someone I love?

One minute of silence for your status in my eyes.

Forget me for not giving you everything you deserved.

The question of my life: Why are we so complicated?

Forgive me for everything I did wrong for loving you, maybe I was just a dreamer.

I know that you know me, but also I know that you belong to someone else.

She didn’t tell me why. I just saw her eyes and I knew. You can’t explain it in words for the purpose of not hurting me too much but the pain is there for knowing you can’t love me back.

I’m thinking of how to forget you but I can’t think. My mind and soul is dumb. Sometimes I can no longer bear the pain of… unreturned feelings.

If you will tell me that you don’t have feelings for me, let it be when rain is falling. I don’t want to cry alone.

I hate her stupid, beautiful smile.

In the moment everything has stopped. She had her pride, spite, and one silly little promise. We had everything, until he found someone else.